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Chapter 28

(Several years later…)

It's been several years since Allora's birth and Optimus was spoken to by his ancestors; who now wanted Optimus to send Allora away until she was nineteen with two Autobots to a specific trainer. She would be in the care of Hound and Trailbreaker two very capable Autobots soldiers. Vanessa didn't like being away from Allora, but Optimus explained the necessary reasons why this had to be done. She became very depressed and Optimus tried to cheer her up as a result. All the Autobots told Optimus he should plan something to try and cheer her up with, but at first it didn't work at all. The day that Hound and Trailbreaker were taking Allora to her trainer Vanessa was an emotional wreck. She knew it was part of what the first Primes wanted done. She wouldn't dream of standing in the way of Prime business. But she was still a mother and it still upset her. Vanessa wondered what was going on though days after Allora had been taken away was when everyone stopped guarding the house. No one was left stayed behind with her and Mikaela there weren't any guards posted now. It was only Vanessa and Mikaela left at the house, if they needed anything Bumblebee came for them but that was it. Vanessa and Mikaela were alone watching movies on the TV, but Mikaela looked at Vanessa and bit her bottom lip.

"Wanna talk about it?" she asked.

"It's weird no one guards the house now like..." she started to say.

"Don't, you know he loves you." Mikaela said.

"He's always gone now since Allora's been gone morning noon and night he is hardly ever home. Hell, even you get to spend time with Ironhide, but me...I can't see my child and now Optimus is avoiding me. I'm going for a walk outside, okay?" she asked as she brought her radio and walked into the woods.

Ironhide was pulling in as Vanessa disappeared into the woods Ironhide's advanced systems told him Vanessa was depressed dangerously so and he shook his head hoping this thing would end soon for both Vanessa and Optimus' sake. He used his holoform and went to get Mikaela. He wanted to surprise Mikaela plus get her out of the house.

"Surprise, Mikaela." he said.

"Hey Hide, what's up?" she asked.

"Why do humans always ask what is up for?" he asked.

"It's a greeting." she said.

He grunted at that.

"I wanted to get you out of this stuffy house and...What?" he asked seeing her expression.

"What about Vanessa why doesn't Optimus come home to his bonded anymore she misses him. It's bad enough she doesn't have Allora until she turns nineteen but now Optimus is avoiding her. She is hurting badly from this." Mikaela said as Ironhide grunted at that.

"We shouldn't get involved it's between Optimus and Vanessa. Besides think about it when he did come home all she did was mope around he got annoyed with it. So he just stays at the base and does what he has to." Ironhide said as Mikaela wondered if she could help her best friend by getting Ironhide to go to the base.

"I want to go to the base." Mikaela said.

"Fine, but no starting anything, right?" he asked.

"No promises on that one." she said as she hoped into Ironhide.

Ten minutes later...

Starscream landed as Dylan climbed out and saw Vanessa feeding a baby deer and his heart went out to his sister. Starscream transformed then not even startling her once; because she had heard him.

"Here you go, sweetie." Vanessa whispered as it licked her hand and she smiled sadly. "Hi Dylan... Hi Starscream" she said after.

"Hi Vanessa...you heard me?" he asked.

"It's kind of hard not to hear an F-22 Raptor, Starscream; you're kind of loud." she said with a sad smile.

"Vanessa, your stress levels are through the roof...Are you still stressed about the future thing, because there is a chance it won't happen." he asked as she glared at her brother. "You told who else now?" she asked.

Dylan shrugged…"Just Starscream…" Dylan said.


She nodded then…"And to answer your question no, Optimus wouldn't miss me anyway he never comes home anymore he lives at that base now. No one guards the house like they did before the only thing is I'm sorry Mikaela will get dragged into it. You know it's weird I thought things were different I really did but the more I look at it Allora was the only thing we had going for us everyone made a fuss over her. I miss her, Dylan and now Optimus the two most important things in my life are gone. You're the only one who comes to see me...thanks Dylan." she said as silent tears fell down her face. "Wanna know the funny thing I was prepared to fight this with all my heart and soul; but now it doesn't matter I don't care if Sentinel kills me now. I know Optimus and the Autobots will take care of Allora; she will be in good hands." She said sadly. "I'm going back inside I love you, Dylan bye Starscream." she said as she ran back into the house.

(The Autobot base)

Meanwhile at the base Mikaela and Ironhide pulled up all the Autobots were there Jolt was standing with Sideswipe and they all were watching their mood seemed to be a little different all of the Autobots. But Mikaela couldn't put her finger on it why or what caused it.

Optimus sat in the head chair in the conference hall his head hung over. He'd already done his training with Ironhide and gotten his daily inspection by Ratchet. All he really wanted to do was see Vanessa again, but he couldn't and it angered him. Optimus got reports from Ironhide and Starscream that Vanessa thought he had hated her that very thought made Optimus' spark overload his receptors with pain. He wanted nothing more than to scoop her up and never let her go, but there was a reason he couldn't. He needed and craved to see his mate so badly. He wasn't sure how much longer his circuits would last without her. He knew this had to be killing her inside because it was destroying him inside as well. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it knocked Optimus back into the present.

"Enter..." he said.

Mikaela walked in and saw him get up.

"Mikaela, how are you?" he asked.

"Angry...because my best friend thinks she's not wanted by her mate anymore." she said as he winced.

"Mikaela, this doesn't really concern you." he said with a slight irritated tone as Optimus commed Ironhide.

::::….. Ironhide, please come to the Conference hall….:::::

:::…. Is Mikaela in there…::::

::::….. Yes…::::::

:::::…. Sorry sir, I'll talk to her….:::::

:::…. Just come and get her…:::::

"Well I am waiting?" Mikaela said as he tilted his head.

"What for?" he asked in a gruff tone.

Mikaela stared at him with an unbelievable expression on her beautiful face.

"She loves you, why are you avoiding her like this you're hurting her?" Mikaela demanded as Ironhide stalked in.

"MIKAELA...ENOUGH...!" Ironhide yelled as she turned on both bots tears forming in her own eyes.

"Oh my God, you don't love her anymore she was right Allora is what held your relationship together. Now while she's away you don't want to be even around her anymore until Allora gets back. She saved your life when you were lonely; she gave you a beautiful daughter who's a Prime. She loves you and this is what she gets in return?" She demanded as Ironhide saw that haunted look in Optimus' optics before it disappeared.

"Shut it, Mikaela!" Ironhide roared as Mikaela turned and faced Ironhide bravely.

"Am I going to be treated the way HE'S treating Vanessa because if I am then I would like to end it now and save my heart from being broken and stomped on cruelly." she cried as Ironhide's old spark flickered with pain.

This whole thing was spiraling out of control now Ironhide's relationship was getting affected by this stupid test the ancestors were pulling. Mikaela sobbed wildly as she ran out of the conference hall and outside as all the Autobots watched her run over to Bumblebee.

She ran passed all the other Autobots including Ultra Magnus who was talking to Ratchet. Ratchet took a quick scan and knew what was wrong. Damn the first Primes for cooking up this damned test it had everyone on edge plus Vanessa and Mikaela didn't deserve this.

"Take me back to the house, Bee?" she asked as Bumblebee shook his head and transformed and she climbed in as he sped off while Prime, Ironhide and Ratchet walked out.

"Your ancestors managed to ruin two relationships in one fair swoop I lost Mikaela and you lost Vanessa." Ironhide snarled as his cannons warmed and charged.

"I am truly sorry, Ironhide; I should have put a stop to this test before it even happened they had no right to do this to anyone." he said as his optics misted over. "What have I done I've led her to believe I hate her..." Optimus mumbled trying to stay strong but it was no use his spark was breaking in two.

"Fix it." Ratchet said.

"There is no fixing this, Ratchet; we both know that." he said as he started to walk away until Ultra Magnus yelled his name in a tone which was rather angry.


He stopped in his tracks frozen knowing Ultra Magnus was more angry then he'd ever heard him before not all the Autobots were aware of the test that his ancestors insisted on. Only Ratchet and Ironhide knew about it he didn't want all the Autobots to know even his loyal scout didn't know the truth.

"I don't know if I should just knock you senseless or what...that human saved your life after you were dying – how can you crush her emotions like this how? This isn't the Optimus I knew what has happened to you?" Ultra Magnus demanded.

"Ultra Magnus, you don't know the reasons stop!" Ironhide growled.

"There is no reason to hurt a femme who supposedly is your bonded; you fix this or so help me I will take her away from you myself and try to help her!" Ultra Magnus snarled as Optimus felt his spark flare up.

He thought of the last time he and Aurora were together before Allora had to go with Hound and Trailbreaker. They spent time together with her; and when she fell asleep she and Optimus snuggled down watching movies. Then they danced to music and they merged spark/heart several times it was so beautiful; but no one realized the other messages he received from his ancestors least of all Vanessa. This slagging test to prove their love could withstand anything; but he wondered if his ancestors were playing a cruel joke on him.

He knew if he lost her now he wondered if he'd survive or if he'd be able to go on for Allora's sake to teach her the ways of being a prime.

Optimus stood there hating how he had just sat back and allowed his ancestors to dictate this test it was stupid and cruel to Vanessa. He knew she loved him and he loved her why did they have to be tested like this.

"Screw it, I can't do this to her test be damned." Optimus said as suddenly Lennox and Epps came running out.

"Optimus...!" Lennox yelled.

"What...What is it, Colonel?"" Optimus asked.

"It's Sentinel he's been spotted." Epps said.

"Where at...?" Ratchet and Ironhide asked.

Lennox and Epps fell silent...

"Where...?" Ratchet repeated a little firmer.

"He and others are minutes from...Dylan's house he gave you and Vanessa." Lennox said.

"Vanessa...Nooo!" Optimus roared his one thought was his bonded as he transformed and raced off without waiting for backup.

All he could think of was if anything happened to her he'd never forgive himself or his ancestors for this terrible test they pulled.

Bumblebee had been injured pretty badly trying to protect the girls he ordered them to run and not look back. However he hadn't realized that was exactly what Sentinel wanted they were forcing the girls to a location they had already picked to ambush them at. The girls thought they had managed to escape Sentinel.

"Keep going..." Vanessa ordered as her heart soared when she saw the familiar Peterbilt pulling up.

"Optimus!" she screamed as he transformed going to the girls quickly his metallic features twisted into shock and anger. "Get down!" he ordered.

It had to be a trap a well thought out trap. A Raptor that resembled Starscream except it was much bigger and another Jet flew overhead opening fire on them. Optimus jumped to their side taking every bullet aimed at the poor humans. The two crafts landed in front of Optimus the barrels of their cannons whining with energon. Vanessa and Mikaela heard and saw Sentinel approaching them; there was nowhere they could run this time.

She and Mikaela were backed up against Optimus' leg at that point. They were cornered; there was nowhere else to go. They'd been forced straight into a trap. Sentinel had this planned from the very beginning. Optimus shifted slightly behind Vanessa and Mikaela, causing them to stumble.

"Vanessa...when I move you and Mikaela run... Is that clear?" Optimus said urgently as his optics never left Sentinel's.

Aurora didn't answer her voice was lost from fear mostly because she was so afraid right now.

"Go, Vanessa! NOW...!" he roared.

Optimus pulled two guns from his back and fired Sentinel; charging the older prime with deadly intentions now.

Vanessa grabbed Mikaela's hand and went in a different direction entirely hoping that they could maybe outrun Lasergrid. Sentinel kicked Optimus in the chest plates and yelled. "Where is she…?" he demanded.

Optimus fell to the ground as he snarled and tackled Sentinel. "You will NEVER get our daughter; you piece of scrap metal. You were a prime you taught me everything I am; how can you turn your back on us on your people like this?" Optimus demanded as Sentinel slammed his foot pede onto Optimus' chest and started to make his chest plates cave in.

"I will get her and she will be powerful I was going to turn her loose on you; but I tire of you Optimus so I am just going to put you out of your misery now." Sentinel snarled.

"NOOO….!" Vanessa screamed.

"Get away from him Sentinel…!" Dylan ordered as he held a rocket launcher in his arms.

"You are a fool and I have no use for fools…" Sentinel snarled as Dylan opened fire.

The rocket hit his chest plates; as Ironhide and Ultra Magnus along with Grimlock, Flamebrat and Megatron opened fire on Lasergrid, Dreadwing, Starmissile, Deathmatch and Bloodspiller.

Sentinel glanced over at Vanessa if he could not get the daughter then he would steal someone even more precious to Optimus Prime his mate. He aimed his gun at her and Mikaela; and smiled as he glanced at Optimus.

"I will take your mates regardless Optimus…." Sentinel snarled.

"NOOO…." Dylan yelled as he ran as fast as he could pushing his sister and Mikaela out of the way and taking the hit himself.

"Dylan….!" Vanessa screamed as Optimus and Ironhide fired relentlessly at Sentinel killing the evil prime once and for all.

Dylan was gone her only brother sacrificed himself for her and Mikaela.

"Why would he do that, he had to know he wouldn't survive that." Megatron asked.

"He did it for me and Mikaela; I was shown by the first primes that we would be killed. I planned on fighting it anyway well until Optimus lost interest in me that is…." She said sadly.

Optimus shook his helm wincing from the pain…"I love you Vanessa I never stopped loving you my ancestors did this test on us I should have out my pedes down and said no." he said as everyone saw a huge white light and emerging from the light was a being who looked exactly like the fallen.

Everyone at first didn't realize it was a friendly one; until they realized on their own who it was.

"I am happy to say you both passed the test; I am also happy to say that…."

"Wait please wait…" a male human said as Mearing, the president and other important humans ran up.

Prima tilted his helm as he watched the humans approach everyone; and suddenly he wondered what these tiny beings felt compelled to say to him.

"Optimus saved us far too many times and what we pulled was wrong; we want all the Cybertronians to stay here let this planet be their home forever if that is their wish. If there is a way you can bring your planet here and merge it we would like to help you." The president said.

Prima smiled will wonders ever cease; he doubted it. Prima caught everyone's attention and they sealed the agreement together with human and Cybertronian living in harmony together.

Vanessa went to Prima her head spinning, Prima glanced down at her.

"Everything you showed me was all changeable and you knew that, didn't you?" she asked.

"I am indeed sorry I and my brothers put you and Optimus through this test; but we had to be sure you were indeed meant to be together." Prima said as he motioned Mikaela to him as well. "Vanessa and Mikaela you two will be given complete sparks for your mates…" Prima said closing his optics and touching both girls on their foreheads and chests as another glow raced through their bodies.

Prima looked at all the Cybertronians and humans; he smiled and said "let be known as the day when humans and Cybertronians learned to trust one another work as one unit together in harmony." Prima replied as there were thunderous cheers from the Cybertronians and cheering from the humans.

Megatron and his brother embraced as the two brothers suddenly were shocked to see their father appear as well. "I am proud of you both; you learned to join together once more." Their father said.

"Thank you father….." they both said.

He nodded with a smile as they heard two powerful engines approaching.

"I do believe my grand baby is approaching…" he said.

Lennox and Epps turned to look as they saw a green jeep and silver pick up approach; they all watched as the door opened and a beautiful female girl got out.

"How did she age so fast…?" Epps asked.

"The portal dimension she trained in the time goes by faster there; she is 18 years old now." Prima explained.

Allora had a mountain lion with her; everyone assuming it was her pet. Allora had long flowing beautiful blonde hair; bright blue eyes and was tall for a normal human, but she was anything but normal. She had on a tight leather warrior's outfit; and thigh high boots.

She caught sight of her father and mother and ran to them without hesitation… "Papa….! Momma….!" She shouted running toward them.

Optimus used his holoform and Vanessa headed straight for their daughter who embraced them both.

"We missed you so much…" they said.

"I missed you both too; I learned a lot but now you get to teach me papa." She said.

Vanessa looked over where her brother once was; she started to sob wildly. Dylan will miss everything his niece's rise; the merging of Cybertron and Earth all because of Sentinel. Allora held her parents tighter for she was home now with her parents.

"Papa and Momma this is Jinx; he is my friend." She said as she whistled and the great cat walked over to her licking her hand. "I have some news too share I like two wonderful mechs papa…" she said excitedly.


"What….?" Optimus asked as he looked up at Trailbreaker and Hound.

"Yes papa, I like Trailbreaker and Hound they are so sweet…" she said as Optimus narrowed his optics at his two men.

"Is that so…?" Optimus asked.

"Oh scrap…." Trailbreaker and Hound muttered. "You should have waited hon…."

"Hon….?" Optimus said.

"Now papa I am 18 years….and a prime…." She argued.

"Never you mind, little one; papa will be right back," he said as his real body charged after his two men. "I need a word with you two please…" Optimus said in a sing song tone.

"Papa now be nice…" Allora said.

"Oh I will….." he said chasing after his two men.

"They are toast…." Sideswipe and Sunstreaker said as Allora turned toward them.

"SWIPER….! MY SUNSHINE….!" Allora squealed.

"Hey sweetspark…." Sideswipe said as she ran toward the two frontliners.

Then she spotted her Uncle Megatron and smiled. "Hey Uncle Megs what's up?" she asked.

"Hello my dear how are you now?" Megatron asked her.

"I am good and you?" she asked.

"Very well little one…" Megatron said as they all heard Optimus' growl as he continued to chase Trailbreaker and Hound. "Better than your future mates I take it." Megatron said with amusement.

"Not helping brother…!" Optimus said as Megatron laughed.

Optimus' hopes for peace not just with the Decepticons; but now with the humans as well would be wonderful. Then to top it off Cybertron being merged with Earth would be even better and Vanessa now had a spark; she would live longer and Mikaela too so Ironhide would be happy as well.

Then off in distance a white light shined through catching Vanessa's attention; she got up and followed up. There she saw her brother in this light with their grandmother and mother; she gasped as tears hit her.

"Hey short stuff don't cry I couldn't let you and Mikaela die now could I?" Dylan said as his eyes traveled toward Allora. "She's beautiful sis just like her mother."

Vanessa looked at her brother with love in her eyes. "You redeemed yourself always in my eyes big brother; I love you." Vanessa as Dylan smiled as they slowly disappeared from sight.

Megatron walked up to Vanessa using his holoform; he tapped her on the shoulder. "Are you alright…?" he asked.

She smiled with tears still in her eyes as she realized not just her brother had redeemed himself Megatron and the Decepticons had too. It was just like Jesus had said everyone can change if given the chance to do so.

She looked at Megatron and hugged him… "I am more than fine let's go join the others shall we?" she said as he smiled and they walked back to where the others were.

While in the distance, a voice could be heard….. "Well done my children….."

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