Part 1: The Bleeding.

"Come out, now you have three minutes," I heard a mega phone from outside.

"Shit, we need to move," I said while still under the covers of the bed, my clothes were still in the bathroom where the night had started, "how did they find us?"

"They wanted me to break into their system so they could find us the doors were all open so I could walk straight in," Techno told me.

I jumped out of the bed and went to gather my clothes from the bathroom, "You have two minutes to surrender or lethal force will be used in your apprehension," I rushed in putting on my jeans and t shirt while checking my pistol still had a magazine loaded in case I needed it, I then quickly put on my shoes and darted into the room again and I saw Alec was fully clothed and she was ready for a fight as she chambered a round in her P99.

"You ready?" She asked me.

I nodded back and ran over to the door that was slightly a jar and I could see Umbrella forces moving along the gangway to our room so I shut the door firmly and turned back around to see that Alec and Techno had donned their gas masks and Techno had mine in his hands, "can I have that?" I asked politely, after which Techno launched it at me so I swiftly placed it over my nose and mouth and pressurised it. Just as I did I heard the glass smash behind me and saw a small canister roll in which filled the room in a thick grey smoke which was then followed by a couple of Umbrella soldiers armed with submachine guns, I aimed my pistol at the first one and shot him several times in the chest which knocked him down on the floor but didn't kill him it just took the wind out of him as the rounds didn't get through his body armour, the second soldier was taken down by techno roundhouse kicking him so hard his helmet fell off, Alec and I then scooped up their subs and broke through the door at the front of the apartment being welcomed by a hail of small arms fire which forced me back through the door and planted me on my arse which meant that I couldn't react to the soldier bursting into the room and unleashing a magazine in all directions which luckily didn't hurt anyone but then I saw a burst of fire hit him straight in the chest I turned to see Techno and Alec both standing there with their fingers still gripped around their triggers I scurried to my feet ensuring I was out of their lines of fire so they wouldn't be put blue on blue as a result of me being arse planted.

When I finally got back up on my feet I heard a series of gunshots from down the gangway followed by Angie's screams, "shit they found Jill and Angie!" Techno said as he charged out of the room and down to the girl's room, Alec and I followed swiftly, as we approached the door of the room we could see it had been forced open by someone so we moved around the door I spotted Jill laying on the floor unconscious and Angie was being held by an Umbrella soldier, Techno raised his M4 and put a burst into the soldier causing him to drop Angie and fall to the floor lifeless he then went to wake Jill up.

"Carlos!" I shouted out.

I then heard a noise from the next room so I went to investigate, I found Carlos wrestling an Umbrella soldier on the floor trying to get to his gun, I saw that Carlos had wrestled his way on top so I shouted, "move!" and he jumped off of the soldier so I could put a clear and precise burst into his head.

"Where are the others?" Carlos asked me.

"Next door, we need to move now," I told him.

"Wait," he ran over to the draws and pulled out the AK I had stashed in there along with his weapons and my Khukuri, "what didn't you want these?" He asked as he chucked me my gear.

"Come on smartass," I told him, "how are we going to get out? The car's in the parking lot."

"If we get to the roof we could get to the parking lot without them even noticing we had gone," Carlos explained, "But we'd need a distraction."

"You mean me?" I asked knowing what the answer would be.

"Yep, if you could" he said sounding very monotonic.

"Okay, just make sure you lot get out safe, you got that?" I told him.

"I will do my best," He said to me.

"Your best better be good enough."

I moved out onto the gangway submachine gun in hand and began kicking off random bullets towards the Umbrella soldiers that were on the ground pretty soon I had their full and undivided attention, while Carlos snuck into the room where Techno and the others were, I heard them start climbing out of the back windows onto the roof and so I kept firing to keep the eyes on me and not the roof. I kept firing for an entire magazine on single shot just so the rounds lasted longer hoping that the extra few seconds would buy the others enough time to escape, but when I heard the dead man's click I thought that was it I've failed but then I heard a second sub machine gun open up from behind me, I turned and saw it was Alec.

"Why didn't you leave with the others?" I asked her.

"Like you would last five minutes without me," she said with a cheeky grin on her face.

The rounds kept going and going until I heard Alec's gun fall silent I looked over to her to see her fall to the floor bleeding profusely.

"Shit! Alec!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, as I watched her blood leaked onto the floor. Time stood still as I watched the blood puddle get bigger and bigger and as it did my rage increased by the same magnitude, I felt alive, really alive, I scooped up Alec's submachine gun and I emptied it towards one of the cars the Umbrella forces were using for cover but then I felt a thud of a round colliding with my pelvis and I was knocked back a little I reached down to feel for any blood but I couldn't feel any, "yes!" I whispered to myself quietly and then knelt down on the floor, I looked over to Alec and she was gone no body no blood no anything.

I heard footsteps running up the stairs towards me, "freeze, USS" one soldier told me as he put his gun to my head, "under the Umbrella Corporation's act number 2534 of gross misconduct in the field I order you to summary liquidation, Captain Morgan." I watched as the soldiers finger tightened around the trigger and began to squeeze when I heard a sound which sounded like a running very viscous liquid, then the soldier suddenly erupted in tentacle like object which I knew were the parasites, I looked down and it wasn't me.

"Liquidate this bitch!" It was Alec standing there with almost complete control over the things. I stood up and looked at a soldier trying to shoot at Alec I then raised my arm and unleashed hell upon him I could feel his pulse in my hand where a tentacle had wrapped around his neck and his lower body was being bound by another so he kept squirming and I kept tightening with every pulse of his blood I could feel him getting weaker and weaker until he went limp and lifeless at which point I smashed him over one of the cars and then grappled the car with both hands but it was too heavy so I simple crushed it causing the fuel to ignite and incinerate the remaining Umbrella soldiers.

I looked over to Alec who was mid collapse, "woah easy girl," I caught her as she was mid fall and gently laid her down on the floor kissing her on the forehead, I then heard the revving of a car engine only a few metres away I looked over to see Carlos in the driver's side of the car with Techno in the passenger seat, I picked up Alec and ran with her in my arms down the stairs and placed her in the car alongside me, she collapsed on me, "you can sleep now."

"So where we headed?" Carlos asked.

"To an Umbrella facility about three hundred miles away," Techno began, "it's where Alice is, but were gonnna need some new suits."