well, school started again and I'm gonna graduate next year :D

I notice that I haven't been writing/updating as regularly as I used to, I feel like I shouldn't force myself to write when I don't have the motivation since things might not turn out well...

At this point a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who are still sticking to my stories!

Also, a couple of weeks of someone sent me a note on dA about Jackie's faceclaim (or whatever it is called), anyway, link can be found on the profile :D It made me really happy since I consider it as the very first fanart xD

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC Jackie Walker

Rule #241

We're not allowed to download the BMO app anymore

(Boy was there a huge protest coming from me and Peter)

(We love BMO!)

(And its Korean accent)

(It's already worse enough they banned Adventure Time)

(But the BMO app?)

(Over my dead body!)

(Bruce said something about that robot disturbs him)

(Maybe it's its cuteness)

(Though I swear I saw a real BMO walking around in Tony's house last week…)


Rule #242

Detective games aren't good entertainment

(It all started with 'Detective Conan')

(And continued to BBC Sherlock)

(Lastly 'Professor Layton' games)

(That's when I started to take everything too serious and too literally)

(They hate it when I do the whole pointing-finger-at-someone-thing)

(What should I say)

(It's simply a part of being a detective)


Rule #243

I'm not allowed to take blue paint and paint huge dog paws on furniture anymore

(I admit I recently started to watch the show again)

(The old one with Steven though)

(Anyway, I think I might have seen Clint taking out a notebook and draw something inside)


Rule #244

Animal Crossing New Leaf isn't a game, it's a life style

(Says me)

(Five from seven Avengers plays that game)

(Including Fury)

(I think he's taking it way too serious)

(But he invested a lot of time to make his town look perfect)

(Fury doesn't want to give me his Dream Town code though…)


Rule #245

Nerf guns are banned from the base


(They should be glad we're not using real gun to play)

(Though that one time on the Helicarrier)

(I accidently hit an agent with a Nerf gun)

(He took out a real gun though and pointed it at me)

(A good thing I'm still alive)


Rule #246

Rice ball + wasabi inside=dead

(My question is)

(Who in their right mind puts Wasabi inside a rice ball as a filling?!)

(I know that Clint loves spicy food)

(But have you seen how red Bruce went after eating one?!)

(We were lucky he didn't hulk out)


Rule #247

Nacho Hat is not the latest trend in the fashion world, nor will it ever be!

(It was a bad idea to watch Despicable Me 2 with the Avengers)

(Especially since everyone wants a Nacho hat now)

(I admit it is tempting…)

(But can you imagine walking around with food on your head?)

(Also, I think Bruce favorite character were those minions)

(He almost cried when they got mutated into those purple things)


Rule #248

Anime is and will always be a no-no for the Avengers

(They say anime)

(But I think they only meant a specific one)

(Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)

(I do admit that after watching it made my exceptions for guys higher)

(But still they have no right to forbid me from watching it!)

(Also, I want to start a swim club)


Rule #249

'Not since the accident' is a legit answer for almost every question

(But beware on who you're using it)

(Because some of them might take it all too serious)

(A lot of people have started asking me which accident)


Rule #250

There is no person called Deadpool

(Says the Avengers)

(Which I of course don't believe)

(Surely Deadpool must be out there somewhere)

(I mean, he is Peter's boyfriend after all)

(If the superfamily is able to exist)

(Then the Spideypool ship must be real too!)

also, I've been obsessed with Deadpool lately, idk I really wanna write an one shot ...