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That night, the team was at a restaurant, talking and laughing. Drew fit right in with the team.

As he got to know his new co-workers better, he noticed Jack seemed a little nervous. He decided not to say anything about it.

After a while, Sue decided it was time to tell Drew about Bobby. She said, "Drew, there's something you need to know."

Drew replied, "What is it?"

Sue looked at Jack and said, "Do want to tell him, or do you want me to?"

Jack replied, "I will."

He turned to Drew, and after he took a deep breath, he said, "You have another coworker."

At Drew's confused expression, he continued, "He's in the hospital."

Drew said, "Oh. What's his name? What happened?"

Jack sighed and looked at Sue before saying, "His name's Bobby, and how it happened is a long story."

Drew smiled and said, "Well we're not exactly on a strict time limit, are we?"

Jack replied, "You got a point there."

So, Jack began telling Drew how it happened. When he got to the part where they were kid-napped, Drew noticed a man and a woman come up behind Jack (Drew was sitting across from Jack, with Tara and Lucy on either side of him. D and Sue were on either side of Jack with Myles at the end of the table. There were three empty seats.) and they just stood there, smiling.

Drew heard Tara softly say, "Oh, my goodness."

Jack didn't notice and continued with the story.

Drew looked at Lucy, who was trying not to laugh, and he mouthed the word "What?"

Lucy signed the letters, B-o-b-b-y.

Drew understood then, and smiled.

Jack still didn't notice and continued to tell Drew how it happened.

Finally, just as he finished the story, Jack heard a very familiar voice behind him say, "Wow, Sparky. You make me sound like some sort of hero!"

Jack jumped in surprise, looked behind him and said, "Bobby!"

Everyone laughed at the surprised expression on Jack's face.

Jack stood up and said, "I didn't know you were out of the hospital!"

"Yeah, I decided to surprise you."

Myles said, "And I'd say you succeeded."

Jack said, "But, how did you even know that we were coming here?"

Bobby smiled and said, "Sue helped me out. I called her and asked her if you guys were doing anything tonight, and she told me everything."

Bobby then turned to Drew, held out his hand and said, "You must be the new guy. I'm Bobby."

Drew stood, smiled, shook Bobby's hand and said, "Yep, that's me. I'm Andrew, but you can just call me Drew."

Bobby replied, "Nice to meet you, Drew."

Drew said, "Nice to meet you, too. By the way, what kind of accent is that?"

Bobby smiled and said, "Australian, mate."

"Oh, ok."

After Bobby introduced Darcy to Drew, Darcy and Bobby sat down in two of the three empty chairs and Bobby said, "Darcy and I have some news."

Sue said, "What is it?"

Darcy smiled and said, "We're engaged."

Lucy, Sue and Tara squealed a little bit and began asking Darcy all sorts of questions, and Jack, D, Drew, and Myles congratulated Bobby.

Lucy asked, "So when's the wedding?"

Darcy said, "We thought about sometime in April of next year."

As his teammates and friends talked and laughed, Jack sighed and thought, The team is finally complete again, although Bobby won't be coming back to work for a week. Tonight, we're all together again, and that's what matters.

And as Jack thought, he realized that six months ago, when it had first happened, no one had really believed that Bobby would make it through.

Yet here he was, talking and laughing like old times. Jack realized that his best friend was a walking, talking miracle.

So Jack smiled and decided that, yes, he did believe in miracles.


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