This is an idea I had a few days ago. You're hearing from the point of view of Colin Avorey, a student of the professor's. Is he an OC of mine? ... I guess you coud say that. Not my main, but a character I made up for this story. Hope you like this! P.S.: THERE ARE A LOT OF SPOILERS FOR THE LOST FUTURE. I don't want to ruin anything, so read at your own risk!

I don't own Professor Layton. (Sadly. ),; ) Enjoy!

"Colin!" Ronnie called. I turned around and a blonde boy was running my way. I scooted over in my seat as he walked into class and he plopped down next to me. A bunch of other kids crowded around me too, quickly discussing the night's plan before the professor came in.

"Did you get a hold of her?" A girl asked.

"You're sure this'll work, right, mate?" Another boy.

All of us - the professor's homeroom class - came up with an idea too - crazily enough - set the Professor up with a girl.

What professor am I talking about, you may ask? Professor Layton.

It was a few months ago. He went on another one of those adventures. Turns out the girl helping him since the beginning was his old girlfriend. As it happens, he's grieved over her for the past ten years. And now that she's gone again, the grieving has returned. He doesn't look different - the little changes aren't obvious, but if you look real hard, they're there.

He would always have a twinkle in his eye whenever he laughed at something, making the entire room smile. He was always serious, and yet, always cracking us up with jokes. But now... Don't get me wrong, he still does it, but if you squint really good, his laughter seems a tad bit forced nowadays. Ever since his girlfriend left him. Again.

"Morning, every- Well, well. Planning something, are we?" The professor walked in with a smirk. Everyone dispersed and sat in their seats. "No, sir." We said. He chuckled once. "I beg to differ..." He mumbled, making us laugh again. Yep, good ol' Professor.

"Er... Professor Layton?" Someone in the back called. Ronnie, my best friend. "Yes, Ron?" He answered. Ronnie cleared his throat a little. "Are... Have you been okay lately?" The professor blinked, but caught his meaning. "I'm sorry? ...Oh." He sighed, sitting down behind his desk. "I understand that you're all... worried about me, I suppose you could say. And I'm grateful for that, really. But I assure you, I'm fine. I've accepted it, and I've moved on. Nothing to it." He looked at us. The looks in our eyes must've given everything away.

"... You set me up on a date with a girl, didn't you."

The class laughed, but nodded. "It was Colin's idea." A girl said. "What!?" I retorted, much to Layton's amusement. The man laughed again. "I appreciate it, Colin. Really, I do." He thought for a moment, leaning back in his chair. "Why don't you tell me about her, then." I blinked. So did half of the class. "Huh?" I asked. The professor shrugged. "I'm in a discussion mood today." The class hissed with delight. "Yesss!" some said gleefully. Whenever he was in that mood, we just talked. He didn't demonstrate anything, didn't explain anything. Just had conversations with us. Apparently, today's was about his little date.