Part 5: Alice.

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"Right low down on this place Techie," Carlos told us while he continued to drive towards the compound.

"Looks like we are going to be dealing with a well-guarded structure with pretty much a labyrinth underneath it," he started.

"Oh shit, I don't like those things," LJ began to say in a panic.

"Don't worry if things go south we have a contingency," I told him.

"Which is?" He replied.

"Alec and I go in there and blow every motherfucker from there to kingdom come, go it?" I shouted at him.

"Got it, sir."

I nodded at Techno to continue explaining to compound, "Okay so the north entrance is the one we'll be going in through and the exit from the central compound is directly down the entrance road. Now if Alice is already active when we get there then we need to secure the front door and prevent attacking forces then secure the cargo and move out. If needed I'll guide you two onto her through the cameras within the place but if I don't need to then I won't."

Just as Techno finished I saw Angie slump over again I grabbed her before anyone else reacted and I could hear her faintly whispering "Alice," she began to seize up again she was shaking very violently and I didn't know how to stop her so I began to purge the virus from her again using the parasite but it didn't seem to be doing anything to her, she wasn't infected on a high level like last time she was just fitting out on me, until I had the parasite spread far enough that it began linking into her brain, then I started to see flashes of colour and could see what looked like a man in a lab coat walking around.

"Can you hear me?" I heard the voice ask, the line of sight moved like it was nodding, the man then nodded and simply said, "good," then turned into the white light and said, "begin the purging process."

Then a beeping sound was all around whatever I was seeing through was tossing and turning I could see their feminine hands so I knew I was a woman but I didn't quite know which woman. I could see the water level around me decreasing rapidly and then suddenly I was folder out into the light but what awaited me?

"Her recovery is remarkable and her powers, both physical and mental, are growing at a geometric rate." A woman said from out of the light.

"W…W….W…..W?" I heard the voice of the woman who I was say.

"Where are you?" The man in the lab coat said while stoking her hand, "you're safe," he said while helping her up, "Come on," he stood her up against a wall, "that's it, there we are." He was obviously trying to reassure her but this person didn't seem like Alice she was weak.

He was then handed a note pad and a pen by one of the other men coming out of the light, "Do you know what that is?" He asked, "it's a pen, see," he began to draw on the piece of paper, "you try?" He suggested while passing the pen to the woman. She merely scribbled on the paper trying to etch out the word pen, rather hopelessly and pathetically, "that's it, pen," the man said rather patronisingly.

The man then grabbed her around both cheeks and held her there it was the first time I actually got a good look at his face deep into his weathered face his facial contours ran in deep ridges along the lines of his face, he was obviously middle aged but a strong leading character about him then it struck me who he was, Dr. Isaacs, Umbrella chief research scientist. He then began to talk to the woman, "look at me, can you remember anything?" he asked, "you remember your name?"

The woman then began to speak, "My name? My name?" then everything went fuzzy like she was rejecting anything from being linked to her and I was being rejected I could only see light by this point, and could only hear dull sound except her saying, "My name?" until that is I heard, "My name is Alice," then she chuckled, "and I remember everything!" after which I was completely booted out of her system.

I ended up sitting back in the car where I still had Angie in my arms but then I shouted, " shit faster, she just woke up!"

"I'm on it." Carlos said while he floored it towards the compound.

We reached the gates less than a minute later, I could feel her presence from a mile away, "she's definitely stronger," I told everyone.

"How can you tell?" Jill asked.

"Because us three are now feeling the effects of her." Alec told her.

"Fuck you feel that?" I asked Alec.

"Yeah she just took out the camera guy," Techno pointed out.

"The feed go offline?" Alec asked.

"Yeah but she was heading outside which is good," he replied not sounding all that pleased.

"Well we are here, so ready or not let's go get her." Carlos said while unwinding the window and showing the gate guards a piece of paper Techno handed him. The gate then went up and we raced to the main entrance of the facility. When we arrived we could see about twenty of the bases guards all weapons locked onto Alice with their laser sights with a commander calling the shots.

Jill climbed out of the car first followed quickly by Alec and I, while Angie hid over the seats in the trunk then LJ, Carlos and Techno climbed out, I had the MP5 strapped across my chest and Alec had a machine pistol clutched firmly in her hand.

"We'll take it from here," Carlos told the commander as he approached Alice.

"On whose authority?" The commander asked.

"Classified!" He told the commander whilst nodding for Alec and Jill to collect Alice, "level 6 authorisations," Carlos finished by handing over the piece of paper. Jill and Alec shuffled Alice into the car now it was going to be a big squeeze into it.

"Sorry sir," the commander said while getting his men to lower their guns.

I tackled back to the car covering Carlos as he moved and then climbed in after him and LJ when we were all back in the vehicle and had begun to speed towards the gate I realised we needed that piece of paper to get out, when we arrived at the gate Carlos stopped and rolled down the window, the guard walked over but then pressed his earpiece in like he was receiving a message, he then turned back and let up the gates like nothing had happened.

We didn't question it we just drove, Angie then hopped up from behind the seats and asked Alice, "are you alright?"

Alice didn't react, then Jill asked, "what did they do to you?"

Again Alice remained silent, "Where to next?" asked Carlos.

"As far away from this shit as possible?" LJ suggested.

"No, Detroit!" Alice shouted over to Carlos.

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