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10 years later

The sun was warm today in Malibu, no cloud to be seen and just a small breeze coming from the sea. Tony was sitting on the sun chair, in swimming trunks, sun glasses and a tablet in hand. Going through massages from friends that he had ignored for a few days, they were after all on a holiday. Leon was swimming in the pool with their new dog, a Flat-coated retriever girl that Tony bought in Sweden two years ago for Leon's birthday. It surely was the best present he could give him because they were inseparable, always together and playing or sleeping or just chilling. And when Leon was in school Zoey would be with Tony when he was at work.

Tony opened an email from Jane that he got yesterday.

Hi Tony, hope your holiday is as good as ours. Greece is great but Thor does have a tendency to ruin the museums about the Greek gods. At least Felicia and Alexander enjoy his stories. Oh right, any tip on what Leon would like for a present from Greece?

Thor also wonders if you would like to accompany us to Asgard next week, so that Odin can give Leon his birthday present.

See you soon and say hi to Loki from us.

There was also a picture of Thor having his children on each shoulder while a way rinsed his body. They're children were beautiful, Felicia the oldest had beautiful golden hair like Thor and blue eyes, Alexander had more brownish hair but yet the same blue eyes. A happy family on a trip to Greece; paid by Tony of course as an anniversary present for the lovely married couple.

Tony took a quick glance on his son who was playing with a big bathing ball, throwing it to Zoey who tried to catch it but it just ended up on bumping on her nose and returning to Leon. Tony laughed a bit and returned to his unread mail.

The next one was from Natasha.

Hello Tony, just wanted to ask you if you still had the number to Dr. Fuentes? It's getting very close for my first ultrasound and Clint is very annoying on who the doctor will be.

Hope you're having a great time and don't forget to give Leon his present from us.

Short as always but he knew that she meant well. Clint and Natasha were now actually expecting a baby after a condom breaking. Both in shock but in the end they agreed to take it as a sign to move forward with the relationship, but no marriage yet though.

Tony sighed and made a mental note to look for Dr. Fuentes number. The next mail was from his dear Pepper.

Tony! You forgot to sign the papers before you left, you idiot! I'll fax them over to you later.

Otherwise we are fine and we have arrived in Paris. Emilie is having a blast and can't wait to go shopping and Will wants to go to Disney world tomorrow. He wishes that Leon was here with him but he promises to take a picture of Aladdin for him.

We will also by something for Leon as a present for his birthday here, any thoughts on what he might like?

Hope you are having a great time in Malibu and to answer your question; Yes we can look after Leon next weekend. We were actually wondering if you were ever going to use your cabin in Hawaii any time soon. I'll bet Loki will love it.

See you in one week and DON'T FORGET the papers!

And with that was also a picture of Ems texting and next to her was Steve with Will in his lap looking through a children's magazine. Tony sighed; he knew he had forgotten something before they left, oh well, it will appear here in his office for him to forget again.

"Dad, come and swim with me." Leon said, hanging on the side of the pool, kicking the water with his legs.

Tony smiled at him, put his tablet away and took his sunglasses off and walked over to the pool and dived in. He swam under the water towards Leon, knowing he could see him and played a shark. When he came up he grabbed Leon under his armpits and lifted him up in to the air. "Got you." He said and lowered him down in the water again.

"Toss me." Leon exclaimed and waved his arms in the air. Tony laughed and tossed Leon lightly and kept an eye on him to see him swim to the surface, laughing. Leon moved towards the ball again and started to play with Zoey again.

Tony swam over to the edge and leaned on it, closing his eyes and felt the sun on his skin, hearing his son laugh and the dog bark, there was just one thing missing here, well actually two but the other one wasn't in the house after all.

"Leon, you should get up soon before you turn in to raisin." The silken voice said from behind Tony, the only one missing had arrived.

Tony looked over his shoulder and saw his husband in his own swimming trunks, looking gorges like the god he was. Loki smiled at him and moved to sit down on the edge next to Tony, long legs going down in the water. Tony moved and parted Loki's leg a bit so he could stand between them, hands on his lover's thighs. Loki leaned down and their lips met in a soft loving kiss. "Hello hot stuff." Tony said with a smirk when they parted. Loki chuckled and let his hands rest on wet broad shoulders and leaned down again to kiss his husband again. "What did Joanna want?" Tony asked when they parted, feeling Loki's hand go through his wet hair.

"She wondered if it was okay to have the wedding on our private beach." Loki said with a smirk. Yes, their daughter was getting married in half a year with Damien. He popped the question on her 25 birthday, they had been together for 10 years and so Loki had sort of showed sign to Damien that he should by a ring now. It had scared Damien a bit and he ended up talking to Tony about it and he told him how nervous he was when he was going to ask Loki and the tough time of deciding on a ring. It calmed Damien down and a week later they saw the boy fall to his knee in front of Joanna on their terrace in New York.

"Of course, it will be a nice little wedding." Tony said with a smile, plans on how he wanted the beach to look like for the day popped up in to his head.

"It's her wedding Tony; she will decide how it will look like." Loki said and chuckled from the shocked expression on Tony's face, he wondered if Loki could actually read his mind or something.

"Want to go to Hawaii next weekend?" Tony asked Loki and let his hand slide over Loki's torso.

"What about Leon?" Loki asked and moaned from the stroke over his collarbone.

Tony smirked and moved up a bit so he could plant a kiss on his husband's stomach. "Pepper said that they could take him for the weekend." He answered him and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Loki's arms went around Tony's neck and smiled. "Well I guess it would be nice to have some time alone with you." He said and kissed his forehead. "I'll have to call the magazine though and tell them that we are extending the holiday." He said and sighed. Loki had gotten a place on the board of Vogue magazine and was almost considered the boss of the magazine because everyone went to him when they had problems or needed confirmation on something. He loved his job and had almost put modeling up on the shelf but sometimes he agreed to a photo shoot, but no more runways though.

"They'll manage without you for another weekend." Tony said and stroked his back.

Loki chuckled and shook his head. "No, but they don't remember that there are more people they can turn to, not just me." Loki stated and wrapped his long legs around Tony to get him closer.

Tony chuckled and got another kiss from Loki. "Love you, forever." He said when they parted and got another kiss, a bit more passionate then the others and he was hoping Leon was busy with something.

"Our love will remain, forever my teenage dream." Loki answered him.