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Golden eyes roamed over the sleeping form, the eyes closed peacefully and the breath leaving his body at a languid pace. His legs crossed over the other, the long fingers reached to adjust the covers over the relaxed body, purely for something to do. Tyki sighed; perhaps he shouldn't have revealed himself, though he would've been revealed regardless. Then again, he might've avoided the fight that was currently ongoing just outside of where Allen slept.


"Kanda! Calm down and STOP SCREAMING!"

The elder vampire sighed once more. Allen's peaceful face was no indication of the atmosphere or what had just transpired. He had no idea Lavi had the ability to tackle Kanda let alone hold him down.

After he had waltzed into the room, the long fingers reached to grab the hilt of the katana only to be taken down by a pair of arms around his middle, both hunters slamming to the ground and struggling against each other.

Miraculously, Lavi had managed to calm him down enough to explain that the vampire was no threat to the three of them, that he never was. It was then Kanda had yanked him towards the front hall and proceeded to berate him, to yell at him.

"He's harmless!" Lavi was now yelling at him.

"Right! He's just a bloodsucking VAMPIRE!" Kanda seemed to scoff, "you probably sucked more than he did."

"OH don't get all high and mighty!" the redhead snapped, "what the Hell was Allen doing in your bed!?"

"Sleeping dumbass!"

"WITH YOU!" Lavi screamed, "face it, you're not better than ME!"

"Beg to differ!"


"Well, let's see if I got this straight!" Kanda shouted, "you've not only ben screwing him since you were taken and not tell me, you've been seeing him since you got free!"

"I couldn't tell you!" Lavi shot back, "the Order had me under full surveillance!"

"But after why bother!" the Japanese young man announced sarcastically.

"Look, I'm sorry-" the redhead tried to explain exasperatedly.

"So you're sorry that you've been fucked by a vampire or potentially brainwashed by him?" Kanda growled, his eyes narrowed angrily while Lavi snapped.

"Well at least I didn't fall into a coma after we had sex!" the other finally screamed back, "just how bad are you!?"

Tyki pursed his lips at the words from his lover, impressed at how quickly the rabbit silenced the young hunter.

"You are in no position to talk," Lavi continued, calmer this time, "face it, you're in the same boat I'm in. Now, you can either chew me out and scream at me or, and I'd prefer this option, we work together and heal them."


"But I warn you; try and kill him and I'll fight you every step of the way, right up until I die," the redhead told him sternly.

"Well aren't you threatening," Kanda mocked as the green eyes narrowed.

"I should be," Lavi murmured, "I know where the disease originates and I am the only one to cure it, so you should back off!"

Both were silent as Tyki moved from Allen's side to the hallway where the other two fought, Kanda's eyes just as wide as his.


"It's the bone marrow," the young man murmured, "the heart tissue was cleared within four hours."

"That's… That's good-"

"Yeah, it's great," Lavi started sarcastically, "aside from a complete bone marrow transfer, which won't be happening by the way, the drug needs to, somehow, separate the marrow from the body, use it to deliver the drug to the rest of the body, and kill off the virus," he glanced to Tyki, "it's going to be extremely painful."

"How long would it take for you to manufacture?" the vampire asked, the warning of pain hardly fazing him.

"He's already done it."

Tyki seemed surprised though Lavi was silent, aware of the eyes looking at him, one in shock the other in anger, Kanda's declaration still hanging thick in the air.

"If Allen's heart cleared in four hours, you've already started the process of the drug," Kanda started. "and I'm willing to bet you didn't sleep last night, so it's done," his eyes narrowed, "and it works."

"Only… only on mice," Lavi whispered, "only those that have been turned."

"Well let's test it on something that wasn't."


Stunned, Lavi only managed to move with Kanda when the young man brushed past them and moved down the stairs, his face set.

"NO, Kanda, STOP!"

The hand on the Japanese's arm tugged him back harshly, his own hand swinging out in an attempt to free himself from the grip, Lavi moving swiftly out of the way.


"You need a test subject, now you've got one," the dark hair jerked to the vampire who was following them with stunned eyes.

"You are you of your damn mind if you think-"

"You're not doing it," Kanda wrenched free, his body manoeuvring to the unmistakable tubes of blue, "I am."


The wind left the Japanese's breath as he punched to the ground, the elbow sharply in his back shoving him roughly to the floor. Turning to look up, Kanda was met with Lavi standing between him and the medicine, Tyki looking on from the other side of the table.

"I cannot use this on them," Lavi breathed, "wh-what if it kills them!?"

"Then use it on one and not the other!"

"What do you want me to do!?" the other snapped, "flip a coin!?"

"Well you've got one vampire right there!" Kanda roared, Lavi glaring back at him with a yet unseen determination.

"I am not using him as a lab rat!" the red head screamed, "there's no way in hell that's happening!"

"But you're perfectly fine with using Moyashi, someone you called a friend, for this test!" the Japanese pointed out.

"NO!" Lavi snapped, his fingers gripping his copper locks, "look I-I just- rrg-"

"You just what, rabbit!?"

"I JUST DON'T KNOW ANYMORE, OKAY!?" the redhead yelled, "I CAN'T use this stuff on EITHER of them until I KNOW it's safe-"

Green eyes turned in surprise to the sound of the clattering test tubes, the orbs widening at the sight of Tyki bent over by the table, his hand supporting himself on the black table top, one of the sleeves on his white shirt rolled up and the other free hand holding onto an empty syringe.


"You'll know soon enough… if it's safe," the vampire panted, a satisfied smirk on his lips while sweat beaded on his forehead and his lungs expanding, "sooner… than I thought… apparently."

"TYKI!" Lavi screamed as he bolted towards the other, the vampire's legs collapsing underneath him and his body slammed into the ground, his body shivering and thrashing as he seized, white foam slipping from his lips dribbling down his cheek and flicked to the floor, the redhead reaching to hold the head of curly black hair to prevent the other from slamming his skull into the floor. "No!" the redhead protested, his tears betraying him as they filled his eyes, "no, no stay with me!"

Kanda just stood and watched as Lavi begged the elder to keep in the realm of consciousness, the gold eyes seemingly unseeing and the body lurching as the spasms slowed.


The pale hand gently patted the other's cheek, his eyelids slowly fluttering shut as his head lolled to the side.

"Tyki? TYKI!?"

Lavi's actions were reminiscent of Kanda's as he fruitlessly shook his lover only to receive no response from the vampire.

"Kanda!" Lavi begged, "y-you've got to help me!"

"I've don't have to-"

"Please!" tears spilt from the green orbs, "please! Please I-I'm begging you!"


"I can't live without him!" Lavi sobbed, his hands gripping the other's black pants, "PLEASE!"


A hand struck the pale cheek, the green eyes shocked though he was still crying quietly.

"Get a hold of yourself!" Kanda told him, "calm down and check his vitals."

Shaking, the fingers pressed to the throat, ignoring the sputum still slipping slowly from the lips.

"I-I can't find it," Lavi whispered, "K-Kanda-"

"He's going to choke on that," the other tried to make sense for Lavi, "I'll get the medical kit."

"A-And the defibrillators," the young man called up the stairs, his voice shaky as he, without a second thought, slipped two fingers between the dark lips and began to dig out the frothy obstruction, the vampire turned to his side in an attempt to clear the airway.


"Give it to me," Lavi ordered, his hands snatching away the kit, his fingers searching for the pads.


Without a word, pale hands tore through the shirt, the dark chest exposed. White pads slapped to their designated places, the machine charging to release a burst that seemingly did nothing but jerk the chest.


Still ignoring the other, Lavi forced the machine to charge once more, his lip between his teeth as panic filled his veins.

"Lavi," Kanda tried once more, "Lavi-"

A coughing interrupted him as the redhead depressed the defibrillator once more, the chest lurching as the elder hacked, his body forcing the sputum to the floor.


Unable to inhale, the vampire kept coughing, his face scrunched in pain as he tried desperately to breathe.

"Stay with him."


Kanda's protests fell on deaf ears, Lavi's feet moving rapidly up the room and out of their sight, leaving his vampire lover and his friend on the floor of the lab.

"Shit," the hunter whispered, his body straightening from where Tyki lay, "Lavi-"

A hand clutched his ankle as he made to follow, the chest shuddering as the vampire gasped for air, his golden eyes peeking out to meet Kanda's cobalt.

Against his better judgement, Kanda kneeled by the creature, his hands rolling the vampire over to a recovery position. The white sputum, still spewing from the gasping lips, splattered to the floor.


Dark hair swished as Kanda turned to look up at the approaching other, a stretcher in his hand with what looked like a series of tubes in the other.

Without words, Kanda found himself helping Lavi lift the vampire to the stretcher, the straps across his chest, legs, and arms holding him in place before Tyki head was tilted back and a tube was forced down his throat, a bag attached to the other end.

"Take his legs," Lavi told him, his voice slightly shaky as he pumped air into the elder's lungs, "I-I gotta do this."


"Up the-the stairs… t-to my room…"

They had quickly organized themselves so that Lavi walked up the stairs first with Kanda behind, Lavi doing his best to keep his panic in check as he carried his lover while forcing air into the lungs. Kanda stole glances from his destination to the other two, the weak gold eyes looking up to the worried green, the forehead beaded with sweat and the shirt was soaked with it.

The vampire looked even sicker when he was laid to rest on the large bed, his matted hair on the pillow and his body, from the spare skin Kanda had touched, now seemed to be burning.

It was now Kanda's responsibility to pump air into the weak lungs while Lavi ran around like some decapitated chicken, medical equipment brought to his room. Pads affixed themselves to the chest while needles were stuck into his arms and hands, Lavi's face fearful at the sight of the wild heartbeat and screaming machine.

"H-Hey Tyki," Lavi started, ignoring Kanda who was adjusting the saline solution on the hook while the redhead clasped the clammy hand, "Tyki can you hear me?"

"He can't talk he's got a tube in his throat," Kanda pointed out, his body moving past Lavi's to hook the ventilator to the creature's mouth.

"Tyki," the redhead pressed on , "Tyki that was stupid! Wh-Why would you-"

The dark skin seemed to have already turned a sickly pale shade, his eyes having grown dark rings and his eyes were as weak as the rest of his body. It did not stop him from trying to move his hand towards the younger, his fingers twitching as his hand struggled to move closer to the pale hand.

"Did this happen with any of the other tests?" Kanda asked, watching as the heart beat sporadically.

"Not… Not really no," Lavi confessed, "I mean… they convulsed and-and were in pain but-but not like this."


"Tyki I'm sorry," the redhead seemed to wither slightly, "I'm so sorry-"

The other gasped as he tried his best to shake his head, to tell the hunter he did not blame him. Unfortunately, his body was too weary, the golden eyes fading as the dark lids fluttered closed.

"Tyki? TYKI!?"

Hands on each shoulder shook him desperately, the body limp and heavy.

"He's still alive," Kanda murmured, his hand pushing the younger back to the chair beside his bed, his head gesturing to the still beeping heart and lung monitor.

"But… for how long?"

Kanda had never seen Lavi look more terrified than he did at that instant, his eyes wide and half-filled with tears, his body trembling as he held tightly to the hand.

"For as long as you can keep him alive I guess," the other told him, his body moving to leave the room, the redhead watching with fear.


"We'll work in shifts," Kanda called from the hall, "come get me in six hours, I'll be on the couch," he stopped by his room, his eyes peering into where the younger vampire slept, his consciousness blissfully unaware of the turmoil festering in their house. Sighing deeply, the door was shut, casting the younger into darkness while Kanda moved to spend one of the first in what promised to be many long nights.

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