Sequel time!

Chapter 1

Even though they said it in the hospital, neither wanted to tell the others until they were really trying to have a baby. It was Loki's idea because he wanted his husband to really think if he wanted it and that it wasn't because he had a moment with a boy.

They had gone back to Hawaii and stayed longer then meant to. They still had sex but now; if Tony wanted to take Loki, he had to have a condom. "But I thought we were trying." Tony whined.

"Not this time, my love." Loki said and made Tony forget about it by distracting him the best way he knew was possible. He wanted to have a child with Tony but there was something that made him think twice. He was immortal again and Tony was not. Tony will grow old and die and then Loki was cursed to live on forever with just memories of his husband. Whenever he thought about it he would curl up close to Tony's chest and held back the tears as good as he could. Tony always asked what was wrong but never got an answer. But one they he had enough of seeing his husband suddenly turn sad and curl up to him.

"Okay, you got to tell me what's wrong. I hate seeing you like this." Tony stated when he had been sitting by the pool on a sun chair and Loki had come out of the house and seated himself between his legs and embraced him.

Loki knew that this had been going on for too long so he just sighed but stayed cuddle up to Tony who as usually returned the embrace. "I am immortal." Loki said and this time he couldn't hold back his tears. He had been holding them for a week now and now when the words left his mouth he also released them.

"I know." Tony said with a long voice and stroked Loki's shirtless back.

Loki pushed away from him. "You are going to grow old and then die and leave me alone to live forever." Loki said with shaking voice, he started to hyperventilate so Tony put his hands on both sides of Loki's face and made him look in to his eyes.

"Loki calm down… deep breaths… in." Both inhaled air. "And out." They let it out through their mouths together. They did that two more times and then Loki seemed to have calmed down. "I wish there was some way that I also was immortal but I'm not a god and there are no vampires. There are no vampire's rights?" He then asked making Loki chuckle but then his head snapped up to and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Would you want to be immortal if you could?" Loki asked his husband, his voice was still shaken but he could at least breathe now.

Tony gave him a confused look. "Why wouldn't I, if it would mean that I would live with you forever then yes I can deal with that." Tony said. He knew that one day all of his friends will die of old age but he would have Loki forever.

"I know a spell that can make that possible." Loki said with uncertain smile.

"What's the catch?" Tony asked. Of course there was a hatch; he was given immortality and that must come with a price.

Loki took a deep breath. "The spell will pretty much make you in to a god of Asgard; so I will have to seek permission of All-father and when you are immortal… you will have to serve him." He said with a serious voice.

That made Tony froze. He hated him; he couldn't even be close to him without wanting to punch him across the face and now if he wanted to be with Loki for eternity he needed to serve the man.

"Please Tony." Loki pleaded and he never begged, not even in bed but he needed Tony to understand that this was pretty much do it or I don't know how this will work out.

Tony sighed but then smiled at his husband. "Fine, I'll guess I will have a lot of time of getting used to the man." Tony said and leaned in and kissed his god.

Loki smiled; all his worries were gone by just hearing his husband telling him that he wanted to spend eternity with him. It sounded weird now when he thought that he was worried about Tony not wanting to spend an immortal life with him. It wasn't like Tony had set a goal when he married him.

"Is this why you didn't want to have a child with me?" Tony asked with sad voice.

"No, I do want a baby with you but…" Loki looked over at the pool, trying to find the right words.

"Buuuuuut…" Tony took Loki's chin and made him look at him. A small breeze came from the sea, making Loki's raven black hair flow with the wind. He looked so beautiful; he always looked beautiful even when he had blond curls when he was human.

"I just want to be sure that it is what you want." Loki said with a low voice.

Tony sighed. He couldn't really blame him; everyone thought that Tony was a playboy that would never settle down, but then he had a boyfriend that turned in to a fiancé and is now his husband. All under just a year and a half and now he wanted children with the god. Maybe it was a bit quick but he was going to live forever with the god and he wanted a kid at some point so why not now?

Tony leaned forward so he could whisper in to his husband's ear. "I want to have a kid with you Loki." A shiver was sent down his spine from the breath from his husband's mouth and the message made his stomach go warm.

Loki nodded and smiled. "Let's at least wait until we get home." He said and stroked Tony's cheek.

"Why?" His husband asked with a confused look.

"We have some things to do when we get home; I need to talk to Fury, my manager and talk with Thor about going to Asgard to talk to Odin." Loki said, he turned and leaned his back against Tony's chest and let his husband embrace him and stroke his hair.

"Are you going to pursue modeling?" Tony asked and brushed Loki's hair out of his face.

Loki sighed and looked over at the sea and saw dolphins play. He loved modeling; he loved the fashion, the people and the traveling but now that he was a god and people knew who he really was, he was uncertain if people wanted him to model anymore. "Depends if people still want me to model?" Loki said truthfully. He started to massage one of Tony's hands out of nothing else to do. "I can't be a model if no one wants to book me." He muttered while concentrating on his husband's hand, looking at the wedding ring. He had told Pepper that he wanted to choose the rings since Tony did his engagement ring. She had helped him with were to go to the design them and the woman had been very helpful and when the rings were done she had asked to take a picture of them so she could show them on her website. It was apparently her best creations and he had to agree that she did a splendid job.

"If no one wants to book you; they are insane." Tony whispered in to his ear and watched how Loki stroked his wedding ring. "Why wouldn't they want to have a god on their magazine cowers or the catwalk?" He then said and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Loki didn't answer just chuckled and enjoyed sitting there with his husband holding him, the sun worming them and the dolphins playing in the sea.

"I was thinking about buying this cabin." Tony said and leaned his chin on Loki's shoulder.

Loki frowned. "Like you don't already have too many mansions already?" He was punished by a tweak in the side.

"We don't have a cabin on Hawaii." Tony answered after punishing Loki and started plant small kisses on his husband's shoulder.

Loki sighed and let his nails smoothly slid up and down Tony's forearm. "I have to agree that it is extremely beautiful here."

The cabin was next to the beach which was private to them. The cabin was made of wood with big windows. The pool area was made of big black brushed flooring and next to the pool were big stones to make the pool look a bit more like a lagoon. The pool wasn't big but it didn't need to be because they usually didn't swim in it. Around were big palms that never were in the way for the sun. Inside the cabin was modern interior but with hints of Hawaii culture.

"This could be our getaway cabin." Tony stated and closed his eyes from the sensation of Loki's nails.

"And Malibu is what: our getaway mansion?" Loki said sarcastically and earned another tweak.

"See it as my wedding present to you." Tony said and continued planting kisses to the pale skin.

Loki let his head leaned back on Tony and tilted it slightly so Tony could make a trail of kisses up his neck.

"I guess that would be a lovely present." Loki turned in Tony's arm and caught Tony's lips in a deep kiss. His hands travelled down Tony's naked chest and to his swimming trunks and slid a hand inside. Tony gasped when long slender fingers started to stroke his manhood that became harder and harder. "But I haven't bought anything for you." Loki whispered seductively against Tony's lips.

"Oh, what you are going to give me makes this cabin in to nothing." Tony answered and then moaned when a slender finger slid over the head of his cock.

Loki chuckled and started to suck on the sensitive skin on his husband's collarbone. "Should we take this in the pool?" Loki whispered in to his ear.

Tony nodded and his lover let go of his cock and stood up. They got in to the pool, water up to their shoulders and Loki pushed Tony up against the poolside and kissed him deeply and passionate. Tony's hands wander down to Loki's swim trunks and pulled them off with some help from Loki and started to stroke his hard on making his husband groan and moan in to the kiss. Loki pulled at his husband's trunks and let them slid down his legs. He let a finger slip in to his partner's entrance and started to prepare him. Tony gaps but the sudden intrusion, he stopped stroking Loki's manhood and wrapped his arms and legs around his partner feeling that it was a lot easier to hold himself up in the pool. Loki started to suck on his neck making his head fall down on the edge to give him more access. Another finger was pushed in to him and he felt that he couldn't wait anymore, he wanted Loki. "Take me now." He said between gasps.

Loki pulled his fingers out, gripped his hips and slid his cock in to Tony, both groaning by the tightness. He waited for his husband to adjust and in the meantime he kissed him deeply, showing how much he loved him. Tony grabbed a bit of his hair and pulled it back so he could suck on his neck. He growled by the pain when Tony nipped on the already red skin but let out breath when he felt a smooth tongue lick over the bruise. "Move!" Tony whispered against the bruise, which made him gasp even more from feeling warm breath on the red skin. He started in a slow pace to thrust in and out of his husband, hitting his spot every time. "Ah… faster." Tony demanded and his husband obliged and moved faster. Moans and gasping missed with water splashing around them.

"Oh god… Loki." Tony screamed out when he came, his cum floating up to the surface and float away from them. His body went limp in Loki's arms while his husband did a few more thrusts before he came in to Tony and he screamed out his name in the process.

Tony let his legs fall down from Loki's waist and just hanged on to Loki for a moment while catching his breath. Loki's hands wondered over Tony's body and caught his lips in a soft kiss. "Love you." Tony said and stroked some hair out of Loki's face. Loki leaned in and kissed him deeply as another way of saying that he loved him to.

"Let's go home tomorrow." Loki whispered and slicked Tony's hair back and made it wet. Tony frowned which made Loki sigh and smiled. "Don't get me wrong I love this and I wish we could stay here and escape the world but we can't, and I miss the girls." He said with a sad smile.

Tony sighed and nodded towards his love. "Yeah, your right." Tony said and let his head lean on to his shoulder.

When they got home they were attacked by their girls; they jumped, they whined, they licked and stroked close to them. The men laughed and sat down on a couch and let their girls lie on their laps and just snuggled with them. Loki had been afraid that the girls wouldn't recognize him but they surely didn't show any change in their behavior towards him. Tony didn't realize how much he missed them until they came back to them. They didn't get to have a quiet moment for long though because Loki's phone suddenly rang.

"It's my manager." He said, he got Lola away from his lap and walked over to the kitchen to get some water. "Hello Julia." He answered the phone.

Julia was a small blond girl with a project mind similar to Pepper which made him hire her.

"Loki, how was your honeymoon?" She asked with a merry voice.

"Expect that I almost lost my husband, it was amazing." He said with friendly tone.

"Oh yeah I heard about that, is he okay?" She asked concerned.

"Yeah I sort of saved him." Loki said and looked over at his husband who now had both dogs at his sides and was watching TV.

"Oh yeah, the reason I am calling isn't just because to see how you were doing. Do you want to keep modeling?" She asked with a serious voice. "I know you are a god again and your appearance is back and I must say you look even more beautiful now, but I want to know if you have the time." She stated.

"I have to join the avengers but I would love continue modeling." Loki said truthfully.

"That makes me very happy Loki and I can tell you that there are a lot of people that wants a god on their magazine." She said and Loki could see how a smirk played on her pink lips. "Do you know how much time you are going to spend with the avengers?" She then asked.

"Not yet, I am going to meet the director someday this week to discuss that so I will call you back when I know." Loki answered her.

"Okay then. Call me as fast as you can." She said with a demanding voice. It's kind of funny how the little girl still dared to push around a god. They said good bye and hanged up, Loki took out a bottle of water and walked back to his husband and seated himself in his lap and an arm wrapped around his shoulder to steady himself. Tony put a hand on his hip and the other hold the remote, still changing channels.

"What did she say?" Tony said after settling on the CNN news and put the remote down. His now free hand was placed where his other hand was and pulled Loki closer so he could lean his head on his shoulder. Tony had met Julia at the wedding reception and that was the first time they met and he was surprised by how small she was and bossy, he liked her.

Loki drank from the bottle before answering. "She said that I will be more popular now." He said with a small smirk on his lips.

"I told you so." Tony said and planted a kiss on his cheek and started to stroke his thigh. Loki smiled at him and kissed his nose.

"I thought the others would be here." Loki stated and drank from the bottle.

Tony motioned to the TV and took the bottle from Loki and drank from it. On the news you could see the Hulk smashing some doom bots and on the streets; Clint and Natasha tried to get people to safety. The their came a big lightning bolt down and destroyed a dozen bots in a single blow. "Thor's back." Loki stated. His brother had gone home for a week to help Odin with some peace meeting with another realm.

"I think we should have dinner ready for them when they get back." Tony stated, absently playing with his husband's t-shirt.

"I think they would like some pizza would be nice…" The TV suddenly showed a man throwing up from the panic around him. "Scratch that, sushi is better." Loki said with disgust of watching the man emptying his stomach.

"Jarvis how have you've been?" Tony asked cheerfully.

I am very well sir and welcome back sirs.

"Thank you Jarvis, order sushi for the gang." Tony stated and saw Hulk calming down and turns back to a naked Bruce.

Will do sir.

Loki leaned his head on Tony's and watched the assassins wipe out the last bots. The news saw that the fight was over so they showed a picture of him and Loki at their wedding and then a paparazzi photo taken just two hours ago when they got of their private jet.

To other news; Tony and Loki Stark is back from their Hawaii honeymoon. As you can see; the Loki we thought was just a famous model is in fact the same god who tried to take over earth just one and half years ago. The question is: Can we trust him?

Tony grunted and turned off the TV. "Let it go already." He murmured and buried his nose in to the crock of Loki's neck. Loki soothes his partner by letting his nails runs slowly up and down his neck. Tony let out a moan and closed his eyes. "You always know the right spot." Tony said and let out a breath.

Loki chuckled and planted a kiss on Tony's head. They sat there for a while until they heard the elevator ding, the doors opened and in walked in the avengers with happy voices and just a few bruises. "Hey, you are back!" Clint said with joy. Everyone gave the couple hugs as greeting and the dogs also got some greetings. "So you are becoming an avenger, congratulation." Steve said and patted Loki's back.

"I am extremely proud of my brother." Thor said with glee, and Loki rolled his eyes.

"Hey, have somebody heard from Pepper? She hasn't answered my calls since yesterday." Tony asked the others. Everyone suddenly turned uncomfortable but tried to hide it, but they couldn't hide it from the couple. "Where is she?" Tony sounded worried, angry even.

"Tony calm down." Loki said and put a hand on his husband.

"She is alright Tony but we think that she wants to tell you two the news in person." Natasha answered with a calm voice.

"What news?" Tony asked confused but relieved that his best friend was okay.

OMG, what are the news?!