Is There an Us? One Life to Live story. All characters and backgrounds belong to its creators. John and Natalie face off after John's kiss with Sam.

Natalie glares at John. "Why did you kiss her!" John could not really look her in the eye.

John tried to speak. "What no answer?" she asked him

"It was not like that, Natalie." He said "Sam and I are not like that."

"Then what the hell is it then?" Natalie said as she paced around the squad room. "Aside from the fact that you and I are husband and wife." She snarled "We also have a child!"

John looked away "I know." Then he looked her in the eye "I did not betray you, Nat.'

"And since when have you trusted anything that Todd Manning has to say about anything!" On that point Natalie could not argue this.

"Well I can't really argue that." Nat looked him in the eye. "What is she? Another broken bird that you thought that you could fix?"

John just nodded and walked away for a bit. "She is almost the image of Theresa."

"Oh my God." She said "What is it with you so-called tough guys." Natalie walked around to face John. "But, most broken birds don't have husbands that are mob enforcers. You do realize McBain that Jason Morgan could have killed you?"

"Oh" John said "You heard about that, did you?"

Natalie gave him a withering look. "Well Duh!" she said "Anna called me after you got beaten up!"

"Did she now?" John said "I told her not to say..."

Natalie glared "Like she was going to listen to you." She then punches him in the arm. John jumps back "What the..."

"You could have been killed." she said as she started crying and walks into his arms. John just holds her and they stood there fro the longest moment. At this they just kissed and the words were done. And for the moment if there was a question of is there an us was answered… At least for the moment.