Chapter 1


I ignored the yelling as I ignored most things in my dark world. I smiled softly to myself as A 'whump' erupted from the male as Ichigo Kurosaki punched said male in the gut for lack of sense. I brush of cloth to my left notified me of Orihime's continued presence at my side.

"Don't let them get to you, Fuyimi, I don't think you're crippled at all."

"I know Orihime. Didn't you say you had something for me to take to Uryu?"

"Oh yeah." She trailed off as I heard her rifle through her bag. "I wanted to know if he could fix this."

She dropped some type of fluffy object in my hands. A quick inspection left me thinking it was some type of teddy bear with long ears, hmmm…. Maybe a rabbit?

"Sure, I'll give it to him in Crafts."

"Okay, I'll talk to you then!" She wandered off and I stuffed the toy in by bag before slipping into a deserted bathroom and then out the window. I doubted the lazy Art teacher would even notice my absence. Not my problem. I had an odd shopkeeper to meet.