Heya guys, welcome to the sequel from Guideline to Living with the Avengers :D I already started to work on this one a long time ago. Technically I could just continue the old one, but since I'm throwing Peter into the guideline too, I thought it would be better to start it a new :P

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC Jackie Walker

Rule #1

Don't suggest that Peter and Steve can form a Spandex-hero-club

(Me when they both made fun of my oversized hoodies)

(Tony supported me with that idea)

(He said he would sponsor the club)


Rule #2

And Thor and Tony aren't allowed to form a Battle-Armor-Club

(And no, Bruce Banner isn't going to be your mascot)

(Neither am I)

(Or Loki for that matter)


Rule #3

Don't squash spiders in front of Peter

(He will have that shocked look on his face first)

(Which then turns into a glare)

(You don't want him to look at you with that glare)


Rule #4

The science lab is strictly off limit

(Unless you want to see some genius brains at work)

(Really, since their newest team addition)

(There are constantly explosion noises coming from the lab)

(Why are they all still alive?)

("We're too stubborn to die!")


Rule #5

Don't swap the coffees with tea

(The Avengers need their morning coffee to survive the day)

(Tea isn't really the best thing to keep them awake)

(Tony's suggestion was to drink alcohol every morning)

(I just threw a rum bottle after him)


Rule #6

Speaking of tea, DON'T TOUCH MY TEA

(If you value your life, don't)

(They are MY tea)



Rule #7

Don't let Peter make a giant spider web

(I dare him to do that on the door to Loki's room)

(Loki looked funny sticking on that web)

(Especially when he was wearing that helmet)

("Oh look, Peter, the web caught a bug!")


Rule #8

Tony, Bruce, Peter, SPEAK ENGLISH!

(And keep your scientistic half shut!)

(They did that on purpose to annoy us all)

(So Steve, Thor, Natasha, Clint and I started to talk in Shakespeare language)

(Science vs. Shakespeare)

(We even kept the fight going on during meetings)

(Can't say that Fury was impressed)

(He's just jealous that he can't speak any of those languages)


Rule #9

Don't tell Thor that flipping the bird to someone is a way to show your affection

(Of course he believed that)

(And flipped the bird to Loki every time he saw him)

(Clint gave me props up for that one)

(Until Thor flipped the bird to Jane)


Rule #10

Don't throw random bachelor parties

(Natasha and Pepper weren't amused when we threw one for Clint and Tony)

(Well it was funny)

(Until they threw one for Peter)

(Something about "Treat Jackie well. She actually never wanted to get married")

So yeah, the first ten rules :P Hope you all enjoyed it ^^ revieeeeew please :)

link to cover can be found on my profile :D