To be honest I started this to improve my writing skills and my grammar, so don't be too strict with my spelling. Another reason was that I really wanted to write a Fairy Tail X Naruto Fanfic because I had a few ideas that don't resemble the standard stories. I actually hope this will work out but now the important facts to this story:

This story starts after the "Tower of Heaven"-Arc of Fairy Tail and around 3 years after the 4th Shinobi War. So Naruto will be 20 or 21 when I say that he was 17 in the war. The Fairy Tail Characters will keep their canon age.

Naruto is really strong because he keeps the partnership with Kurama/Kyuubi. No Jubi or other beasts are sealed inside of Naruto. Why? I think he is already strong enough and I just like Kurama ^^

He also knows the Hirashin because he should keep on his father's legacy. Additionally he is equipped with a few special items out of the Narutoverse.


Yeah, a pretty complicated thing. I have a pairing with Naruto in mind but I don't know if I should already tell you. I can tell you that it is something you probably never read in this section.

The bad section is that I don't want to make readers upset when I finally reveal it. Don't worry; there will not be weird pairings like yaoi, yuri or slash. Seriously that's just mad.

So don't make suggestions or guesses about the pairings in the review section. I don't like spoilers ^^.

But you can tell me if you prefer the pairings revealed or kept secret.

Oh, and last but not least:

This will NOT be a

the villagers are so evil

Naruto died

Second Chance

weird traveling(Kamui, Anima, …) based

story, there are plenty enough of them.

So, I hope I didn't forget something important …

I also use MS Word + autocorrect, so I hope there won't be too many mistakes.

And pleas correct me if I misspell something important like Names or I use wrong Dates, Years,…

But now … Let's start with our epic journey and remember I don't own Naruto or Fairy Tail!

Chapter 1: Definitely not a frog!

Magnolia the home of the famous mages guild "Fairy Tail" was never a quiet town. There were always clashes and conflicts between the local mages but today there will appear a new face in the history of this city.

In the guild hall of Fairy Tail there was a certain, pink haired Dragon slayer trying to fight his boredom by annoying his friends.

"C'mon, it's boring! Let's do something, Luce!" Natsu said to his fellow guild mate.

The blond Stellar spirit mage looked up from her book she was reading and shook her head.

"Why do you always go on my nerves? Go look for Happy, fight Gray or something …" She said and went on reading her book. The next to her sitting ice mage ignored the suggestion and kept on reading a magazine about the newest clothing trends.

"By the way, where is that annoying cat? I never saw him today"

"Happy?" The boy looked up to the ceiling and just after a few seconds staring in the air a blue cat with wings burst in the guild. After avoiding bumping into the beautiful barmaid Mirajane, the cat landed on the table where Natsu and Lucy were sitting.

"Natsu!" Happy shouted "there is something really awesome happening!"

"Woe, what's up pal? Why the hurry?"

"I was just fishing in a pond near the western gate as there suddenly entered a giant thing the city!" The cat still shouting pulled on Natsu's jacket as an silent request to follow him.

"What?! What was it?" the dragon slayer asked excited.

Now also Lucy and Gray showed interest on the cat's action.

"Aw … I don't really know" the cat looked up with an innocent look. "But it reminds me kind of an big orange frog!"

"A frog?" Lucy asked and raised an eyebrow.

"Wow" the dragon slayer exclaimed "Show me, Happy!"

"Aye, Sir" the Exceed shouted and flied out of the guild hall, directly followed by Natsu.

Lucy looked after him as he left the guild hall and shook her head.

"We should probably follow him, so he won't cause too much havoc" Gray said to her.

She sighed and closed her book with a loud sound. The book slid in her bag and she stood up.

"Why always me …"

They caught up with Natsu as he reached Magnolias market place.

"Where now, Happy?" he shouted to his partner.

The cat flew up in the air and looked out for the strange thing he saw earlier.

"There!" Happy shouted and flew in the direction of the river that crossed the city.

A few seconds later the mages finally saw the animal. It was a giant frog-like animal in an orange collar. It wore a blue jacket and had also blue marks around the eyes and the mouth.

As the mages reached the animal they saw how big it actually was. It nearly reached the size of the houses near the street.

Happy flew closer to the animal and shouted, "Wow, you are a really big frog!"

The eyes immediately focused on the flying cat and suddenly a pink tongue shot out of the frogs mouth. It wrap around the Exceed and as quick as it appeared the tongue got pulled back.

"Natsu!" the cat shouted to his friends.

Quicker than the mages could react Happy got pulled in the blue mouth.

"Wah!" all three mages shouted with big eyes.

"You! Spit out my friend!" Natsu shouted and charged at the frog but the animal reacted really quick and hit Natsu with one strike of the big legs.

He flew right on the ground and the frog put one front leg on the dragons slayer.

"WAAHH! Let me out, you stupid reptile!" The frog immediately moved the leg so it covered his mouth.

Lucy, worried about her friend, looked up to the toads head as she heard a loud groan and she couldn't believe her eyes. There was someone standing up from the frogs back.

"What the hell is going on here?" the guy that lay on the frogs back said. "I just took a nap and you woke me up."

Lucy saw a young man standing on the animals head. He was a rather strange looking guy and his height was around 6 feet, she guessed. He wore a long red coat with short sleeves and a high collar. On the bottom there were black flames pictured and on the shoulders she could see orange swirls.

Under the coat he wore a plain black top, dark pants and an orange sash around his waist. On his right thigh were bandages wrapped around his leg. He wore also black boots and bandages around his forearms and hands.

He had bright, nearly yellow, blond hair. His face got framed by tow bangs and the rest of his hair stood spiky in the air. The stranger's eyes were in a deep blue tone and made a good contrast to his tanned skin. His forehead covered a black headband with an iron plate in the front. There was a strange swirl-like symbol in the middle of the metal plate. On each cheek she could make out three strange whisker-like marks.

The blond stranger looked down on the mages and smirks, waiting for an answer.

"Sorry, but I think that thing you are standing on ate one of our friends" said Gray and glared up to the blond.


"Yeah, he called that thing a frog and seconds later he got pulled in that giant mouth by its tongue."

The stranger stamped easily on the frogs head. "How often did I tell you to stop eating strangers? And now spit out that poor guy and also let Pinkie free, 'kichi!"

The giant animal spit out the blue cat and also raised the foot that held the pink haired dragon slayer. As Happy finally came free he immediately hid behind Lucy's back and let out a loud "Help me Lucy!"

But she stepped away from the blue in spit covered cat. The stranger raised an eyebrow as he realized that their friend was a flying blue cat that could speak.

He put an arm behind and looked down to them with a fox-like grin. "Sorry about that but he really hates to be called a frog. Actually he is a toad and you can call him by his name, Gamakichi."

Natsu, finally on his feet, pointed with his fist up to the stranger and shouted. "And who are you, cat-face?"

The young man shrugged about the strange name Natsu gave him and made a deep bow.

"I, my hot headed friend, am the famous Toad Sage of Mount Myobouku, Naruto Uzumaki!

Yeah, that's it!

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The next chapter will be a flashback how Naruto came to Fiore, it will be pretty short.

In chapter 3 it will go on where I now stopped.

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