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For the rest of the day, I was unable to occupy my mind other than with thoughts of what I should have said and done in order to not have ended up here, thinking everything over and over again.

I wish I had something to go by, anything, a name, even her damn initials, so I could boot up my computer and try to Google her, because dammit, I needed to know who she was. Yeah, 'gorgeous and amazing brunette I met in my supermarket earlier while buying lasagna leaves' didn't really do the trick.

All of this made me even relieved that I could go to work tonight, because if I couldn't distract my mind for a while, I would probably go completely insane. I probably already was by now.

I let the flow and commotion of my restaurant's kitchen fall over me and instantly lost myself in the many dishes I had to prepare for tonight.

Here, I was truly home.

"Chef, compliments," one of the waiters announced to me with a pat on the back, effectively pulling me out of my working rush.

I grumbled a little under my breath as I quickly washed and dried my hands. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy when people like my dishes, but do I really have to come out of my kitchen just to smile at them and say thank you? Isn't it enough to just tell the waiter to tell me it was good?

"What table?" I asked unenthusiastically.

"Number 16, third one on the left." The waiter said an amused smirk on his face. Yes, he knew this wasn't my favorite part of the job.

I quickly made my way into the dining area, hoping to get his over with as soon as possible so I could go back to cooking. At the table Seth, the waiter, had mentioned, two older ladies were chatting and I couldn't help but groan. Not that I have anything against elderly people, but sometimes they could be a bit too much. I could already imagine them referring to me as 'son' while they pinched my cheeks. Yeah, lovely, huh?

And indeed, the minute I reached the table, they started gushing about the food just the way I expected they would.

"Oh dear, this was the best pasta I've had in years. Allie here, well, when her husband Charles was still alive, they once went to this restaurant with me and my hubs somewhere in downtown Chicago, and I thought I had the best dish ever then, but no, this, my son," Aha, there it was! "Was the best spaghetti I've had in my life! And let me tell you something, I've had a lot of spaghetti in my life. You might not be able to tell it, but I am already 86, dear. "

She rambled on and on for another few minutes, her friend throwing out some comments as well along the way, and I just kept smiling politely and throwing in some thank you's along the way, because even though they were a bit annoying, they were still customers. I was already imagining having the entire retirement home in my restaurant and the thought of that didn't seem too bad.

I was pulled out of my thoughts of a full dining area when from somewhere behind me someone started coughing violently. I instantly turned around, hoping nothing had been wrong with the food I had presented.

"Oh, poor girl seems to have it bad," Allie commented, but I was too perplexed to acknowledge the older woman.

I didn't know if faith had suddenly made its appearance or if I was starting to hallucinate because of a lack of sleep combined with a high stress level, but the person who was obviously choking on something was none other than the gorgeous brunette from the supermarket.

I knew I should have gone to her and tried to help her before she completely choked on whatever was blocking her airway, but my body was once again experiencing the same reactions as the first time I had seen her. Increasing heart rate: Check. Difficulties to breathe: Check. Frozen in place: Check.

"Thank God, she seems to be okay. I really thought for a moment she was gonna stay in it." Nettie, the other old lady breathed in relief once the coughing had stopped.

"If you ladies would excuse me," I managed to choke out to my own surprise.

"Oh, of course dear, I'm sorry! We've been keeping you from your work way too long already." Nettie said, patting my hand, which was currently resting on their table for support.

I nodded once more before turning toward the stunning woman again.

'Just go talk to her!' the conscious part of my brain yelled at me. "By standing here, gaping at her like a fuckwit you're not gonna achieve anything! Do you want her to get away a second time?"

The last comment struck me and before I knew it I was standing next to her, feeling my brave self-taking control of the situation.

"And so we meet again," I said. And I instantly wanted to slap myself in the face for this stupid comment. Seriously, that's what you come up with? Good job, Cullen, good job!

"Seemingly," she sputtered, the coughing fit obviously still affecting her. But man, she was beautiful. In the dim light of my restaurant she seemed even more precious and I knew right there and then that she was a godsend and there was no way I was letting her slip through my fingers a second time.

But of course, instead of letting my inner gentle man take care of this situation, Mr. smug guy had to appear once again.

"Well, seeing that you are in my restaurant now, I come to understand that your own attempts to cooking lasagna weren't that successful."

"Who said that I have already tried?" she contradicted, giving me what I hoped was a playful glare

My hands shot up in surrender. "My bad, Miss," I laughed, hoping that I wasn't ruining this.

Before I could totally freak out, some shrieking pulled my eyes away from the girl that had had my full attention for the last few minutes. "This is sooooo good," her friend nearly shouted as she pointed at her half empty plate.

I just smiled politely, falling into my role as a chef again. "I'm glad you like it, Miss-"

"Alice!" She interrupted quickly, obviously offering me her name. To be honest, the way she looked at me kind of made me uncomfortable. If it had been her friend looking at me like that, I might have been crying out of happiness, but now, not so much. What if they were going to apply the female version of 'bros before hoes' rule which meant I was out of limits for the beautiful brunette because this pixie was crushing on me? Please no!

"Alice," I repeated slowly. Even though I wanted to run away from her – or well, turn around and focus on her friend again, I knew that, just as the two old ladies, she was a customer, so I had to be polite.

Suddenly an idea hit me. Maybe this Alice-girl could tell me some more about the object of my affection. I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face as I started talking again. "Now tell me this, did she already try to make the lasagna or is she just being smug."

"Bella," Did she just emphasis her friends name? Is that a good thing? I mean you don't emphasis your friends name if you don't want someone to know their name right? Was she setting us up? Oh dear god, yes please! "Did already try it," Alice said, grinning mischievously at her oh so beautiful friend. "But she totally failed. Well, not totally, but well, you know, it wasn't edible in the end."

I couldn't help but grin at her. This was too good of an opportunity to pass on. Seeing that she really was sort of a horrible cook, I might be able to teach her something. My mind was going over all the different options but it was quickly shut up when her beautiful voice filtered through again.

"It wasn't a total disaster," she argued, crossing her arms in front of her, looking even cuter than she did before. God, I really have it bad.

"Now, Bella," Yes, I couldn't help but emphasis her name as well, because damn, I finally knew her name. Bella. I knew it would fit her. Bella, beautiful. And God, beautiful she was. Oh, so beautiful.

"How about I show you how the perfect lasagna is made?" I offered quickly, trying to get my mind to stay in the restaurant instead of dancing around the imaginary Bella-alter it had set up somewhere in the back of my head.

"Like this one?" Bella said, pointing at her plate.

"Yes, like this one," I smirked, feeling so damn giddy that she liked my food. "I'm glad you agree on that."

But talking about the food suddenly made me realize that I really had to go back to my kitchen. I had already been out way too long, first with Nettie and Allie and now with Bella. My mind sighed just at the thought of her name. Okay, this can't be healthy anymore, right?

"Anyway, I really have to go back to my workshop over there before they start burning stuff because they miss my supervision," I said, pointing towards the kitchen. I really, really didn't want to leave but I couldn't leave my staff to their own devices. The restaurant was pretty packed and we could use every man in the kitchen.

And then suddenly a new thought entered my mind. Why should I have to wait with showing her how to cook? I mean, I might as well do it tonight? That way I might survive the rest of my shift, because right now, I felt like I would probably cut of my fingers because of the distractions.

I decided to just go for it. "I would like it if you would stick around 'til the end of the shift, so I can show you afterwards, how to make some decent food."

I saw her eyes widening in surprise and for a moment I wondered if I had crossed a line. Too soon? Fuck.

"She'll be there," Alice quickly said, causing Bella to suddenly nod. Oh, so now Alice is clearly on the Bella – Edward team. Thank fucking god!

And then I noticed the pink that was appearing on Bella cheeks. Was she blushing? Was she maybe a little affected because of me as well? She had to be, right? I mean, this feeling I was experiencing couldn't be one-sided, could it? If it was it would be fucking cruel.

A bright smile stretched across my face and suddenly I couldn't wait until my shift would end.

"Enjoy the rest of your meal, Bella. And if anything is wrong with it, ask for Edward. That would be me."

I couldn't help but offer her my name before I left her. Something inside me needed to make sure she knew, just in case.

If I wasn't so nervous and honestly sad that I had to go back to my kitchen, I might have skipped towards it. This night sure wasn't over yet.

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