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I groaned inwardly as I noticed the five different types of lasagna leaves that were neatly placed next to one another on the top shelf at my local supermarket. Yup, thank you, make my life even more difficult! I mean, why the hell are there five different types up there anyway? I only need one, goddammit!

As I took two of the boxes - the ones that looked like they contained the most professional lasagna leaves, because yes, this would be a decision based on looks - from their shelf, I was once again cursing myself for inviting Alice over for dinner tonight. Well, to be honest, I hadn't really invited her; she had kind of invited herself, in true Alice-style.

You know those arguments that you really want to win, even though you know you might be totally wrong?

Yeah, well, that kind of argument had led me to this very aisle, aisle 8, at two in the afternoon, trying to decide over five different packages of pasta. I had absolutely no knowledge when it came to cooking or ingredients, so the longer I stared at those two boxes I still had in my hands, the more I started dreading tonight's dinner party. Why did I agree to this again?

Oh right, to keep what little pride I had left.

Now, look how that's going to fly out of the window soon.

Earlier this morning, my best friend Alice had once again pointed out that I was incapable of cooking my own meal, when she had noticed the many empty containers of take-out food that were stuffed in my trash can.

Yeah, sue me, but I didn't like to cook, especially not after I got home from that my job included any exhausting tasks, as it was just a normal nine to five job at the local newspaper, but still.

I had argued that I just liked the Chinese and Taiwanese take-out from across the street, over anything else instead of admitting that I couldn't even boil water, as a figure of speech. Of course I could make water boil, I'm not that hopeless.

But that doesn't matter now. What matters is that I had been so stupid to argue with her in the first place, which had led to her challenging me to prepare her favorite dish tonight.

And yes, you've guessed right. It's lasagna.

According to her, it was actually 'an easy recipe', although as I Google searched it once she had left, there were already too many steps to my liking. I already knew then that this was going to be a lot harder than I had initially thought. Yes, I was already waving goodbye to my pride.

Nevertheless there was no going back now. I had agreed to make her this damned lasagna, and I wasn't going down without a fight. But I must admit that a fight with tomato sauce wasn't exactly one of my favorites. The stains can be a real bitch!

Although before I could start picking fights with tomatoes and their sauce, I would have to decide on which type of lasagna leaves I was going to use.

Ultimately, mostly because I was tired of standing in the aisle looking like a total lunatic, I just put the blue colored box back into its place on the shelf and placed the green one in my basket that was already filled with most of the other ingredients. Yeah, there weren't hundred different brands of those!

I quickly glanced at my watch, noticing that it was already a quarter past two now. Great, twenty minutes to decide on one stupid box of lasagna leaves and I end up choosing the green one because I liked the color better. Great, Bella, good start!

Just as I was about to turn around and leave the aisle, a soft velvety voice called out, startling me completely.

"I prefer the other one."

I turned around towards the owner of the voice ready to give the person a speech on how you're not supposed to scare people and so on, but when I was met by the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on, my intentions changed. What was I going to say again?

"Oh," I said dumbfounded and suddenly I was very aware of my own looks. I should have put some make-up on before I left the house, or at least combed my hair once more. And those pants, god, Bella, you really couldn't have picked another pair to wear today?

I looked back into my basket, trying to forget about my horrible appearance by eyeing the stupid green box as if it would suddenly all become clear to me why I should have picked the other brand instead.

"This pasta is a little ticker and the flavor is better. They've used some basil in it." The beautiful stranger explained himself, taking the other box, the blue one, from the shelf and putting it in his own bag.

For a moment I had no idea what to do, because I knew that if I switch the boxes, I would be letting this gorgeous man, that was still in front of me, know that I was a kitchen's biggest nightmare. Yeah, that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

"And what if I prefer this one?" I retorted, hoping to sound forceful.

"I was just trying to help out," he laughed – one of the most beautiful sounds in the world, I quickly decided -. "Because it seemed as if you don't really know which one you prefer, seeing you've eyed the boxes for at least five minutes."

Aaaand, I was busted.

He was smiling at me, a hint of mischief in his beautiful green eyes. And then, I guess in an attempt to really make me drool over his looks, he dragged his hand through his bronze hair, making it even messier by doing so. Keep your mouth tightly shut, Bella!

"But of course, it's even better if you make the pasta yourself, from scratch." He grinned, adding a wink along the way that made me want to jump his bones right here in this aisle. Damn you, gorgeous smarty-pants!

"Yeah, well, I can hardly make pasta using these things, so I think making my own pasta would turn out to be a total disaster." I admitted sheepishly, knowing that I couldn't disguise it anymore. Yes, I suck at cooking, so what?!

"Not much of a cook huh?" He laughed, causing me to giggle as well. Yes, I giggled like a fifteen year old. Damn him.

"That would be an understatement."

"Then I suggest you go for the blue box. You won't regret it."

I was still looking back and forth between the shelf and my basket, trying to decide if I should follow his opinion or not. For all I know, he might even be a worse cook than me. Well, not worse, because I don't think that's possible, but at least equally so.

"But if you really must know, the best pasta is still served at my restaurant." He smirked before shooting me one of those lopsided smiles that made my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. Before I could come up with a smart retort he had already made his way out of the aisle. Well, there goes my theory about him being an equally bad cook as me.

I quickly changed the packages of pasta, because well, he has a restaurant so he should know what's best right?

After they were swapped, I picked up all of my stuff that was on the floor and rushed out of the aisle, trying to find my mystery man because his last comment had made me curious. Okay, not just the last comment, the entire conversation. I kind of wanted to know more about him. And maybe drool some more over his sexy body.

Unfortunately, he seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Damn him.

I checked every aisle of the store, desperate to find that messy mop of bronze hair somewhere, but all was in vain. He had already left, leaving me all bothered and confused.

But hey, at least I had the right kind of pasta now!

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