The Son He Never Knew He Had

By Bloody Phantom

Disclaimer: Star Wars does not belong to me!


Qui-Gon placed the last of his supplies into the bag before sitting on the bed. He rubbed a hand over his tired eyes and sighed. He would be leaving for another mission tomorrow and he couldn't wait. He was more than glad to finish this particular mission.

It was a negotiation mission between Lord N'Klen and a settlement of Bimms on Stewjon. The Bimms, though usually a hospitable people, believed Lord N'Klen was taking more and more land of their enclaves and were attacking his people in protest. Lord N'Klen's own daughter, Lady Ser'Fay, was in constant danger and Qui-Gon had found himself protecting her more than negotiating an agreement between them. The Lord's daughter did not hide her obvious interest in the Jedi Master either. However, that wasn't the worst of it. Qui-Gon was finding it hard to push aside her advances. The Force weighed heavily on him to…to accept her for a night. The feeling got stronger each day he fought against it. But, what the Force wanted him to do, went against everything he believed in. It went against the Codes, it went against his personal beliefs and it went against his own heart. Lying with someone for only one night was morally wrong to him. Besides, he didn't think his heart could really take it. It had only been a few months since Xanatos betrayal. He rubbed his hand over his heart as if it truly was aching as he thought about the boy he had raised and grew to love as his own.

A light, timid knock on his door pulled him from his depressing thoughts. He straightened himself to appear more like a Jedi then the depressed, tired old man he felt he was. "Enter," he called out, wondering who it would be this time of night. He looked up as the door opened. He quickly stood up and inwardly sighed when the Lord's daughter slipped into the room, closing the door quietly behind her. He tensed up when he saw what she was wearing. She had on a simple white thin nightgown. It was the only thing she wore, not even stockings on her feet. He could tell by the obvious hint of the nipples of her breasts showing underneath her gown. He quickly looked away and bowed his head in respect. "My Lady," he managed to say tightly. He kept his eyes adverted away from her. She was a beautiful young woman, tempting. She had long copper colored hair and green eyes. She was short, coming up to just about his chin, and thin with perfect curves. She had delicate features. Her skin was naturally pale and smooth. It did not make it easier for him to fight the temptation to give in to her and the Force. "You should not be here, my Lady."

He sensed more then heard her walk slowly towards him. "You saved my life more than once in the past few months, Master Jinn. There is no safer place I could be then here with you." Her voice was soft, young sounding. It was fitting for her twenty-two years. She stood before him, staring up at him with determined eyes. "You said a Jedi does not have attachments, correct?"

He nodded stiffly, determined to keep his eyes away from her by staring at the door behind her. "That is correct, Lady Ser'Fay." It was only due to his training that he was able to remain still and not shift his feet uncomfortably. If possible, he tensed even more when she reached up and touched his chest. At this time, he would usually kindly remove her hand, but, with the Force basically yelling in his ears to accept her, he found himself unable to do so.

"So, having one night of pleasure would not account to an attachment, will it, Master Jinn?" she asked as she ran her hand up and down his chest, feeling the muscles underneath his tunic and, no doubt, feeling the increase of his heartbeat. "You saved my life and the life of my father's people without much bloodshed, I owe you. If I can't gift you with items, I will gift you with this," she said softly as she reached up, her body pressing against his, and kissed him gently against his lips. The Force seemed sing with happiness at the connection.

Qui-Gon placed his hands on her shoulders and firmly pushed her away. "Lady Ser'Fay, I simply cannot take something as precious as your virtue," he breathed out. "That is just too precious to take, especially since I cannot make an attachment to you. It would be wrong. Your father would not agree to this." But even as he spoke, he could feel the Force swirling with a need for him to bed her. It was strong and forceful. It buzzed his entire being, like electricity. It was getting harder and harder to ignore.

She nodded, staring up at him. "I know he won't, but he doesn't have to know." She grabbed the hands that were on her shoulders and moved them down to her hips. She took a step forward into his reluctant embrace. "Doesn't this feel right to you, Master Jedi?" She pressed her body against his and stared up at him. He, for some reason, did not move his hands from her hips. "Doesn't it feel like we should do this? I need to repay you in some way. Let me do this."

"I will not dishonor you by lying, my Lady. The Force has been telling me to do this for some time, but it is not in my nature to bed someone, especially for one night only," he said truthfully. It was also not much in his nature to ignore what the Force was telling him. Why would the Force ask this of him?

Lady Ser'Fay reached up and ran her hands over his short beard. Her hand went up over his ear and down to the back of his neck. She stood on her tippy-toes, her lips close to his, her breast brushing against his chest. "Please," she begged softly against his lips before pressing against them with hers. His hands tightened their grasped at her hips of their own accord and he, unknowingly, pressed her closer to him. She tasted so soft and sweet, so tempting. He couldn't help but kiss her back. This kiss turned from tender to passion in a matter of seconds.

Before he could get his senses back, Qui-Gon had backed up until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed. He fell back onto the bed with Lady Ser'Fay on top of him, her lips still pressed up against his. With groaned he shoved his traveling bag off the bed and rolled over until he was on top of her. His hips pushed her legs apart and settled in between them. His hands went into her hair, feeling the softness as he grasped onto it. He kissed down her throat, fully aware of her shortness of breath. "We…" kiss. "…shouldn't be…" kiss. "…doing this," he managed to say as he kissed his way back up her throat.

"Shhhh. Don't speak. Just…just feel," she gasped out. It was the last thing that was said between them before the clothes came off.

Qui-Gon rolled to the edge of the bed and sat up. He planted his feet on the ground and ran his hands over his face. Guilt was gnawing at him. He looked behind him at the sleeping naked figure under the covers. He quickly turned away. Morally, what he did felt wrong, but the Force was saying it was the right thing to do. During the whole…sexual act, the Force was humming, singing with them and, when he…he thrust into her, the Force seemed to have exploded along with their sensations.

He felt like he betrayed Tahl. Oh…He groaned in despair. Tahl. How was he ever going to explained this to her? How was he going to tell her? If he was ever, ever going to sleep with someone it would have been her. He felt like cursing at the Force for having him bed someone else, someone he didn't care for deeply. He knew it wouldn't really be a betrayal since Tahl wasn't even aware of his…growing feelings for her, but it felt like one all the same. It brought to mind of how he was going to tell the Council and should he? No. He decided. There would be no point to tell anyone unless the Force told him too. He would just put this behind him and never think of it again.

He shook his head and looked out the window across from him. It was very early morning, not even dawn yet. It was still dark outside. He couldn't get back to sleep, not after the night he had. He had never done something like that before last night. Most Jedi died virgins, not surprisingly. It was the one Code he had never broken, but was having a sexual night even part of the Codes? The Codes said no attachments. It said nothing about having a one night stand. It was just usually assumed that it counted. However, for some reason, he couldn't picture his former Master, Master Dooku, being a virgin. He was just so experienced in life and so charismatic. He just had that air about him that attracted women and he always seemed to know what to say and do around them. Still, he wasn't going to tell anyone. Since it was the Force that told him to do it, there must have been a reason. He glanced back at the young lady. Was the reason for her…or for him?

Ten Months Later

"Please, Father," Ser'Fay begged as she protectively clinched her month old baby boy against her bosom. She could feel the tears at the back of her eyes, demanding to be let loose.

Her tall, board father stood over her, sternly. "The results say the…the boy…" He spoke as if the word 'boy' was an insult. "…is Force sensitive. I will have someone take him to the Jedi Temple immediately. I will not allow a bastard child living under my roof! Unless you tell me the name of the scoundrel who violated you, the boy will be dropped off at the Jedi Temple!"

"He did not violate me, Father!" Ser'Fay argued back. "I loved him even if he couldn't and didn't love me. If anyone violated anyone, it was me violating him, Father. I pushed him to do it with me." Her father glared at her heatedly, not moved by her poor attempt at a defense against the child's father. She looked down in defeat. "My son needs me, Father," she tightly said quietly. She looked back at her father. "Please, Father, wait until he at least doesn't need me as much. Please," she begged. "After…" She looked away and swallowed thickly. This was much harder to do then she thought. "…afterwards, I will take him. I promise." She glanced back up with pleading eyes. "Just please, allow me to care for him a little while longer."

Her father glared at her with his arms folded across his chest. "Fine. Three months and he leaves. Only three months. No sooner!" he ordered. He stormed out of her bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

She nodded reluctantly, even though he was no longer in the room, and relaxed her hold on her baby. Three months didn't seem like a long time, but she knew she wouldn't be able to persuade her father for more time. She was just lucky her father didn't conclude that since the baby was Force sensitive that the father of the baby would be Force sensitive as well. If he did than he might have jumped to the realization that the Jedi they had come to aid them almost a year ago was the father. She had no idea what he would have done if he knew. Called the Jedi Council and yell at them, which would have gotten Qui-Gon Jinn in trouble? Begin to hate the Jedi? Start unsavory rumors about them? Would he have even let the child go to the Jedi Temple? Or would he have dropped the child off any random orphanage instead?

Three and a Half Months Later:

Ser'Fay held down her hood over her head with one hand and held her son with another. Rain poured down on her as she crossed the walkway towards the Jedi Temple. Her heart was pounding fearfully in her chest. She had never step foot off her planet before. Coruscant was completely different then Stewjon. She was not use to the busyness of the city-covered planet. It scared her, the noise, the rudeness, the tall buildings, and the fast pace. Luckily the Temple wasn't hard to find. She found her way there easily. Now it was time for the hard part, letting her child go.

She looked down at her beloved son, his eyes, a mixture of hers and his fathers, looked up at her. He made a whimpering sound, as if he knew this would be the last time he would ever see his mother again. "Shh. Shh, young one," she cooed soothingly. "This may be the last time we see each other, but you will not be without family. The Jedi will be your family. You will be with your father." She smiled sadly at him. "Will you say hello to him for me, young one?" She brushed a drop of water from off his cheeks, whether it was from his tears or the rain, she did not know. "I love you, my son." She kissed him on the forehead before making her way up to the Temple doors.

Ignoring the rain pounding at her back, she knelt down and set her child on the ground. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a folded up sheet of flimsiplast. She tucked the flimsiplast into her child's blanket so it wouldn't be blown away. She placed a hand on his child's wet head and smiled down at him. "Find your father, young one. He will protect you." Before her courage left her, she stood and knocked loudly at the door. She turned quickly and ran. She wasn't able to stick around to see if someone had answered the knock. As she ran, tears ran down her face and sobs burst out of her mouth. She could only hope the father would somehow be interacted into his son's life.

Jedi Knight L'dia Hesy was walking passed the main entrance on her way to her living quarters when she heard, what she thought, was a knock at the door. She paused and listened, but only heard the pounding of the rain. She turned to the padawan, gazing into the distant at the reception desk. She shook her head, knowing the young human padawan would not have heard anything. The Bothan Jedi was contemplating scowling at the padawan for not being focused when she heard something. It was a faint cry. She turned to the door. It was coming from the other side. She made her way to the door and opened it. A surprised yelp from the padawan at the reception desk came from behind her as the cold winds blew into the entrance hall.

She looked outside. The cry was louder and coming from…below? L'dia glanced down and gasped. A human cub wrapped in blankets was crying. She quickly knelt down and picked the child up, but it wouldn't stop crying. The child was no doubt cold and wet. L'dia glanced around outside, trying to find who would have left the cub, but there was no indication in the Force that the person who dropped the child off was anywhere nearby. L'dia felt a motherly instinct in her to find the cub's parents, but knew the child would have been left for a reason and couldn't go chasing someone that was no longer there.

She quickly entered the Temple again and closed the door behind her. The padawan was now standing at the desk, with a wide-eye expression as he stared at the baby in the Jedi Knight's arm. "Knight Hesy, you want me to call Master Yoda or a healer?" the padawan finally was able to ask.

L'dia glanced down at the child in her arms and shook her head. "I'll take the cub down the healer's right now. There's no need to disturb Master Yoda, I don't believe. Back to your job, Padawan."

As she walked down to the Halls of Healing, the child stopped crying, but continued to whimper silently. The body shook from the cold and L'dia tried to warm the cub by keeping the child close to her body, hoping her fur will help keep the cub warm and stop the shaking. L'dia knew almost nothing about the physiology of humans, but she knew they had weak bodies. She walked faster to the Halls of Healing, not knowing if the child had much time left or if it was nothing to be concerned about.

L'dia read the flimsiplast that was found in the blanket of the human boy cub, as the Togruta Jedi Healer, Giller, overlooked the health of the boy. "The human cub is only four months old!" she hissed in displeasure, wondering who would have abandoned the baby so young. "The mother is named Ser'Fay, but the father is listed as unknown. He's from the planet Stewjon."

Healer Giller looked up. "Stewjon? That's far for a four month old to travel." It was. Stewjon was near the edge of the Mid-Rim, some might consider it to be an Outer-Rim planet. "What else does it say? Does it have a name for the child?" he asked as he wrapped the baby in clean, warm blankets. Thankfully, the child had stopped shaking and was now resting peacefully.

L'dia looked back down at the flimsiplast. "Obi-Wan Kenobi."

The healer looked down at the sleeping child and smiled. "Well, Obi-Wan Kenobi, let's get your information down on record and send you to the nursery."