Author's note: Okay… Since we got that first page from episode 3x01's scipt, the following story has been haunting me. I had to write it. I imagine this could take place at the end of the first twelve episodes arc in season 3 because it could leave the door open for Sterek in the remaining episodes of the season. It's probably not that good and there are surely mistakes in that text (because English is not my first language) but now that it's done, I feel relieved. So here's the drabble.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf. Nothing is mine except the story.

They were both sitting on the stairs under the porch of the Hale house, bathed in the golden light of the sunrise, and staring mindlessly at the woods surrounding Derek's creepy home. Everyone else was gone, returning to their lives, and everyone was out of danger now that the Alpha female was dead.

"Well, it's been a hell of a year, huh? Not to mention the horrible night we've just been through. Because, you know, screams, blood, death… The typical kind of night around here." said Stiles, turning his head to the right to look at Derek. The werewolf didn't seemed to react and all Stiles could see was the impassive face of the almost always grumpy man.

"Why are you still here?" asked Derek with an irritated tone after a few seconds of silence, not even looking at the teen sitting next to him.

"Because I- I wanted to know how, Derek." Stiles made a pause, taking the time to stare at the woods again, before turning his head towards Derek again. "How did you manage to return here, to Beacon Hills?" Stiles' question was asked in a casual voice but anyone who would have been here at this moment could have sensed there was more into that question than the simple meaning of it. "I mean, she erased your memory, she wiped your past out. So how…" Stiles' tone became hesitant. "How did you come back here just in time to save the day?"

A long and implacable silence fell upon them. Stiles was looking hard at Derek but once again there was no reaction, not even a frown or a scowl. Nothing. And because that silence became almost unbearable, Stiles started to get up to leave but Derek's voice stopped him.

"I remembered." said Derek simply, and that made Stiles sit back on the stairs, watching the man with a questioning gaze.

"You… remembered?" Stiles' face was imprinted with nothing but some sort of strange surprise. "I thought the memories were gone for ever once Miss Alpha Crazy had used her little tricks on you."

"That's not how it works. Some memories are- You can't erase all the memories." Derek was talking in a strange voice and he still wasn't looking at Stiles. Something changed in the way he was staring at the woods, like he was suddenly lost in the recollection of something.

"And what did you remember, Derek?" asked Stiles, his body language expressing the fact he wasn't sure he should even ask that question.

Because Kate Argent. Because Erica's death. Because the fire. Because Laura…

Derek turned his face to look at Stiles for the first time since they had been left alone under the porch by the pack, and the young teen instantly got a disturbing feeling running through his entire body when he saw the expression in Derek's eyes.

There was a light in these eyes, a light brighter than the sun rising out there, a light made of some sort of incredible fear mixed with a more incredible hope. And this light was everything Derek was on the inside, everything the werewolf had never dared to show to anyone. Except this time. Except now.

"You." whispered Derek. "I remembered you."