Don't expect too much from this chapter, a big part of this is a retold version of the Miss Fairy Tail contest.

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Chapter 5: Beauties and Battles

Naruto was sitting with his legs crossed on the empty bed. He rented a cheap room in a local inn. As furniture, beside the bed, he had just a small desk with a chair and a wardrobe. It was a rather plain and cheap room but Naruto wasn't looking for a high class hotel room. He always lived a simple life and never had the urge for luxury.

In his meditative pose he concentrated he reflected what happened on this rather excited day. Since he became an official Sage it became a habit of him. It helped him to concentrate and keep everything important in his mind.

Well, you really had an excited day, kit? Kurama spoke in his mind. Immediately Naruto found himself in his mind space where the Kyubi rested. He was sitting on the giant fox's head while Kurama way laying in the middle of the forest that Naruto created inside his mind. Neither of them liked Naruto's former mind space, the wet cellar that resembled the prison of the nine tailed fox.

Yeah … This mages are a bunch of weirdoes …

It seems so. They are nearly on the same level of weirdness like you. Kurama spoke out and chuckled. Naruto snorted and punched slightly against the giant ear. Stop that, Furrball…

But seriously: Keep an eye on them, they don't even have any idea what you can do … Think about what you have done today you shouldn't show off that much. Your shinobi-skills are pretty similar to their magic. He let out a short growl. A really strong mage comes out of nowhere and nobody knows anything about him? This would lead us to a bunch of problems.

You are such a mood killer, Kurama … But I think I really should hold back a bit …

On the next day Naruto was heading to the giant guild hall. As the building came in sight, the doors already were open and the waiting crowd of visitors stormed into the guild. He slowly walked in and sat down cross legged on a table. He had a good sight to the stage while still having a comfortable seat. As the loud crowed calmed down a bit a blond haired mage with a bowl cut stepped on the stage. He wore a violet suit jacket and a way too big bow tie.

"People of Magnolia Town!" He shouted in his microphone and gave the crowd a wave. "And people of nearby towns! And those who especially came from the underworld, don't forget to go back to your graves when it's over! Okay?!" The crowd burst out in laughing at the joke. Well, I know funnier … The blonde sage thought.

"And for What you have all been waiting for! The Fairy Tail beauties will perform on this stage!" The announcer shouted to the cheering mass of people. "Let the contest begin!" Again the crowd cheered up to the mage. Finally …

"The announcer will be me, the sand magician Max Alrose!" He let a small wave of sand fly through the air. "May I introduce to you our first contestant! Miss Cana Alberona!" The brown haired card mage stepped on the stage. She wore a blue bikini top and her tight brown pants, additionally she wore a blue purse that seemed to be out of blue feathers. She let her magical cards fly through the air and the begin to swirl around her body. "WOW! The cards are covering her body!"

As the cards fell down on the floor she wore instead an orange-green striped bikini. She was standing in seductive pose and glimpsed down to the crowed. "She changed into a swimsuit!" Max shouted eager. "I will win the money for my alcohol … " Cana announced while sliding her fingers through her hair in a seductive move. Damn … Jiraya would be proud of me. Naruto thought and smiled goofy.

"Second Contestant, the new S-Class Member: The Lovely Miss Juvia!" She stepped on the stage with her waving blue and white dress. Immediately she began to dissolve her body into water and out of a wave she appeared again in her swimsuit. "Uwah! She changed into Water!" The sand mage shouted. "Wow! Her performance goes well with her swimsuit!" She posed and it seemed that she looked in a specific direction as she asked. "Gray-sama, are you watching this?"

"And now here is the third contestant! Her beauty can make all the men on earth drunk, Mirajane!" She waved down to the crowd and various shouts of 'cute', 'beautiful' and 'amazing' came to Naruto's ear. "I am very skilled in transformation magic!" She announced. "Next I'll perform … Face Transformation! Happy!" Her face changed in a poof to a larger version of Happy's face. Now all of the spectators had an dumfounded expression in their face. "Just the face! Gajeel!" And her face turned to the iron dragon slayers rude grimace. Well … that was unexpected.

As Mirajane stepped beside the announcer came back to his senses and waved. "Now our fourth contestant! The strongest Woman in Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet!" She came on the stage in her normal gear. "That's Fairy Tail strongest woman! Erza! Sooo cooool!" The crowed shouted. Erza just smirked and closed her eyes. "I will let you witness the exquip that I preserve …" With these words she changed her armor to a black and white goth-loli dress with an big black hair fly in her ponytail.

"Fifth Contestant, the fairy, cute and knowledgeable, Levi McGarden!" Max shouted and waved the girl on the stage. She summoned several writings in the air. Naruto was actually impressed by the magic that this young girl can perform.

"Sixth Contestant, sexy cowgirl, Visca Moulin!" The green haired cowgirl walked across the stage while shooting down several targets with her magical guns.

"Seventh Contestant! Super Rookie … Give it up for! Lucy Hea- " The blond teenager charged on the stage and held max back. "Don't say my last name!" A few murmurs got loud in the spectators crowd but nothing special. "Well … I'll dance with my Stellar spirits." She announced rather shyly and made herself ready. But she got disrupted by the voice of another woman. "Number eight!" "Wait, I haven't even started yet… " Lucy exclaimed.

Behind her a woman with brown-blond hair stepped out from the curtain. She wore a green-white dress and held an fan in her hand. On her nose a small pair of glasses rested that make her look like an teacher for Naruto. "If you talk about Fairy, then it's me. If you talk about beauty, then it's me. That's right, it's all me" She announced and waved her fan in front of her bust. "The champion will definitely be me, Evergreen! It's broing, so we'll end the beauty contest here!"

A mumble went through the crowd. "Quit playing around! This beauty contest concerns my living!" Lucy shouted towards Evergreen. "Lucy! Don't look into her eyes!" Shouted somewhere Grey. Evergreen lifted her glasses and looked towards Lucy and she immediately turned in a solid stone statue. Well, that seems to get out of hand … Naruto thought, still watching the scene but now the spectators started to panic. There were various confused shouts from the crowed.

"This is Terrible! Everybody, Run!" The announcer Max shouted and the crowed escaped through the main exit. "What are you doing, Evergreen? Are you trying to ruin the festival?!" Makarov shouted towards the female mage. She chuckled and lit the curtain on the stage in fire.

"Doesn't a Festival have a main show?" She explained. As the curtain burned down, more stone statues appeared. All the other contestants has been turned into stone and stood now lined up in the background. "She turned those in the waiting room into stone?!" Max shouted in panic.

Naruto stood up from his spot and walked closer on the sidelines. That's definitely not part of the show… Keep your head down Naruto! There is a reason behind this, no need for overreactions! He scolded himself.

"You fool!" The angry guild master shouted. "Turn them back to normal." But before he actually came close to the stage a giant yellow lightning bolt stroke into the stage. "Oi, Fairy Tail idiots …" Naruto heard somebody say.

There stood now three additional men on the stage. The one in the background wore a weird violet outfit with a metal mask over his eyes. There also were these barrel shaped things flying in the air around him. Beside this creep stood a properly dressed man in a violet coat. He had long green hair and a sword by his hips. The guy in the front, the leader Naruto guessed, wore a violet shirt and plain black pants. Over his shoulders hung a big black coat with feather-like edges. This man had bright blond hair, nearly the same hair color as Naruto himself. He also had a pair of big headphones but his most prominent feature was a lightning shaped scar over his right eye.

"The real festival begins now!" The blond leader spoke out.

"Laxus!" Makarov reacted and looked to his grandson with wide eyes. "Fried and Bixlow!" Grey shouted while another mage exclaimed. "The Raijinshuu, Laxus Bodyguards!"

"Why don't we play a Game … Old geezer?" Laxus said to the guild master. "Don't do something stupid. We have to get ready for Fantasia." Makarov replied. "Turn them to normal!"

"Fantasia is late at night!" The blonde mage grind evilly. "If we hurry, people might get to see it." He disappeared and charged in an lightning bolt towards Lucy. "Stop it!" A loud shout came from Makarov.

Laxus was now standing beside the Lucy-statue and put his arm around her neck. "I'll take these girls as hostages … I'll destroy them one by one if you break the rules." He grinned. " Like I said, this is the main show."

"There are things that can't be taken as a Joke, Laxus!" Makarov shouted in anger. "Of course, I'm Serious!" The blonde said and gave his grandfather an disrespectful look.

"It's just a game, to find out who … " The green haired Fried started. "Is the strongest here, in Fairy Tail." Bixlow finished.

"The Rules are simple: The Last survivor wins!" Laxus grinned like a maniac. "The battle of Fairy Tail starts now!"

Suddenly a table got flung up in the air and the pink haired dragon slayer Natsu appeared in a motivated pose. "Isn't this Great?! This is way too to understand! I'm pumped!" He shouted excited while Naruto palmed his face.

"Natsu … Your arrogant way of talking pisses me off …" Laxus said emotionless. "Let's start!" Natsu shouted and charged towards the lightning mage. "Calm down, Natsu!" Laxus simply said and shot a spark. Natus immediately fell on the floor as the bolt hit him. Taking a stronger opponent head on? Retard … Just like you in the past. Kurama chuckled in his mind. Shut up, furrball.

"If you want them return to normal, you have to defeat us." Evergreen explained with a smirk. "The time limit is 3 hours … if you can't defeat us, they will turn into sand." Not there came various outraged shouts from the mages but Evergreen just went on. "The battlefield is the entire Magnolia Town. The battle starts when you find us."

Makarav now couldn't hold his anger back anymore and started growing in an rapid rate. "Don't mess around!" He shouted and Naruto raised an eyebrow at the sudden change.

"I say calm down … Let's enjoy the main show." Laxus announced and created a bright flash. As everybody could see again the four mages had disappeared.

"Bastards, Hurry up my sis, and everybody else!" Elfman shouted and charged towards the main gate. "Those unforgivable bastards!"

Now the whole guild was storming out with loud shouting and cursing. As Makarov run out of the guild hall he got stopped by an invisible wall. As he couldn't pass by the barrier Grey wanted to help him but seeing the small guild master getting pushed against a wall of thin air was just an amusing and useless act. After a short dialog between the two of them, Grey left.

Makarov and a really round mage named Reedus tried to wake up the unconscious Natsu. As he finally woke up, Makarov explained him the whole situation. "The festival has started! Laxus is in this town." Makarov shouted and pointed towards the exit. "Crush him!"

"Gotcha!" Natsu run towards the exit but as he reached the door he crushed into the same invisible wall as the guild master. After a short discussion, Reedus left to search for a certain doctor while Natsu, Makaroc and Happy were looking at the glimmering runes that resembled the barrier.

Suddenly there appeared additional runes and everybody could read: Jet vs. Droy: vs Cornell. "What the hell is this?!" Makaroc said. Winner: Cornell. After this accident the same lines with other names appeared again and again.

Natsu was still trying to leave the building and Makarov stared at the runes. Now Naruto was walking towards the exit. I saw enough. He thought stopped right behind the mages. "Well, I think the contest is over, huh?"

Makarov turned his head to Naruto and raised his eyebrows. "You are still here?"

"Yeah, I'm no member of Fairy Tail so I should actually participle in your tournament. Who was that guy?"

"Laxus Dreyar, my grandson …" He muttered with a sad expression. "Naruto, I know this doesn't concern you in any way but could you help my children out there? Every mage that would have a chance against Laxus is trapped in here."

"I always had a helpful nature." Naruto gave the old man a warm smile. "What should I do first, old man?"

Makarov sighed and closed his eyes while thinking. "If you would defeat Fried, the runes will probably fade away and we could leave the guild hall. But when you get Evergreen the statues would turn back to normal." He looked towards the statues. "Then Erza and the others could help us too. That would make everything easier."

"Is there a special reason why I shouldn't go after your grandson first?"

"He might not look like that, but he always has an backup plan… We should be careful around him and take out his bodyguards before the can do something that will harm my children." The guild master said while looking up to Naruto.

"That makes kind of sense." The blond sage answered while thinking. He started stripping his sage coat and threw it on a near table, now just wearing his sleeveless black top and the bandages around his fists. He pulled one of his sealing scrolls out of his sash and summoned one Hirashin kunai. He gave it to the old man and said with a serious expression. "I will do what I can, if someone is heading out to get Laxus give him this kunai. He should thrust it in the ground if he needs help, I will realize it if he dos so."

"Thanks for your help, Naruto." Makarov thanked him grateful and took the knife from him.

The blonde turned towards Natsu. "Don't bring yourself in trouble, Pinkie." Before Natsu could reply Naruto already left towards the street and was running in a random direction.

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