setting: episode 4 "Killer Within"


Chapter 21 - Complications

When Rick finally managed to open the gate and they ran back inside they had to realize that it was already too late. There were dead bodies lying all around them on the ground, and another small herd of walkers was still staggering around the prison yard. All the other members of their group had disappeared. Rick, Glenn and Daryl shot all the remaining walkers in the yard, and when they approached their cell block they could only see Herschel and Beth.

"What the hell happened? Where's Lori? Carl?" Rick yelled at Herschel and Daryl shot the last walker with his crossbow.

He approached the old man as well.

"And Connor?"

Herschel looked at them.

"He led Maggie, Lori and Carl inside the other cell block!"

"And T was bit!" Beth joined in and Daryl widened his eyes.

"And he was bit?!"

Herschel's daughter shook her head.

"No, T was bit! T-Dog! His shoulder!"

"Anyone else?!" Rick asked.

"I couldn't tell!" Beth answered and Daryl approached Rick.

"We gotta go in there, man. We haven't cleared out this block yet."

Rick nodded and pointed at Beth and Herschel.

"Stay put!" he ordered and placed a hand on Daryl's shoulder.

"Let's go."

Glenn ran after them then.

"Those chains didn't break on their own. Someone took an axe or cutters to them!"

Rick froze and turned around to look at the other two remaining prisoners, who were entering the yard as well, now that they had opened the gates.

"You think they did it?" Glenn gasped and Daryl turned his head to look at them as well.

"Who else?" Rick answered and grabbed his gun.

The hunter was just about to aim his crossbow at them when the alarm went off. Daryl started walking around and searched their surroundings for the origin of the noise.
"You gotta be kidding me!" he yelled when the alarm wouldn't stop beeping and it was impossible to see where it was coming from.

They could see how countless walkers all around the prison started staggering in their direction, attracted by the noise. Daryl startled when Rick threw the keys at him so he could start shooting all the speakers they could see. "Kill it!" he yelled and Glenn drew his gun as well. Daryl put the keys away and took the gun Connor had given him almost a year ago, and as he shot all the speakers around him he couldn't help but freak out. Last time he and his friend had been separated when a herd of walkers attacked them Connor had returned with a bite, and he knew how it had ended. What made it even worse was the fact that he now knew that the walkers wouldn't just walk past his friend anymore. He had seen it himself yesterday, when a walker had wrestled the Irishman to the ground and almost ripped his throat out.

"How the hell can this be happening?!" Rick spat and pointed his gun at the two prisoners that were now standing right in the center of their yard.

Daryl and Glenn ran after him and the hunter pointed his crossbow right at their heads. Oscar put his in the air and tried to calm them down.

"Whoa, hey. It has to be the backup generators."

"Well, how do you turn those on?!"

"There's three that are connected to a diesel tank, okay? Each one controls a certain part of the prison. The hatch shut them all off when the prison was overrun!"

"Can someone open up the main gates electronically with full power?!" Rick yelled and Oscar shrugged.

"I don't know! I worked in there a few days! I guess it might be possible!"

Rick grabbed Oscar by his uniform and dragged him with him.

"Come with us!" he demanded and Daryl started running as well.

"What about the others?" he shouted after them but Rick wouldn't stop running.

"Connor's with them and walkers won't attack him, they're save with him for now! We've got to switch off the alarm or else walkers start piling up on the fences and overrun them!"

They reached the door that led to the inside of the cell block they hadn't cleared out yet.

"But that's exactly the point! Walkers attack 'im again!" Daryl answered and Rick stopped running to look at him.


The hunter nodded.

"Yeah, we don't know why, but a walker attacked him yesterday. They ain't save in there."

Rick turned his head to look at Glenn and Axel.

"Okay, let's split up. You two go and try to help the others. Daryl, Oscar, you come with me!"

Lori and Maggie were still waiting on top of the stairs whereas Connor and Carl searched the room for any walkers. They found themselves in an old boiler room of all places, and a couple of small windows were their only source of light. Connor turned around to wave the two women down, and when he saw how Lori was holding on to a railing as if her life depended on it he paled even more. He had hoped that maybe her cramps had passed by now, but it looked even more like Rick's wife was really about to give birth. This is ridiculous, he thought and made his way back up the stairs to help her down. Lori let out a gasp again and Connor tried to hush her.

"Look, I know it hurts like crazy, but you gotta be quiet. We don't want those fuckers t'hear us, okay?"

He looked at Maggie who was helping Lori as well.

"Isn't there anyway t'stop this shit? Now's not the time!" he whisper-shouted and Lori interrupted them with a muffled scream.

She went for a bunch of chains as soon as they reached the ground floor and tried to hold on to them. Connor moved his hand through his hair in panic and turned around to look at the door. The beeping was still echoing through the halls and annoying the crap out of him, but at least it was drowning Lori's gasps and groans. "Oh fuck me. Shit shit shit" he murmured and started walking in circles, now that he didn't know what to do. He turned around and looked at Lori and Maggie again, who were making their way further back to the engines.

"What are those alarms?" Lori gasped and kept walking.

Connor looked up and growled.

"Fucking annoying, that's what they are!" he spat and Maggie hushed him.

"Don't worry about it" she said to Rick's wife and tried to calm her down.

"Find towels, blankets, anything that's smooth so we can lie her on the ground" she went on and looked at Connor again, who was still watching Lori in terror.

She hit his shoulder when he wouldn't react.

"Hey, find anything that's smooth enough so we can lie her on the ground" she repeated and Connor nodded nervously.

"Aye, 'f course. It's just...fuck, man. We don't even know how to handle this shit! Isn't there really some way to delay it until everything's calmed down and Herschel's there to help her?"

Carl went after them as well and seemed just as excited.

"What if it attracts them?"

Both Lori and Maggie ignored the two and Carl's mother leaned against a table.
She tried to breathe normally, but it was too obvious that she was in pain now that her body was preparing for birth.

"Lori, let's lay you down" Maggie suggested and tried to move her. Connor approached her as well and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Aye, take my jacket" he suggested and got rid of it so he could give it to Maggie.

"No—the baby's coming now" Lori gasped and Carl got even more nervous.

"We have to get back to our cell block, to have Herschel help!"

"No. We can't risk getting caught out there. You're gonna need to give birth to this baby here" Maggie interrupted him and Carl looked at Connor.

"Do something!"

The Irishman bit his lower lip hard and growled.

"Okay... Okay. Tell me what you need and..."

He stopped talking when Lori's breathing sped up.

"What..what's wrong with her now?!" he asked in horror and looked at Maggie.

Herschel's daughter looked at him.

"Hey! Everybody relax now. She's fine."

She looked at Lori again and grabbed her by her waist.

"Come here, let's get your pants off."

Both Connor and Carl groaned and the Irishman turned around.

"Oh man, Jesus!"

He placed a hand on Carl's shoulder and tried to make him leave as well.

"Come on, let's...let's leave the ladies to it."

"No! I need your help to deliver the baby. You up for it?"

Both Connor and Carl turned around again, and when the blonde saw that Lori wasn't wearing any pants anymore he tried not to look.

"Come on! I'm a fucking guy, I worked in a meat-packing plant and went to prison, you can't seriously expect me t'know anything about that stuff!
And she's..she's Rick's wife, I can't fucking touch her...there!"

"I'm up for it" Carl spoke up then and approached Maggie.

"Do you know how?" he asked and knelt down next to his mother.

"Dad taught me, but trust me, it's my first time" Herschel's daughter answered and bent down to have a look how Lori was doing.

Connor groaned once more and started walking around when he saw how Maggie started working between Lori's legs.

"Fuck, give me walkers any day.." he murmured and froze when he looked at the door they had come through just a couple of minutes ago.
He couldn't hear any walkers any more.

"I gotta push!" Lori exclaimed and Connor looked at them. He saw how Lori got back up and took a couple of deep breaths, then she started pushing.
Although he was quite horrified he just couldn't look away anymore. Carl was standing right next to him and seemed just as petrified.

"Can..can we do something fer her? I guess I..." the Irishman murmured but Maggie shook her head.

"No, it's alright. Her body knows what to do. Let it do all the work, Lori."

Connor bit his lip awkwardly and put a hand on Carl's shoulder.

"Come on, we better keep an eye on the door" he said and tried to get the boy away, but Carl stayed right where he was.

Connor felt incredibly awkward, especially now that he really didn't have anything to do with it. He wasn't part of the family, he didn't know how to assist Maggie, he didn't want to see it or hear it. Why the fuck had he chosen to go with them? He started pacing up and down the room and wouldn't stop looking at both the door and Lori. Rick's wife was pushing every couple of seconds, and her son just watched in horror. After a couple of minutes Maggie suddenly knelt down to have a look how the baby was doing.

"Lori, don't push" she suddenly demanded and Connor stopped walking.

"Stop! Something's wrong!" Maggie exclaimed and the Irishman darted forward, but it was already too late.

Lori started screaming in pain and when Maggie got back up there was blood on her hands.

"What's wrong with her?" the Irishman asked in shock and looked at the blood on her hands.

Lori wouldn't stop screaming and yelping in pain. A second later she passed out and both Maggie and Carl tried to lie her on the ground as carefully as possible.

"What's going on?!" Connor shouted and knelt down to help as well.

"I think she's losing it" Maggie explained and tried to wake Lori up. The Irishman hit her cheeks gently and tried to do the same.

"There's gotta be something we can do!"

"I don't know anything about it! Dad would know what to do, but I don't, okay?!" Maggie shouted and looked at Connor for a second, then looked at Lori again.

The Irishman growled and got up.

"All right, then! Fuck it! 'm gonna go and get him then! And Rick and the others. No one fucking dies here! Stay put. Carl you watch the door and lock it behind me" he said and headed for the door. Both Maggie and Carl looked at him with wide eyes.

"Don't! There's too many walkers out there! It's suicide!"

"I can handle it! Somebody's gotta do something. We can't lose that child. And Lori. Rick's gotta be with her, and Herschel's gotta take care of this. We can do it!
Just sit tight. I'll be back before ye know it!" he shouted over his shoulder and grabbed the door handle.

Carl came after him.

"Don't leave us!" he begged and Connor looked at him. He placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and grabbed his knife with the other hand.

"'s gonna be okay. Be right back. Now. I need ye to focus, aye? Yer the man in charge now. Look after yer Ma as long as I'm gone. Keep an eye on the door and keep your voices down. And remember. Think fast and aim fer the head and don't be scared" he reminded Rick's son and squeezed his shoulder. He let go and threw one final look at Lori and Maggie, then he opened the door with a determined pull and stepped outside.

The good thing about the whole running around corridors was that he didn't have to watch and hear how a woman was trying to give birth. He was still so horrified because of all the things he had seen and heard that he didn't even mind all the dead rotten bodies on the ground anymore. The bad thing about the whole running around dark corridors was the fact that the alarm was still ringing and echoing through the halls, which was both annoying and incredibly distracting. He couldn't hear a single thing because of it, and that made it even harder for him to identify any walkers. Connor half ran half tip toed his way through the labyrinth of pitch black corridors, and he cursed himself for not having any sort of flashlight with him.

He remembered how Herschel had been bit by some walker that had just been sitting on the ground, and there were so many bodies that it was impossible for him to make out the enemy. What made it even worse was the fact that he knew that he didn't have any benefit anymore, so walkers would most certainly attack him on sight. Or smell. Or however they identified their victims. Pretty soon he got lost because of all his excitement and terror. The Irishman knew that he had to hurry. Lives were depending on it after all. But where the fuck was he? He cursed when he heard the tired dragging of feet and hid in a cell. He was completely out of breath by now, and his old injury from the car crash was starting to hurt again. Connor tried to be as quiet as possible as another five walkers passed the cell he was hiding in, and as soon as he was sure that they were gone he started running again. He was on his way around the corner when something hard hit his head.

"Ow! Fuck! It's just me! We gotta.."

He trailed off when he realized that the man who was standing right in front of him wasn't a member of their group at all.
Andrew, the prisoner he had believed to be dead, was staring at him and seemed just as surprised.

"It's you!" Connor exclaimed and tried to take his gun, but the prisoner was faster. Andrew started yelling and ran right into the Irishman. He shoved him back against the wall and started choking him with the haft of his axe. For a second the blonde was petrified because of the sudden lack of air and pressure to his throat, but then his instincts kicked back in. He was way stronger than Andrew, who was smaller and slimmer. Connor tried to fight the axe and eventually managed to move it away from his aching throat. Andrew tried to attack him again, but the Irishman fought him off with a determined and hard clout to his head.

The prisoner staggered backwards with a loud groan and Connor used the opportunity to run for his gun, which he had dropped when Andrew had attacked him. He had almost reached his weapon when another brutal blow to his head knocked him off his feet. The Irishman fell to the ground, face down and the back of his head burning with pain. He managed to turn on his back and took his gun, but somehow his senses and limbs where no longer following his orders. Andrew swam into view again and he could see how the prisoner was looking down on him, with his axe high in the air.

"This prison is ours!" Andrew spat and struck out to hit the blonde to his feet, but Connor managed to turn away just split seconds before the axe hit the ground right next to his head. Although everything was spinning and his head hurt like hell he still managed to keep fighting. He kicked Andrew's legs hard so the prisoner fell down as well, but when he tried to take hold of his gun again the other man was back on him and started punching him with a couple of brutal blows to his head. No matter how hard he tried to fight back, pretty soon he just couldn't move his arms and legs anymore, simply because his head hurt so much and he felt so dizzy that everything he tried was just useless.

Andrew had eventually grabbed his axe again and was just about to hit his head when he froze and looked up. For a second Connor didn't know what was going on, but part of him prayed to god that the others were coming. When Andrew turned his head to look in the general direction of the corner he had come from the Irishman tried to fight the man on top of him once more, but the dizziness was taking over again. The prisoner suddenly got up and the blow to his head that Connor had feared wouldn't happen. The Irishman tried his best to get up as well, now that Andrew was heading for the corner in front of them, but apart from crawling and groaning he wasn't really able to do anything.

The headache was killing him and he could hardly see anything. Everything was blurry and distorted, but after blinking a couple of times he could make out his gun on the ground. It didn't take long and Andrew was on him again, but instead of hitting him and attacking him with the axe the other man just grabbed Connor by his leg and started dragging him away from the gun, all the way across the ground and towards the corner.

"This prison is ours! And now we're taking it back! I was thinking about killing you all, starting with you, but now I got a better idea for you, mick!" he yelled and Connor tried to kick and fight him, but it was useless. "Fuck off! I'll fuckin kill ye you piece of shit!" he countered and was surprised when he heard the sound of his voice. He sounded like he was drunk, hell, he even felt like he was drunk. He kicked even harder and tried to hold on to something, anything on the ground, but Andrew kept dragging him away from his gun and around the corner. Then he finally heard it too. The tired dragging of feet that sped up, the excited and terrifying groans of a dozen walkers. Connor turned his head in horror to see where he was being dragged, and when his gaze met the herd of walkers that were coming closer on the other side of the corridor he started kicking and yelling again.

"Let go of me you fucking bastard! I'll fuckin kill ye!"

Andrew suddenly stopped walking and kicked the Irishman's head hard and Connor nearly passed out because of the blow.
The prisoner let go of his leg and knelt down next to him.

"You' re the one that killed Tomas! And remember how you assholes tried t'kill me after that? Threw me at walkers, didn't let me in although I was begging for my life? Well look at you now."

Connor glared at the man above him and tried to grab him and punch him, but all the kicks, punches and blows to his head had made him practically unable to move.

"I'll fucking kill you. If it's the last thing I do in me fuckin life, I'll fucking kill you" he gasped and grabbed the small pocket knife he always carried around in addition to Murphy's knife and his guns. Without a warning he stabbed Andrew in his calf and the prisoner screamed in pain and started kicking him again. His wailing and screaming seemed to make it worse. They could hear how the walkers were somewhat running towards them by now. Andrew grabbed his bleeding leg and kicked Connor's stomach hard.

"You piece of shit!" he yelped, then a loud groan made him look up again.

He widened his eyes in horror and Connor didn't even need to see it. He knew that the walkers were very close now. He managed to make Andrew fall down when the latter tried to run away, but no matter how hard the Irishman held on to the prisoner's leg, somehow he still managed to free himself. The blonde MacManus craned his neck and watched how his attacker ran away, around the corner and far far away from the walkers, and for a second he let out a relieved sigh because all the kicks and punches had stopped.

He couldn't enjoy that the fight was over though, because then he remembered all the undead that were approaching him, and when he tried to get back up the world started spinning again. It felt like his head was split wide open, like someone had thrown him into a washing machine. Connor kept trying and fighting in panic and eventually managed to turn back on his belly, then he started dragging himself back to where he had come from, back to were his gun was. The dragging of feet and the groaning of walkers was getting closer and closer, and after dragging himself back to the corner he just couldn't do it anymore. He was completely exhausted, and soon he couldn't fight the darkness anymore that kept calling him, trying to swallow his consciousness, his everything.