We're back, guys and gals.

If you're just checking this story out of sheer curiosity, I recommend you read the first book of this series, as this is a direct sequel, and none of this will make sense without having read the opening segment of the planned trilogy.

I'm happy to be working on SoL again, and I'm excited to show you what I've come up with to continue the saga of Logan's last students.

For anyone that might need some brushing up, I've made a sort of character index in this document for you to refer to, should the need arise. I'll add more entries as more characters emerge in the story.

Please enjoy book two of the Sons of Logan trilogy: Tempest.

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The Sons of Logan

Vascha 'Black' Aleksandrov – A black-skinned, Russian umbrakinetic with the ability to metabolize light. Master in knife-fighting and proficient in most forms of combat. She was killed in the Sons of Logan's first encounter with Mr. Sinister. Vascha was the tactical leader of the group.

Tömörbaatar 'Ambush' Gansükh – A Mongolian hunter with an impressive camouflage ability. Gansükh is the long-range combat specialist of the group, able to make nearly impossible shots with his sniper rifle. Despite his self-assured, humorous, and reserved nature, he does not wear the vestments of command well, and is more comfortable being a part of a plan rather than orchestrating one.

Hunter 'Zephyr' Burden – As Ororo Munroe's grand-nephew, Hunter is one of the few mutants remaining on the planet with a direct connection to the now-disbanded X-Men. Elemental control seems to run in the family, as he is an accomplished aerokinetic, able to bend the air to his will. He often feels the need to push himself harder than the others in an attempt to live up to his familial legacy.

Ben 'Artez' Levine – An Israeli-born terrakinetic, Ben is the most secretive and guarded of his comrades. He is one of the few Sons of Logan with a family to return to, even though he has made a personal vow not to return to them until he can be sure of their safety; Something that has been impossible for years. Though he often served as a de-facto second-in-command to Vascha, without her he is unsure of his role on the team.

Rin 'Echo' Fujisaki – Though she was born blind, Rin's remaining senses are heightened to preternatural levels, arguably giving her a better understanding of her surroundings than many normal humans. This sensitivity has granted her extraordinary skills with swords, which she much prefers to her offensive mutant power: The ability to project super-sonic screams. Normally, she is a perfect example of demure calmness, but in a fight, she is a living tornado of carnage.

Ciara 'Espen' Monetti – Perhaps the most devoted of Logan's followers, Ciara's animalisitic powers and reverence for her fallen master make her prone to the same form of berzerker rages that Logan himself suffered from. She is a close-quarters-combat specialist and escape artist, and values her space and solitude. Her status is unknown, but she is believed to have been killed in action.

Madame Yuriko – One of Logan's oldest friends and former lover, Yuriko is the head of a once-powerful yakuza clan, and allowed Logan to train his disciples after the majority of the X-Men had been scattered. Even near eighty years old, she remains sharp and perceptive, and maintains an impressive network of black market information brokers.


Agent Travis – An enigmatic young SHIELD agent who has shown multiple times that he has much to hide, often knowing more about what is going on that SHIELD itself. It was he who made good the Sons of Logan's escape from the Helicarrier.

General Cole – Now dead, Cole was the strongest military leader SHEILD had at its disposal. It is unlikely the organization will endure without him.

Mister Sinister and The Nasty Boys

Laura 'X-23' Kinney – Logan's female clone, Laura has grown up into a formidable killing machine in the decades since the X-Men first encountered her. While it was originally assumed that Laura was working for Sinister just for the money, she has made it clear that her true motives are known only to her.

Gorgeous George – A gelatinous, shape-shifting mutant, George finds enjoyment only in cruelty, and while he would not lay down his life for Sinister's cause, he would go far to protect the safety of his employer and his plans.

Hairbag – With a mind gone almost completely over the edge into ferality, this simple-minded, animalistic mutant will follow the most dominant presence in any situation without question. His lack of imagination or complexity is matched only by his talent for violence.

Ramrod – Very little is known of this Irish mutant with the ability to bend wooden material to his will. Like his comrades, he is a sociopath, motivated only by the basest needs to inflict pain and seek pleasure.

Mister Sinister – An extraordinarily brilliant scientist spanning nearly every field, Sinister was one of the first modern-day mutants to be born. He has learned to extend his life and alter his body and mutant abilities by performing mysterious and dangerous experiments upon himself, using what he knows about virulent science. His tinkering has made him remarkably difficult to kill or even injure, granted him limited telepathic abilities, and raised his strength and endurance to meta-human levels. The full extent of his plans for mutantkind and the planet are known only to himself.

The ArkA massive, self sustaining airship several kilometers in length, unrivaled in scale and technology by any other piece of hardware know to man. Sinister has stolen it and plans on using it as a base of operations and a seat of power as he begins to assert his new mutant empire.

Terminus and Ominous – Virus strains created by Mister Sinister, each affecting the reproductive abilities of mutants and humans, respectively. It has been revealed that Ominous is in fact much more widespread than previously anticipated, and has the added horror of reducing those infected with it into mindless, rabid wraiths of human beings.