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Mildew walked through the familier forests of Berk, the night as his ally. Living away from town had its advantages, no one was watching him. No one would notice his absence. He couldnt hide the smile from his thin lips as he thought about what he intended to do. Soon, there would be no more Dragons, no more Hiccup.

The boy had foiled all of his attempts to rid Berk of the Dragons, but if he was gone, then the dragons wouldnt be long behind him. He knew the dangers of what he planned to do, what would happen if he was discovered, but he let his hate dictate his actions. He didnt care about the three wives he'd lost to the countless battles with the beasts, good ridence to them. But his son, he'd never forgive them for taking him. Molden had been everything to him, and he was gone.

Stoik didnt know what it was like to loose a son to the constant effort of keeping their island safe. He didnt know how deep the pain and hatred could sink. It could destroy a man, even a viking man.

He looked down at Fungus, faithfully trodding beside him though the forest. He'd given the sheep to his son as a child, a gift of affection. He'd never had a lot of money, with the dragons always attacking, destroying everything in sight. But Molden had loved Fungus, and the sheep had been uncommonly faithful to Mildew since his son had died.

Mildew didnt let himself cry as he thought of his son, instead, he fed on the anger, let it drive him forward. He'd tried to protect berk from the dragons the easy way, now he only had one choice left. Even if it meant turning his back on his tribe, the home Molden had faught to protect, he would have his revenge on the dragons, and on those who'd opposed him in his quest to get rid of them.

After two hours walk, he found himself on the shore at the far end of the island. Hidden on the shore was the boat of berks greatest enemy, the only man Mildrew could trust to help him. He knew what Alvin wanted, and he knew that he could get it for him.

Mildew strode bravely toward the ship, holding his head high. He had nothing left to lose. "Oh alvin." he called, his toothy smile peaking out from his mustache.

The outcast jumped out from the ship, hitting the sands of the shore with a splattering of water around his feet. He eyed Mildrew suspiciously, his hand on the hilt of the axe at his side. "What do you want, Hooligan?"

Mildrew grinned as if they were old friends. "I know what you're here for, and I can get him for you."

"The dragon conquerer." Alvin smiled dangerously.

Mildew leaned against his staff, listening to the gentle clank of the dragon teeth. "Yes. I can get him for you, without anyone noticing. You know what Stoik would do if you went right into the heart of berk and tried to take its heir. I can spare you that resistance."

Alvin smiled, his yellow teeth gleaning in the moonlight. "And why would you do that?"

Mildew pushed away the memory of his son. "I have my reasons."

"And what do you want in return?" Alvin didnt trust the viking, not yet. As an outcast, and a Treacherous, he knew how to slight someone. A man who betrayed his tribe faced death, and treason the likes of which Mildew was speaking would earn him no mercy.

"I want the Dragons gone from berk, and, protection from Stoik should he learn of our, arangment." He chuckled. "I'm not as young as I used to be."

Alvin considered Mildew's words carefully. If he could get the boy without alarming the village, it would make leaving with him much easier, though it did take some of the fun away. He knew that Stoik wouldnt let him leave with his son without a fight, and on Berk, with his warriors and dragons, Stoik had every advantage.

"When can you get him to us?"

Mildew smiled crookedly. "I can have him tomorrow evening, all you'll need to do is take him from me."

"sounds too easy." Alvin grunted, scratching his beard.

"It didnt take me long to notice your ship, and with the dragons, it wont take Stoik long either." Mildew warned.

Alvin nodded, though he was irritated that they'd been found so quickly. "Tell me when, and where." he smirked. This was going to be easier then he'd anticipated, and he could live with that. Once he had the Dragon conquerer, he'd be able to control the dragons. Then berk would be his.