Chapter 1

Someone's Loss is Someone's Gain

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"Demon or Summon"

'A small pebble can leave a big ripple.'

A teeny tiny pebble can cause ripples that continue to effect the tide long after it hits the water. Minato and Kushina found out that a hard way when their small mistake cause not only problem to them but also to the whole world. Non-Jinchuuriki Naruto neglected for his Jinchuuriki Sister Story.

"Mommy! Daddy!" a six-year-old red-headed girl with bright blue eyes shouted, bouncing up and down on her feet happily. "Did you see that? That was great, right?"

"Yes, Natsumi. That was really great." A red-haired woman smiled. She bent down and kissed her daughter on the forehead.

The woman was beautiful. She had a slender but feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes, fiery red hair with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parted her hair to the left, keeping it out of her eyes. She wore a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long, loose-fitting dress. She had a dark-blue band on her left wrist and purple standard Shinobi sandals on her feet. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki.

Natsumi gave a big smile to her mother and said, "Okay, Mommy."

She suddenly felt a hand on top of her head. She looked up and smiled at the person whose hand was ruffling her hair. It was a fairly tall man who had fair skin, bright blue-eyes, and spiky blond hair. He was in a standard Leaf-ninja uniform with two bands each on both of his sleeves, a flak jacket, a forehead protector and sandals. He had a short-sleeved long white coat over his normal outfit, decorated with flames-like motifs on the edges, with the kanji for 'Fourth Hokage' written vertically down the back, and closed on the front by a thin orange rope. This man was Minato Namikaze, her father as well as the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

"I proud of you, my little princess," Minato said, smiling brightly. "Soon you'll be a badass ninja like your dad, right?"

Natsumi nodded. "Yeah."

Kushina rolled her eyes at this but said nothing.

"But I'm also gonna be the first female Hokage!" Natsumi pumped his fist in the air smiling brightly.

Kushina grinned while pointing a finger at her husband. "See, Minato. She's gonna be like her mother." Moving on to her daughter, she knelt down in front of her and put hands on her shoulders. "To be the first female Hokage was my dream... The dream that your father took away from me." She shot a glare at her husband, making the current Hokage nervous. "But I'm sure, you'll achieve that dream for me." She smiled while looking at her daughter. "Natsumi Uzumaki the Fifth Hokage has a nice ring to it, don't you think?" She wrapped her arms around her daughter's small frame and hugged her.

Minato smiled at the scene and joined the three-way hug between his family members. Smiling both parents held their precocious daughter close. They looked a good example for a perfect and a happy family.

But they were not.

They had one member short to complete the whole family... Their son and Natsumi's twin brother Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was a six-year-old little boy. He had blond hair the same color as Minato's and violent eyes like his wife Kushina.

The boy was staring at the scene before him with sadness in his innocent eyes. Sometimes when his parents were so attentive of his twin sister they would just forget about him. He was hoping that today would be the day they would finally acknowledge his existence and train him. He hoped that every day as long as he could remember. All he ever wanted was their acknowledgment… their approval… their acceptance. Every time he went up and asked his parents about his training they would just tell him to leave them alone and continue to focus on Natsumi's training, since they believed that she needed it more.

His twin Natsumi was the Hero of the Hidden Leaf, the jailer of the Nine-Tails and many more nicknames that people of the Left village had been given to her. She was perfect—according to most villagers and his parents. For Minato and Kushina, Natsumi was everything while Naruto was nothing more than a child they lived with.

Behind their behaviors had its roots in a well-known incident that happened six years ago.


Six years ago...

Minato looked at the masked man who was responsible for everything that was happening within the Hidden Leaf Village's walls at that time. The man had short black hair. He wore a long hooded black cloak and a yellow-orange mask with a pattern that resembled a flame. The man first took hostage of his children after their births to prevent him from interfering. He then kidnapped his wife, the container of the Nine-Tailed Fox. After extracting the beast from her and placing him under his control using his Sharingan eye, he summoned him into the middle of the Leaf Village to destroy it. It was a miracle, his wife survived after the extraction of Tailed Beast. The vitality inherent in the Uzumaki clan truly helped her. "But why are you doing this?" he asked, wanting to know the reason behind all of this madness.

"Oh, you know... It's fun. It's part of my plan," the masked man said. Summoning a long chain from nowhere, he attached its both ends to his wrists. "To start the war... To bring the peace."

Minato narrowed his eyes at the masked man. Whoever he is, he is incredible! He can control the Nine-Tails, wields space-time Jutsu that exceed both second and my own, and clearly has evil intentions. He took his special three-pointed kunai out. If I don't kill him now, he'll become a greater danger than the Fox. He adjusted his grip on the kunai's handle. If I teleport back to the village, he'll follow me and things will get more chaotic. If he really is Madara, then I doubt he can summon the Nine-Tails very long. I'll just have to leave the village in the Third's hands and finish him off right here!

"There's no hope for any of you!" the masked man declared before he charged at Minato.

Minato did the same, but the man became intangible, allowing Minato to phase through him. The masked man solidified again and spun around once Minato was behind him. He pulled the chain and wrapped it around Minato's chest. However, Minato chucked his kunai to a section of the forest and flashed away, letting the chain simply float in the air.

The masked man's eyes widened slightly. Once again, Hokage slipped away from his grabs.

Minato flashed beside his three-pointed kunai and looked back at the man. He makes his body intangible to negate my attacks, and then solidifies to counterattack. My only shot is to try to trade hits with him. Controlling his breathing, his mind raced with possibilities and solutions. But attacking at all is a big risk for him. If he can keep the Nine-Tails summoned for a short time, he won't want this fight drag on. He spun around and charged again. It comes up to speed; whoever strikes a split-second earlier will win!

They both charged at each other again, but this time, Minato threw one of his special kunai at the man, who as usual let it phased through him. They got even closer to each other. End of the Kunai was almost all the way out the back of the man's head. The man went to grab Minato's shoulder. Minato already had a large blue sphere, Rasengan, on his hand. As the man was about to touch the Fourth, the kunai slipped all the way out of his head.

The masked man smiled behind his mask. "Gotch—"

In a split-second, Minato vanished in a flash, causing the man's eyes to expand. The blond Hokage appeared behind the man and slammed the Rasengan down into the masked man's back before catching the kunai with his other hand.

The man screamed in pain as he crashed into the ground. Damn it... He teleported to the kunai he just threw, he thought.

"That was the Flying Thunder God Jutsu-Level two," Minato said proudly. He looked down and narrowed his eyes. The Rasengan had exploded, literally destroying the ground, but the man was nowhere near in sight.

The masked man appeared on a slab of rock nearby. His arm was fluidly being kept separate from his body and a white substance was dripping from his wound. Before he could do anything about it, the Fourth Hokage suddenly appeared in front him and stabbed him in the stomach with a kunai, making him to spit blood into his mask.

The Flying Thunder God Jutsu! He must've put that marking somewhere on my body! the masked man thought. He cursed himself for falling for such trick.

Minato then placed his hand on the man's chest where markings suddenly sprouted from looking like a markings fit for a seal.

"A contract seal?" The masked man recognized the seal immediately. "Are you trying to pull the Nine-Tails free from my control?"

"No, I already did," Minato said. "He's no longer your weapon."

In the distance where the Nine-Tailed Fox was wreaking havoc, his eyes that held Sharingan because of his mind being under control of it, reverted to his red-slit eyes. However, being tricked in such a way only caused his anger to rise more.

The masked man jumped upward out of Minato's range. "You deserve the title of the Fourth Hokage... Managing to wound me and wrest the Fox from my control in one move," he said. "But someday it will be mine again. The Fox and this whole world will bow to my will." He began to wrap himself in a vortex that appeared from his open eyehole in his mask. "Many doors are still left open to me." Swirling himself into the vortex, he vanished from there.

Something tells me, he wasn't lying. Minato gazed at the place that was previously occupied by the masked man.


"Minato! Hurry up!" Kushina said, sweat beads trickling down her skin. She was restraining the Nine-Tails with her chakra chains. It wasn't an easy feat for her. Just few hours before, she had given birth to twins and survived from the extraction of the Tailed Beast. Those two had taken almost all of her energy and adding the strain of holding the Fox had too much for her. "I can't hold him much longer!"

Minato was drawing a complex seal array on the stomach of a red headed newborn baby, who was resting on a ceremonial throne. He was trying his best to complete the seal, as he knew his wife had almost no chakra left. "Please hold a minute. Kushina-chan," he said. "It's almost finished." He drew the last symbol. "Done." Gathering all of his remaining chakra, he started making hand-seal rapidly.


"It's almost done." He finished a long sequence of hand seals and shouted, "Seal!"

In a bright flash, he sealed the Nine-Tailed Fox into his newborn daughter Natsumi.


After everything settled down in the Leaf Village, Minato told the citizens of the leaf that someone powerful had summoned the Nine-Tails to destroy the village, but he defeated the Beast and sealed it into his daughter who would use the beast's power to protect the village. Most of people respected and loved Minato, so they easily accepted Natsumi as the savior of their village.

After that day, it was always Natsumi. She got everything— fame, glory, love of villagers and both parents while her brother Naruto, the son of the Fourth Hokage and Hero's brother, left to stand in the shadow of his parents and twin sister.

Naruto absolutely hated it.

"But how can I become a Hokage if there is no one here to spar with me to test my strength?" Natsumi asked, folding her arms across her chest. For a child, it was really an intelligent question.

Minato nodded in understanding. Without getting any fighting experience, she'd not become the best in the shinobi profession. Who will fight with her? His eyes fell on his son who was watching them from a distance. After thinking about something, he called. "Naruto, come here!"

"Yes," Naruto replied as he approached toward his parents and sister.

"Naruto, I want you to spar with your sister," Minato said.

Naruto quickly nodded his head as he saw a good opportunity to prove his parents that he was worthy of their time and love.

"Good." Minato turned to his daughter. "Now Natsumi, you're going to spar with him, but do not forget to take it easy on him. Your brother is not strong like you."

Naruto was deeply affected by his father's words. He clenched his fist in anger. If I show them I'm not a weak, they'll love me like they do Natsumi. It was a childish thought of the six years old child's mind.

Kushina had a shock look on her face. She couldn't believe what her husband had suggested. We haven't started his training yet. She shook her head and quickly brushed it aside. Well, it's just a simple spar. He will be fine. However, in that time, she didn't know how wrong she was. She would regret about it for the rest of her life.

Naruto settled down into the fighting stance that he had been learning from a taijutsu scroll while Natsumi took her own fighting stance that her parents had taught her. Minato gave them a signal and Naruto made the first move. He ran toward Natsumi to punch her, but she simply moved away from his way and slammed him against the ground. He quickly pushed himself on all fours and kicked his left leg behind him. A huff told him he had hit the target. He jumped to his feet and noticed that his sister had already recovered from his attack. Natsumi attacked her brother, throwing some fast punches that Naruto either blocked or dodged. She never stopped. Naruto blocked his sister's some punches and sent three back and a knee to her gut that forced her on her knees. Using this opportunity, he kicked her in the side, sending her rolling a few feet from her previous spot.

Naruto was happy. He had finally managed to beat his sister. He stared at his parents for their approval, but he saw them looking behind him toward his sister. He turned toward Natsumi and felt his body shivering in fear. She was blazing with an evil red aura. She suddenly disappeared and he felt a sharp pain in the jaw as Natsumi punched him there. Before he could recover and defend himself, she slashed him on his chest with her new razor sharp claws, leaving a deep wound there. She slashed once again with her other hand on his face. Naruto cried in pain as he felt burning sensation in areas where wounds were. His entire body felt drained. He barely had strength to defend. However, the fight was not over yet. Before Minato and Kushina could realize what Natsumi was doing, Natsumi was in front of her brother. She gathered a small amount of corrupted red chakra in her palm and delivered a palm strike to his head, which sent him flying backwards into a tree.

Naruto barely had the strength to keep awake. All he could feel was pain, especially from his chest as he laid on the blood soaked ground. He was conscious, so he could hear his parents calling his sister's name. The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness was some blurry images of his parents picking up his unconscious sister and forgetting about him again.

He felt betrayed and that made the pain even worse. No! Not like this... I don't want to die... I don't want to be forgotten!


Minato and Kushina were in the hospital as they stood in the hallway. Medical Ninja team was examining their children. The incidence had really shaken up them, as they hadn't expected a simple spar would end up like this. Their both children were now in the hospital and they didn't know anything about their health.

The sound of a click caught their attention. The door opened to reveal the head medic-nin. He walked out of the room and closed the door lightly behind him. "Hokage-sama," he said.

"Kids, are they alright?" Minato asked, worry clearly visible on his face.

"Hokage-sama, your daughter is safe. She has a small case of chakra exhaustion. She'll be back to full health in a few hours," The head Medic-nin informed.

After hearing those words, Minato and Kushina felt a huge weight lifted off their shoulder.

"Your son on the other hand..." The man trailed off with a frown on his face, making both parents to concern about their son.

"What happened to him?" Kushina asked with worry laced in her voice. Her hands were shaking a little.

"I'm not sure if he'll fully recover from it." The Head Medics-nin took pause before looking at both parents. "He has lost a large amount of blood, but it is no longer a major problem. The problem is the Nine-Tails' chakra. The chakra your daughter has left in your son's body has done some serious damage to his important organs, especially his both eyes. They are damaged to beyond repair. His body is further shut down and entered a comatose state. I'm afraid there is nothing I can do. Forgive me," he said. "Only Tsunade-sama can help you with this. She is the only medic who has the medical skill to possibly heal your son completely." He left them standing there alone and went to check his other patients.

When two snapped out of their daze, they rushed toward their son's room. Tears welled in their eyes when they saw him. He had an oxygen mask on his face to assist him in breathe. His entire chest was covered in bandages as well as his left arm, his both eyes, the left side of his face and down his neck slightly. His chest had a few wires attached to it to monitor his heart rate and his breathing. Bandages that warped around his chest and both eyes were soaked in blood, telling them seriousness of his injuries.

This is my fault. Kushina was openly crying. What kind of mother am I? I took my daughter to the hospital for her small chakra exhaustion problem but forgot about my son, who was drowning in his own blood.

Minato wasn't feeling much better than she was. He looked down at his feet in shame as he clenched his fist. I'm such a terrible father. How could I let something like that happen to my son? It's my entire fault.


"So How did this happen?" Crow masked Anbu asked. He had short black hair and wore standard Anbu uniform.

His partner, Mouse masked Anbu, turned his head toward him. He had brown colored hair and just like his partner, he wore standard Anbu uniform. "Hokage-sama's daughter lost control over the Fox's chakra and attacked her brother under the influence of it," he said.

Crow nodded and looked straight at the blond haired boy they were guarding through the small glass window build into the door. Two weeks had passed. Condition of the boy... Condition of the son of their leader was still critical, but stable. "Poor boy, I really do pity him," he said.

Mouse nodded as he knew the condition of the boy and it was so bad. He just hoped the boy would wake up soon... healthy... not with some traumatic experience.


The following night, the full moon was shining brightly in the midnight sky. Its pale beam snuck in through the window to rest on Naruto's face. The moon suddenly turned blood red with four concentric circles and nine tomoe in it. Its red light filled the room and then it became bright and clear. Before anyone could notice those changes, everything turned back to normal like before.

A dark mist emerged from every darkest corners of the room. It came together and formed a huge cloud with two glowing white eyes in the center. It spread into the whole room before it twisted like ropes. It stretched and wrapped around Naruto's body and then completely merged with it.


The same dark mist emerged from a small black portal in a completely different place. The place or world was a featureless glaring white. The ground, sky, even the far off horizon; all brought about an almost maddening snow glare effect. The world was empty; held no life signs, save for one person who was within a sinister bubble. It was Naruto holding his knees to his chest while crying with bloody tears.

After finding its target, the dark mist twisted again and took a famine shape before turning into a beautiful woman. She possessed very delicate facial features, like extremely long, sweeping light colored hair that touched the ground, white eyes with no visible pupils and slight slit on her forehead. Most noticeable were two horn like protrusions which stuck out from her head. Her eyebrows were cut short— a symbol of nobility. She wore a dark shade of lipstick on her lips and a dark shade of nail polish on her long fingernails. She was dressed in the transitional high-collared hime-kimono, which was adorned with intricate lines and tomoe running down the center and edges of the gown.

Her white eyes narrowed at Naruto as veins appeared near her temples. His chakra, she thought. She teleported near him by using a black portal as a door that had opened in front of her.

Her sudden presence caused Naruto looked up at the woman with his bloodstained cheeks. "W-who are you?" he asked, frightened by the woman's power. From a young age, he could detect the presence of other people through their chakra, so he could clearly sense amount of chakra the woman had. It was vast which had frightened him. Not even his mother and father combine had that much chakra.

The woman did not answer his question. Instead, she cupped his cheeks with her hand. "What is your name and why are you crying?" she asked, her tone quite emotionless.

Naruto first was reluctant to answer her question, but decided to answer it. He didn't want to get her bad side. "M-my name is Naruto Uzumaki," he said.

"And why are you crying?"

"My parents," Naruto stated in a dejected tone, hiding his anger and sadness in them. "They care more about my twin sister than me. To them, I'm nobody. They don't care about whether I live or die..." He began to sob and started to tell her everything about his parents, his twin sister, and his parents' favoritism toward her.

Even after hearing Naruto's sob story, the woman's face showed no emotion. She looked at the boy with her white eyes. After a long minute of silence, she spoke again. "So what are you going to do now?"

"I-I do not know," Naruto answered, as he wrapped his arms around his legs and buried his face in his knees. "Maybe, I'll find peace here."

"I can help you, if you want."

Naruto jerked his head up at her. "Why?" he asked. He didn't know why this woman wanted to help him. There was nothing he could give her in return and top of that he didn't even know her name. "And who are you?"

Expression on the women's face continued to be unchanged. "My name is Kaguya Otsutsuki. I'm your ancestor," she said.

Naruto eyes winded at hearing that she was his ancestor. "A-Ancestor... but how?" he asked. From her white eyes, he could tell that she had Byakugan. "I mean you're a Hyuuga and neither my mother nor my father is related to that clan."

"I'm not a Hyuuga. I'm mother of Hagoromo," Kaguya said. She noticed a confused expression on his face. "You may know him by his other name the Sage of the Six Paths."

"The Sage of the Six Paths! You're mother of the Sage of the Six Paths!" Naruto nearly cried, quickly standing up on his feet. The shock and excitement were clearly visible on his face. "The creator of Ninjutsu and chakra!" He had read about that man. The man was god of all Shinobi. He was also his ancestor because his youngest son's descendants formed the Senju clan as well as their distant blood relatives the Uzumaki Clan, his mother's clan.

Kaguya's face changed from emotionless to a face filled with anger and hatred. "Boy, he was nothing but a thief like his brother," she said, her voice harsh and cold, "and he was defiantly not the creator of chakra. He and his brother had stolen that from me. I'm the progenitor of all chakra."

Naruto gulped and nodded, as he didn't want to anger her more. She's scary.

"That foolish boy had spread my chakra... He had given my chakra to humans." The slit on Kaguya's forehead opened, showing her third eye, which was red in color and contained several concentric circles and nine tomoe, scaring Naruto further. "The chakra… belongs to me and mine alone."

Naruto gathered some courage in his voice and asked, "But why?"

"Because chakra isn't for humans," Kaguya said, as she looked down at Naruto. "Do you know how humans use my chakra?"

"For fight... For war," Naruto said. His tone of voice was too matured for his age. He looked into Kaguya's eyes. "For the destruction."

Kaguya smiled. "Good. You can understand." That was the only time she had shown a positive emotion. "We cannot let this happen to the world... my precious nursery."

"But what we can do now?" Naruto said. "Entire world has chakra and it will live forever."

"Then we'll unite chakra in one... We'll take all chakra back," Kaguya suggested. "Will you help me with that?"

"How?" Her statement had confused Naruto more. Is it even possible to collect all chakra?

"I'll tell you about it later. First, answer my question. Will you help me to bring peace in the world?"

Naruto hesitated, but it was first time someone had given him attention, not to his sister. He didn't want to disappoint her. She was the first person who had acknowledged his existence. It felt really nice to him. He looked at Kaguya with his newfound determination. "I will help you with my all power."

"Good," Kaguya said. She placed her hand on his head. Naruto's body glowed for fleeting seconds before dying down. "First, let me tell you how chakra came to existence."

Naruto took a place on the non-existent floor and made himself comfortable to hear Kaguya's history lesson.

"Even before man had gained the chakra... They had been waging war against one another..."


Naruto Uzumaki's body was resting on a hospital bed. No one else was in the room, so they weren't able to see black-glow that was emitting from his body. His body started to slightly alter and change before the glow vanished completely.

Naruto slowly lifted right hand up and removed the oxygen mask from the face. From the smell of medicine, he could tell that he was in the hospital. He disconnected all wires that attached to his body and sat up with his legs dangling over the side of the bed. Grabbing the edge of bed, he stood up on his feet, hobbled toward the bathroom, almost falling on his way, and stood in front of a mirror.

How he had done this with the bandage covering his eyes was a mystery.

He first took off the bandage from his eyes and opened his eyes slowly, letting them adapt to the light. He saw that his eyes were completely fine. There was no sign of any damage. He then began to remove remaining bandages. When his body was cleared, he saw some scars on his face and body. To his surprise, all scars began to heal rapidly and the skin began to patch itself up. Within seconds, his scars had disappeared completely. "That's new," he muttered silently to himself. He splashed handfuls of water onto his face. He looked up at his reflection and saw a shocking site.

His eyes had changed.

In his right eyes, he had the Hidden Leaf's one of the famous doujutsu, Sharingan—blood-red irises with three tomoe appearing in a triangle formation around the pupil. However, in his left eyes, he had an unknown doujutsu only one person he knew had it. It had blood-red sclera and iris with several concentric circles and five tomoe.

It looks like mom's third eye, he thought, but it's lacking some tomoe.

Suddenly, Kaguya's reflection formed the corner of the mirror, catching Naruto's attention toward her. "Naruto!" she said.

"Mom?" Naruto said. After spending six months with her in an unknown place and knowing more about her, he had started to call her mom. He couldn't deny that she was better mother to him in the last six months than Kushina was in his entire life. "What's happened to my eyes? Why my left eye looks like your third eye?"

"Your old eyes... they were damaged beyond repair," she said, "So my chakra gave you completely new set of eyes. They are powerful, so use them wisely, my son."

"Thanks, mom."

"Anyway, I haven't much chakra left, so listen carefully... I've sent a message to someone. It'll come into contact with you soon. This person is my will, so you can trust me. It'll assist you in your training as well as accomplishing our goal."

"W-Will I see you again?" he asked, afraid she would disappear forever.

"Yes, you will," she said, and she faded from the mirror.

Naruto looked at his new eyes before closing them. When he opened again, he saw that his eyes had replaced with his old violet eyes.


Meanwhile, in the Hokage tower, Minato sat in his office, signing for the hundredth time that day. It had been almost six months since Natsumi had lost control over the Fox's chakra and hurt her brother Naruto badly, who was still in a coma, but out of critical condition. He turned to the only picture he had his entire family on it. In it, he was holding his wife while their hands were on one of Natsumi's each shoulder. Naruto was off to the side with a sad look on his face. He looked away as that picture reminded him of mistakes he had made with his family. His mistakes had been mostly affecting Naruto more than anyone else in the family and he had so blind to see this.

He remembered why he did this. It was all because of the prophecy that toads had made. He had believed that it was about his daughter. She was 'The Child of Prophecy'. He had thought he had made the right choice by choosing one of his children over the other in hopes of insuring the safety of the world. However, he had forgotten that he had been pushing his son to side by doing this.

Suddenly, something unprecedented happened. The glass around Naruto's face cracked. It was just an ominous sign. It worried him greatly.

"Minato!" a voice called out urgently.

Minato turned the head toward the direction the voice came from. There stood the one person he hadn't seen in a while, his Sensei Jiraiya. Even after all these years, he could say his teacher hadn't changed much in an appearance-wise. He was still a tall man with waist-length, spiky white hair usually tied back into a ponytail, with two shoulder-length bangs that framed both sides of his face. He also had red lines that ran down from his eyes and wore a horned forehead protector with the kanji for 'Oil', which denoted his affiliation with Mount Myoboku.

"Sensei, what are you doing here?" he asked, as he watched the man jump in through the window. "Did you find Tsunade-sama?" After the Head-Medics had told him that only Tsunade could possibly help his son, he immediately contacted his sensei to find her. Jiraiya was a spymaster and a former teammate of Tsunade, so he was the only person who could possibly find her.

Jiraiya shook the head negatively. "Sorry, Minato. I even tried Toads to contact her Slugs Summon to send an emergency message to her, but it also failed."

Minato slammed his hands on the table and stood up. "Then why are you wasting time here, Sensei? Naruto—"

Jiraiya cut in, "Minato, it's important."

"What is more important than finding Tsunade for Naruto?"

"Minato," Jiraiya said. He knew his student was upset and worried. He needed Tsunade's help to heal his son who was in a coma for past six months. "The prophecy has changed."

Minato felt a pang of pain in his chest. "What does it say now?" he asked, not really wanting to find out.



It was Uzumaki Mansion. It was a big mansion, not big as Uchiha or Hyuuga, but still big enough for four people.

At the moment, Kushina was sitting down at the couch in the living room while looking at the only picture she had her entire family together. It was the identical picture her husband had in his office. She still couldn't believe what they had done. She couldn't call herself a good mother, hell she couldn't even call herself a mother at all after what she had done. How could I have pushed one child away in the favor of the other?

She took one last look at the family picture, but before she could leave something unexpected happened. The glass of the picture frame cracked across Naruto's face. She felt a slight pain in her chest.

"Kushina!" Minato's voice called her name, as he flashed into the living room.


Natsumi was currently having tea with her friends who were chatting happily. Next to her sat the only other person whose family had blonde-hair, Ino Yamanaka. On her, other side sat her timid friend, a girl with pretty indigo hair color and lavender eyes Hinata Hyuuga.

She smiled and reached for her teacup, but when her finger touched it, the cup cracked before it shattered completely. A pain swelled up in her stomach at the same time and she fainted on the spot. The last she heard before losing her consciousness was her friends calling her name again and again.


Inside Natsumi mind, there was a gigantic cage as ominous shadows swirled in the darkness. A single Red-eye opened. It came forward, showing its massive figure and nine tails.

The Nine-tailed Fox had sensed a powerful chakra that belonged to an unknown eternity. His eyes flashed.

This chakra… It's powerful than old man.

He rose to his feet and roared. He sent his chakra toward the cage, in an attempt to break it, but the seal blocked it effectively.


In the Uzumaki Mansion, in the Natsumi's bedroom, Kushina sat next to her daughter's bed watching her rest. Minato stood next to her, his hand was on her shoulder.

"What happened to her?" Kushina asked, worriedly, stroking her daughter's red hair. "We checked the seal and it looks ok me."

Minato tapped his chin in a deep thought. "I think the Nine-Tails has tried to break the seal again," he said.

They were so concerned about her. After hearing the new prophecy, they couldn't get it out of their head. What did it mean? How would it influence the future?

Suddenly, a dog masked Anbu walked inside the room. He had spiky white hair and wore standard Anbu armor. "Sensei!"

"Yes, Kakashi?" Minato said to his only living student.

"Sensei, your son," Kakashi said. "He has woken up from a coma. The Head-Medics said he was healthy."

After hearing that, a smile appeared on Minato's face while Kushina shed some tears. That was the first time good news they'd heard. The past six months had been the worst and painful time of their life. However, it taught them the importance of the family and how bad some of their decision could affect their children.

"Thanks Kakashi," Minato said. "You can go now."

Kakashi nodded and walked out of the room.

"Thank Goddess, he is awake," Kushina said, relieved to know her son was awake.

"I hope he'll forgive us," Minato said, as he realized they had something to take care of.

They didn't know that they were already too late for forgiveness… A seed of revolution had been sown in Naruto's mind by Kaguya had already sprouted and was just blooming. It would take years to grow and flourish but once it did, it would crack the very foundation that held the Ninja World together.


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