What is our goal? Pt 1; A Beverly Hillbillies story. All rights to the characters and background of the Beverly Hillbillies belong to its creators. The story. Mr. Drysdale reminding Miss. Hathaway what the main goal of the Commerce Bank was.

Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills; 9:00 am

Miss Jane Hathaway was sitting at her desk starting her morning routine when the intercom buzzed. "Miss Hathaway come into my office please." Milburn Drysdale her boss said.

"Right away Chief" she replied and stepped into Drysdale's office. She walked over to his desk.

"Yes Chief." She said.

"Miss Hathaway" Drysdale began. "What is the primary goal of our institution?"

Hathaway looked puzzled "To make sure that our customers have the best service for their funds. To be the best we can be."

"And who is our number one customer?"
"Why the Clampetts of course Chief."

"Then why Miss Hathaway is Jethro not enrolled in USC like I promised Mr. Clampett?"

Jane Hathaway closed her eyes for a moment "Because Mr. Drysdale, despite the fact that Jethro is a very good boy and as kind a person as you could ask for. Your wife's dog has a better chance of going to USC then Jethro does.

"That's not a good reason!" Drysdale said petulantly. "How do I tell Jed Clampett that?"

"Oh I don't know Chief." Miss Jane said. "Here's something unique."

"Yes?" Drysdale said hopefully

Getting right in Drysdale's face "Tell him the truth!"

Drysdale pulled back. His face aghast in horror. "How did you get into this field?"

Before she could respond, shrill voice echoed through the office "MILBURN!" his wife shrieked.

Drysdale shook his head "Where is security when you need them?" Looking toward his wife approaching with all the subtlety of a NFL lineman on Sunday. "Yes dear" as Drysdale's problems expanded

"Do you know what those peasants are doing now!" she bellowed.

Miss Hathaway quickly shut the door behind her as she left the office. Jethro going to USC will be put on hold for a while…

Margret Drysdale "Do you know what those people are doing?"

"No, dear" Drysdale said.

"They allowed their mongrel of a hound looses and he got out dear Babbett." She snarled.


Mrs. Drysdale's eyes bulged out. "What are you going to do?"

"Nothing" he replied cheerfully.

To be continued.