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The next day in class...

"Well then! Now that we're finally done with that monstrosity..." Professor Layton said with a sigh, making his students laugh, just as he always does, he closed the book he was lecturing the class with, walked over to his desk, and started to rummage through it, looking for a file containing the day's lesson plans. "... I believe there's one more thing we have to cover before the class ends." After a couple minutes' searching left him fruitless, he shrugged. "No? Really? Well then, I suppose we're done for the day. And with... an hour left, really?" He thought aloud, making the young adults snicker yet again. "An hour?" One of the students called. "Wow." Said another.

Layton sat down in his leather swivel chair and leaned back. "I am on a roll today!" He said to no one in particular, clapping his hands once in accomplishment. "I'd have a random talk with you guys but I've really got nothing on my mind. Has anyone got any ideas?" He said with a satisfactory smile on his lips. Of course, Colin was the first one to speak. Colin, the one who revealed to Professor Layton that there was to be a plan to set him up on that date.

"How'd your date go?"

At this, every student murmured with excitement, hoping the professor would tell them. The older man sighed. "I knew someone would say that..." He paused a second. "Foy your information, Colin, it actually went quite well." He chuckled once. "And considering how little experience I have with women, I'm quite pleased with myself." Even he had to laugh a little at that one. "In fact..." The professor said, to Colin specifically, standing up and turning his chair around so he'd have to sit open-legged on the chair and rest his chin on the back, "... I find it quite ironic. What I just said about how I am with girls. And not just ironic in my case, oh no. It's quite ironic for you as well." Colin blinked. "What are you implying, professor?" The shaggy-haired boy questioned. Layton chuckled. "I've heard from a few of my... female students..." he chuckled again.

"What's so funny, Professor Layton?" Colin asked. Layton held a finger up. "Sorry, this is just too rich." He took a breath. "I've heard you're quite good with the ladies. And yet... if I'm not mistaken... you don't even have a girlfriend. Which makes me wonder what exactly those girls mean when they say you're... good... Colin..." He smirked as the entire room cackled and made "Ooooh"'ing noises. "What a burn, bro." Colin's best friend Ronnie laughed. Colin's cheeks went a fiery shade of plum, and very quickly at that. The professor laughed. "I'm sorry for calling you out like that, Colin... but that was pure perfection, you have to admit..." Colin paused a moment, then chuckled. "It was pretty good, actually..." Layton laughed. "See?"

A girl in the back of the classroom brought the first subject back up, saying "What exactly did you two do yesterday, Professor?" The man sighed. "Well - Ron, I don't know what you're doing with your eyebrows, but I know what it means, and you' better stop, okay? We didn't do that." An uproarous laughter arose from the students. "If you must know, Amanda, we ended up staying at my house because just when we were about to leave it started to pour, as being the intellegent man I am, I parked in the middle of the bloody parking lot." The students roared with laughter again at almost hearing him curse - something he never did. He rolled his eyes. "Damnit, ron, would you stop with the eyebrow thing!?" He chuckled. "Fine." He called back to the older man. "Did you guys kiss?" Multiple "Oooh"'s and wolf-whistles arose from the twenty-odd students. The man smiled. "And what if I say we did?" The girls mostly squealed; the boys continued to wolf-whistle. "Hey now..." The professor said, snapping his fingers a few times, "... I never said we did. I asked what you'd say if I told you I did. Never did I say we really did kiss..." He looked at the ground. "... But yes, we did." He looked back up slightly to find that the girls had continued to squeal. The professor had to roll his eyes and almost hit the desk, albeit with a smirk.

"Damnit, Ron! Stop that!"

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