His Prince Charming

whoops, so! this happens after a Rakuzan-Seirin match in the winter cup where Furihata is somehow a starting member. (which I hope will happen BE STILL MY HEART) just put up with me until the end.

It's his first kiss, and Furihata has no idea whatsoever how this comes to be. Except for the facts that the other pair of lips belongs to Akashi and that they are both sweaty and breathless and in their own basketball uniforms, everything else is blurry. That's why he asks the other boy what has happened when they finally part to catch some air.

"Your team won," Akashi says, and there is pain in his split-second wince.

Furihata still can't remember, but there is another breath-sucking kiss and he hardly cares anymore. The corridor they are pressed against each other in is dim, as though there is not a single working light bulb, and the silence will have certainly killed if his ears aren't already filled with the smacking sounds their mouths make.

They pause to breathe and Akashi grabs the sides of his face and glues their foreheads together. Furihata wonders if Akashi truly doesn't mind having his longer bangs around his eyes, but the intense stare the red-haired boy sets on him silently ensures that they should keep looking into each other's eyes at times like this.

Akashi kisses him again; a soft peck on his lower lip.

"And you were brilliant," he says, hands still on the sides of his face and ruffling his hair.

Furihata presses their hands together and glances sideways to see that Akashi doesn't mind, and laughs nervously, "Was I?" He sees Akashi's little quirk of mouth and tip-toes and smashes his lips against Akashi's cheek. He then yelps and apologises and tells the red-haired boy that it's okay to hate him now because he is just terribly in anything a couple is supposed to do.

However, Akashi shuts him up by another light kiss and says, "Of course you will be terrible. After all, a couple is composed of two people."

Furihata moves his hands to Akashi's back, stays put for a moment to give Akashi some warning, and hugs him with all his strength. The lights still refuse to fight off the dark and the road spreads in silence, but two hearts' loud, constant lub-dubs will hopefully lead the way.

And the only thing that can make them ever leave each other is each of their own coaches' demand that they go back into the locker room and get changed because everyone else has long since finished and is waiting solely for them.

"Um, Akashi–" Furihata calls out before they both disappear into two different rooms. He is not sure if he is allowed to do it, but that thought is lost in Akashi's mismatched eyes looking at him, and he says, "Can I see you again?"

Akashi says, "Tetsuya has my email address," and turns his back around. Furihata doubts it will be such a good time to say that he has asked Kuroko for that way long ago.