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A clanking of chains resonated off the stone walls and ceiling, the creature bound by them howling mercilessly as he struggled, silver eyes shut from the seer effort of pulling against the binds again and again, the dull grey shackles refusing to give. Screams and grunts of frustration poured endlessly out of the creature's mouth, white fangs glinted even in the absence of light.

"Hey assholes, I know you can hear me!" the slim figure screamed up to the large stone steps, "Let me out of here!"

His screams echoed around the room, his lips grunting in exertion as his snow white hair feel back onto the pillow, his body straining to release itself from its bonds, the chest heaving in exertion as he relaxed for a moment before picking up the pace once again, legs and arms thrashing wildly about in a desperate attempt to be free of his captors and his binds, the chains rattling against one another in his struggles.

"Let. Me. OUT!" he screamed, eyes narrowed in fury at the ascending staircase in front of him, the stone steps leading to nothing but darkness, though the inky blackness was something he himself was accustomed too. "I swear I'm going to drain you both dry when I get free! RELASE ME!"

The situation seemed to descend even further into hopelessness, though the creature struggling hadn't noticed. In truth, he had accepted long ago that he was beyond salvation; the only purpose for his existence was to give meaning to others, to show them why they should fear the thing that went bump in the dark.

As such, said creature was currently figuring a way out of his predicament, his mind rattling off several suggestions, all of which he disregarded. The chains and cuffs were clearly unforgiving, fortified with some sort of enchantment, meaning that his captor knew what they were dealing with; this meant that brute force wouldn't work, though he continually tried. Another method was killing them the minute they came to see him, but that would only result in his captors death and his continual confinement, the blood that they would undoubtedly spill most likely out of his reach and taunting him till the end of his days.

His brain turned to seduction, a tool he rarely, but effectively, wielded; an idea he had to shoot down immediately. The singular figure had successfully ambushed him out of the darkness; his body sore but his mind clear, he had tried to seduce the dark figure that approached him, a glimmer of success radiating in his eyes as the tall form paused for a moment before he leaned over him, the long dark hair held in a ponytail cascading over the shoulder, the face hidden from view in the shrouds of darkness. His success was short lived as a needle plunged into his back, his body seizing for a moment before collapsing on the asphalt, his eyes watching as the figure drew his blade, the malicious steel glinting in the night before his silver eyes closed and he succumbed to slumber.

Pale skin continued to thrash wildly about as he continued screaming and spitting out curses and threats to the men he knew were listening above him, his words could not be lost in the confines of his prison. He didn't care that they chose to keep him alive; to him this was far more humiliating and agonizing than lying in the street as a lifeless corpse. Silver eyes squeezed shut as he chastised himself for allowing petals of tears to bloom in his eyes; he was not weak and when he broke free, there were no ifs in this situation, he vowed to tear the two captors to shreds and thoroughly enjoy every minute of their demise.

"Noisy one, ain't he?"

Cobalt eyes glared at the red heads musings, his singular curious green eyeball staring with keen interest at the secret door hidden expertly on the tiled floor, the muffled cursing weaving its way to their ears, the rattling of chains accompanying his furious voice.

"Che," the tall Japanese glowered, "he wouldn't be if you let me finish my job."

"Now Yuu~" the other man teased, "you know that having him alive for testing purposes is enormously beneficial to society, think of what we could learn!"

"And having him dead is equally as beneficial to society," the long-haired retorted, "AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!"

"But, he's the first of this calibre," his partner continued to protest, "we've never studied his kind before."

"Of course not!" the dark cobalt eyes glared, "we've never studied those ones because they're almost always in full form and end up slaughtering half the people!"

"Which is why this is so important," the green eyed man continued, "he's not full yet! There might be some way to stop the process or reverse it or-"

"He has a Noah's soul, Lavi!" the Japanese finally snapped, "he was damned since his birth; the only way to save that monstrosity is to walk down there and behead him!"

"You know as well as I do that that won't work!" Lavi snapped, "the soul in his body is immortal, kill the boy and the soul will take to yet another host and we've lost valuable information for who knows how long. Study this one and we might be able to stop the cycle all together, this would end their reign of terror and night all together Kanda! It's a chance that's only happened in our entire co-mingled existence!"

"You want to end their reign of terror," Kanda seethed, "then stop cowering behind test tubes and experiments and fight!"

"You know why I can't do that!" Lavi gripped, "this is the only way I can help you and the other exorcists and if that creature in the cellar holds the answers then I'll keep him alive as long as I can."

"He's an immortal," Kanda growled dangerously, "one day, very soon mark my words, it'll take him over and when that happens, you and everyone else will die because you were so focused on finding a damn cure for fourteen people and you will regret not letting me slaughter him on the spot."

Lavi remained silent, his singular eye glaring fully at the equally as angry cobalt eyes, the jaw of the Japanese twitching slightly in frustration.

"If that happens," Lavi said softly, "if it looks like he's going to lose control, I'll let you kill him; but until then, I'm going to try all I can to save the human down there and kill the monster within him."

Kanda crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the countertop of the lab bench, his eyes breaking away from Lavi with a huffy grunt.

"I'm glad you agree," the red head said, his body relaxing quietly, "now, I need to get everything ready, so I need test tubes and a centrifuge and-"

"This is a mistake," Kanda muttered, his face still sour as the lab coat clad man flitted around his work area.

"Yuu, don't-"

"What have I said about calling me that!?" the Japanese snapped.

"Kanda, don't start! Society will use this research for generations to come-"

"There won't be generations to come if that thing gets loose," Kanda snarled, "he's tagged as the Fourteenth's soul, he'll destroy everything and everyone, it doesn't care; let me kill it now and save the society today."

Lavi glared as Kanda from over his shoulder while he dug around in the cabinets, "No."

Kanda watched with distain as the white lab coat moved around hurriedly, several machines and apparatuses set up with different vials and test tubes.

"Does the Order know?"

The red head froze in his tracks, his eyes shifting around to compose a reasonable explanation while his friend groaned.

"You stupid rabbit-"

"Just hear me out-"

"So, not only are we housing a deranged monster that is predicted to destroy our very existence," Kanda fumed, "the Order, the society that considers us disposable, isn't even aware of this and you want to do testing on him? Fuck that, I'm gone."

"Kanda wait!" Lavi pleaded, standing in the Japanese's way, "if I turn him over to the Order they'll either kill him on the spot-"

"I don't see a problem-"

"-OR they'll subject him to cruel tests that will end up killing him!"

"It's nothing less than he deserves!" Kanda snapped.

"HE hasn't done anything!" Lavi retorted, "that person down there is only a halfling, there is no evidence that the fourteenth is even awake so if there's a chance we can save him, I'll take it!"

"He's still a vampire Lavi," the Japanese seethed, "a creature that feeds on human blood and is condemned to the shadows for eternity! Whether or not he has one of their immortal souls in him means nothing! The only difference is that he turned on his own, without any influence from another!"

"HE COULD BE SAVED!" Lavi finally shouted.

"THE ONLY WAY TO SA VE HIM IS TO KILL HIM!" Kanda bellowed back, "and if the Order finds out that we didn't they'll hunt us down along with him. It's safer for everyone involved to just eliminate him here and now; I am not going to die for your damn experimentations!"

Lavi's mouth hung open, words of protest lost in the open air as he stared stubbornly back at the samurai, his eyes boring holes into the red head.

"Look," Lavi asked hoarsely, his head in his hands as he steadied himself, "just, give me time, alright? I'll take some samples, do some measurements, and observe him over time. If the transformations start they won't over take him completely; let me watch and record how they go. If something indicates that the change will be permanent, then you can do as you please, I won't stop you. Just, don't go to the Order and don't kill him just yet, okay?"

Kanda ground his teeth, his former partner begging was almost enough to convince him of the uncontained need for this. Since Lavi had had his encounter with the Noah, he was determined to find a cure for vampirism, despite the vocal outrage of the Order's head men and had thus banished the one-eyed bookman from the battle ground, confining the man to his home with nothing but Kanda for outside contact. Kanda knew that Lavi would never beg, he'd cunningly find some way around the situation and deceive him into helping.

"How long do you need?" Kanda asked, careful to keep the deadly tone in his voice.

"I-I don't know," Lavi confessed, "it depends on his transformations and how far along he is and-"

"How Long?"

The red head swallowed, "a few months, I think."

The Japanese nodded, "I'll give you four. If you have nothing to show for it then or he becomes that bloodthirsty monstrosity, he'll die by my blade, absolutely no arguments."

Lavi nodded vigorously, his face braking out into a grin at Kanda's words, "right, no arguments, not one! Oh, thank you thank you thank you thank you Yuu! How can I ever-"

"You can start by not hugging me and not calling me by that name!" Kanda snapped, his hand on the red head's forehead, pushing him away from his outstretched arms.

"Right! Deal!" Lavi bounced away from his friends and began to resume gathering materials for tests, "oh, I have so much to do! Gotta get his measurements and history and blood work and-"

"Can you do it quietly?" Kanda retorted harshly.

"Doubt that," Lavi grinned, his bag crammed with an assortment of apparatuses, tubes, and syringes, his hands reaching down to pull open the cellar door, "I gotta go see him to get the tests done don't I; and I think he's none too pleased with either one of us at the moment."

The Japanese sighed as the red hair descended the steps towards the creature of night, his cobalt eyes narrowing dangerously as his long fingered hand gripped the sword resting comfortably on his hip, his booted feet stepping towards the trap door. Whether Lavi found a cure or even a hope of one did not matter to Kanda, these creatures were beyond the salvation of medication, their only solace to be found was in the comfort of death, and that was exactly what Kanda would bring the monster locked away in the cellar.

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