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I looked up at a girl with blonde hair as she turned her head I saw her purple eyes sparkle with mischief. "W-who are you?" I stammered. She smirked "Your on a need to know basis and this is your stop" I thought about what she said before i was flung of a building only to be caught by… "DEMI!" My eyes widened at the sight of the city from high up. "Skyler are you ok?" She asked me. "Yes but how did you get me?" "Mikey decided to take down the guards" She replied "But mikeys…"What this made no scence. "I helped him out after Alanna captured him and tried to kill splinter" Wow demis got skill "But wait who was that girl?"Man this was confusing "Her? Shes a… I umm… someone I used to know. "Okay but where are we going now?" "Were going to the lair to wait for the guys" I knew something was up I just had to find out.


Man that skyler girl was nosey and she weighed a ton! But I owed demi a favour and tonight I repayed her. My next stop was the shredders 'house' I knew Alanna and the turtles were there anyway I mean I knew splinter. I don't think they will remember me though heck I don't think they have even met me yet! Apparently I have humor like Michelangelo skill like Leonardo and a hothead attitude like Raphael and last but not least brains like Donatello. This in long term made me a fighting machine. I don't know where I got the skills and shizzle but I just rolled with it. Ive been to a few different schools but I didn't like them so I went secret I waited in the air vents and learned above air vents. Occasionaly I would walk around campus beating people up but tonight would be seriously fun. What Demi didn't know was that I was a purple dragon my tattoo was fake coz id never been into the real deal. I was the leader of my unit they addressed me with little or no formality only badass or dude. I didn't really give a dam but they were my crew or they were before karai showed up, little miss perfect was equall on the scale of skill with me and eventually I had had enough I busted her up big time now strangely were on good terms with each other. So every night we busted up people for money stole stuff and… Wait im here the shred heads 'house' lair whatever. I flipped down inbetween Alanna and shredder and began my introduction. "Hey mind if I drop in" I smirked at the shredder knowing full well he knew who I was. "JESSICA!" my smirk darkened and I put on my brass knuckles and going into a defensive position. He sent some ninjas at me but I calculated their movements and danced my way around them moving with speed position and agility. I was the only one who knew of shred heads control over Alanna and boy was I gonna teach him a lesson about messin with my crew. I split kicked him in the face and puched the weak spots in his armour before noticing a few green blurs join me. Fine whatever I appreciated help when I got it. If they got on my nerves I would just take them down. I knew though In my heart I couldn't disshirvvvel their ego like that though. What would my f.. I mean splinter think of me. I did a backflip over Alannas sholder and smashed the bracelet. She went limp in my arms. Come to think of it I am more of a ninja than the purple dragons or the foot. I leaped up the walls with grace and landed on the platform near the glass. With one of my knuckles I smashed my way through and of into the night. This is where my free running skills came in handy. I had always been the best in the group won all the prizes and taken all the trophies. Envy is what everyone felt for me. But my father and mother were pleased. I carried alanna down through the window of my friend Angels house and waited for her to realise. I set Alanna down on the bed and took in her appearance. She now was like a human cat…. AWESOME. She had claws ears and a cool tail. Man that's so dudeish. Like mikey I loved to name stuff ^_^. Angel walked in and jumped. " Hey Jess whatcha got there?" She asked. I moved aside and let her see. "Cool" God no wonder she got along with mikey so well. I like angel she dosent get on my nerves like karai sometimes does, and her hair wich is dyed pink is the bomb. Once she almost made me dye mine the same. She knows that will never happen but she tried. "Angel" I said rolling my eyes "Don't you remember Alanna?" OMFG she can be slow aswell. "OMG Jess you cant bring her here when casey gets home…" She didn't have time to finish because casey walked in "Oh how very cliché" He is so annoying just because im in the dragons he thinks im all bad. Hes friken wrong. The only one who understands me is angels gran she make me pie. . " Tay quick vanish" Angel ushered me. I quickly pressed myself above the doorframe. "Angel the guys said some chic headed to here with little miss cat girl" He turned his head quickly noticing the so called cat girl. "Casey what da hell you doing here? You cant just come in you gotta knock" Angel is the bomb. "Angel this girl is a criminal and who brought her here?" Casey was so fricken nosey time to reveal myself. "Casey casey casey no questions need asking" I said swinging a bat tho his head. He fell unconscious before he could even utter my name. "ANGEL" My eyes averted towards the window where a figure in orange and green was crouched. Mikey. "Hey angel whos the new babe" He walked into the room followed by the rest of the turtles.I picked up alanna and made my way towards the door. When a sai flew though the air towards me. I caught it in mid flight and threw it back. Opening the door I took the fire escape. Before I could make a getaway alanna awoke and we shared a memoryfull embrace. "Jess its been so long" She whispered. "I know Alanna but lets go home now" I shot her a look as the turtles emerged from the exit "OY girly" Raphael obviously " where you think your going with the cat". My eyes connected with his and he froze " Her name is Alanna Raphael and were going home" Alanna transformed into a trigress again and I leapt of her back into a spinning jump across the wide rooftop she jumped it and we made our way home. The 'abandoned' hotel above the turtles lair. Thr turtles lost sight of us across the park and we made our escape running like the wind through the window and to the bottom floor. Now I actually had a chance to speak to alanna. "How have you been Alanna?" I Passed her a drink. "I was controlled Jess, by my own father. It cant get much worse" well she was half right. "You have to make things right Alanna with splinter with everyone. Just put the past behind you and move on. Then you will have a new family" eshhhh I "Sounded to much like leo" We both finished, then proceeded to roll around on the floor laughing. As soon as I had recovered I put on my serious face. Time to show them who we really were. We made our way down to the basement of the hotel and grabbed the skateb oards that were lined up. We skated down the man hole and up to the turtles door. I pulled the entrance pipe walked in and went straight to splinters room. We sat down and marvelled that we had made it through without being caught. "you have returned Jessica and Alanna, it is time you meet my family. In the end the guys learned how Alanna had tried to pull splinters daughter out of the fire. They all accepted the apology's for mistrust.

As time went on the girls were caught in the net of love and each was married years later.

Alanna discovered her love for space heros with Leo

Jessica's smart side shone when she was with donnie

Skyler became a champion skateboarder and prankster with mikey

Demi learned that even hotheads like raph can fall in love

April Discovered caseys sensitive side (in this story casey is the same age as everyone else

Angel met a guy called Daniel and they went to tour the wold together

They all discovered their love for each other and were wedded they had kids a few years later.



Same age as the guys

Green cat eyes

Black tail and black furry ears ^_^

Curly Long black hair

Very tactfull and strong can work with almost nothing to aid her

Her match is leo


Same age as the guys again

Purple eyes

Blonde wavy hair

Smart is the brains along with don

Her mach is obvs. Donnie



Blue eyes

Caramel coloured straight hair

Shy but had a sassy attitude that is at its max when fighting

Blue Mento coloured wings

Her match is Raph (I LOVE RAPHAEL)



Dark brown curly hair

Deep purple eyes

Tanned skin

Brown wolf ears and tail

Her match is Mikey!x

And we all know about april and angel but I made a few changes. April has long straight ginger hair that she wears down and green eyes with cute freckles and full lips. And angel wears her pink hair down and has brown eyes.

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