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Also, this epilogue is NOT a happy sunshine everyone gets the best stuff ever kind of epilogue. It's realistic and gritty.

Alternate ending, Eva wins. (Epilogue down below).

This time Courtney's shoulder ram was effective, and Eva hit the dust, still coughing and hacking.

Courtney grinned as she sat down on top of Eva. "One…two…three."

Eva bucked her hips and raised her left hand in a punch towards Courtney, and Courtney raised her hand to block it, but the hip buck threw her off balance and Eva' s fist was able to collided directly with Courtney's temple.


Eva stood on the groaning, dazed Courtney for five seconds.

"And Eva is the winner of Total Drama Chaos!" Chris boomed, and the crowd erupted into a mixture of polite applause, vivid cheering and a couple of heinous boos.

Eva let out a roar of triumph and jumped around, dancing like a loon.

Courtney was now on her knees. Tears dusted her eyes and she wiped them away angrily. Trying to be gracious, she stumbled over to Eva, still a bit unsteady,

They shook.

"Good game," Courtney' tone was hollow and sad.

"Good game," Eva grinned back, "you were a worthy opponent."

"Alright, let's get out of this dusty cave!" Chris smiled.

(Confessional: Courtney.)

Courtney: *Looking devastated.* I was so close! This is awful, I'm so ashamed! *She takes a deep breath and calms herself* There's nothing you could've done Courtney, its over. Time to focus on real life…

(End Confessional: Courtney.)

The shot cut to the thirty-eight campers, Blainley included, on the Dock of Shame.

"Here you go, Eva!" Chris grinned, showing her five suitcase, each one identical to the one that usually holds the million dollars.

"Hell yeah, this is gonna be sweet!" Eva pumped her fists, "My gym is totally getting a make over. Thank God this wretched show is over, huh guys?"

"I'll say!" Tyler whooped, "Let's go party!"

Eva looked thoughtful, "you know what? A party sounds great. Let's do it!"

Cheers erupted throughout the dock.

Chris grinned, referring to Courtney's earlier statement "Oh yes, with this season, Total Drama gets put to bed. Time for me to retire as a multi, multi millionaire."

A fancy yacht docked at the Dock of Shame.

"What's going to happen to Wawanakwa now?" Noah asked as the contestants started to board the yacht.

Chris shrugged, "who knows, I might turn it into a hotel or something. Now on the boat with you!"

Once everyone, including Sky, Shawn, Rodney and Chef, had boarded the yacht, Chris turned to the camera, grinning. "Well folks, I hope you all enjoyed the last season of Total Drama, its been a good one! After all the pain, laughs, tears, and love we finally have our five-million dollar winner. This is Chris McLean signing off the final episode of Total! Drama! Chaos!" He boarded the yacht and it sped off into the distance.

Epilogue: Ten Years Later.

After that fateful summer on Wawanakwa where Courtney took home the five million, everyone returned to their lives, some grateful that Total Drama was over and some disheartened.

Here's a look at their lives, ten years into the future.

Tyler dated Lindsay for a few years after Total Drama Chaos ended, but when Lindsay's parents wanted to move from Toronto to Beverly Hills, California, there wasn't much the jock could do. After a tearful goodbye at the airport, the two agreed it would be best if they cut contact. Tyler got a job acting on a Canadian sitcom which was popular for a few years, before meeting another girl and settling down with the decent chunk of money made from his show. He currently still lives in his home town of Waterloo, Toronto and works in real estate. Tyler proposed to his girlfriend, Shelly, last week, and the two are already making wedding preparations. He still exchanges the occasional phone call with Noah.

Lindsay was super excited when she learned she would be moving to the Hills, and although she was sad about having to break-up with Tyler, she soon forgot about him in the whirl of partying and relaxing her life became. She spent a few years getting smashed at parties and waking up next to strangers before a near-fatal drunk driving accident changed the course of her life. She went to college, majored in English, and now teaches fourth grade history and models on the side. She is single and hasn't talked to anyone from Total Drama in over five years.

Chef lives a quiet life. Still single and with barely any money to his name, Chef basically lives of Chris's handouts, which the host is all to happy to give out to his long-time friend. Ten thousand dollars? Sure thing, go to Jamaica! Yes, Chef might look odd with dreadlocks and a beard, but he'll just tell you "you need a little more love, maaaaaan."

Scott moved back to his fathers pig farm, and after a grace period where the paparazzi were showing up at his door for several months on end, life finally started to get back to normal. However, his family was always different to him after Total Drama, most likely due to his sadistic and cruel actions while on TV. Fed up, Scott left his home in Alberta, Canada, and moved to Nova Scotia, where he works as a truck driver, distributing goods to all of Canada.

Katie and Sadie remain friends to this day, and are one of the most happening fashion brands in Chicago, Illinois. Katie remains single but Sadie married a man named Jonathan and the two just had their four year anniversary. Neither want kids and Katie is loving the single life. If someone told them ten years ago that they couldn't even go into public without being swarmed by adoring fans, they would've just blushed and told you that you were insane.

Mike lived a normal life for a couple years with his family in Ontario before suffering an immense mental breakdown. No one knows the cause, but after spending a year and a half in mental hospital, he had a miraculous recovery, and his personalities seemed to have vanished. Or at least, that's what he tells people. To everyones shock, he broke up with Zoey and moved across the country to British Columbia. Sure, the occasional disappearance happens now and then in the city he moved to, but no one suspects innocent, what-a-guy Mike. No one sees the dark glint in his eye, and no one knows the truth…

Zoey stuck with Mike throughout his time in the mental ward, and was absolutely devastated when he broke up with her out of the blue. Swaddled in a depression for several months, Zoey eventually recovered and continued her teaching job at her local elementary school. She met an average joe named Liam and married him. They have two boys, Rick and Henry, and live quiet, happy lives.

B now works for the Canadian government. His exceptional intelligence and inability to be interrogated made him a prime candidate for the governments CSIS initiate program, and B was approached several months after Total Drama. He passed with flying colors after losing about a hundred pounds, and is now one of Canada's most deadly agents…not that Canada really needs deadly agents. More than that I cannot say.

Sam broke up with Dakota shortly after Total Drama when he got an offer to design video games for Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington, USA. When Dakota told him it was either her or the job, Sam made a hard choice that got a whole lot easier when he realized Dakota had been cheating on him for months prior to Total Drama Chaos. Now happily living his dream job, Sam has contributed to many a successful video games, and finds he has more money than he knows what to do with. Besides, who needs a girlfriend?

Dakota was secretly received when Sam chose the job over her, and was able to fully return to her life of partying. She continues to live in her Daddy's pocket until this day, living in the lap of luxury. She's not one to do drugs or get smashed, but prefers to try and stay in her teenage years and spend the days shopping and gabbing on the phone with her superficial friends. Its a sad life, but Dakota will tell you she's happy, and she is.

Ezekiel returned to his family's farm after his therapy concluded. He returned to his farm life, and invested in the 25,000 dollars he received from Courtney into making his fathers farm state-of-the-art. For his 21st birthday, his father bought him a small farm of his own, and Ezekiel now lives there happily, making a decent living. He's alone, but currently wooing a girl from town with wonderful blue eyes.

Bridgette became a world class surfer, and is part of one of several Total Drama couples to still remain together. She and Geoff live in Venture County, California, a little known, beautiful sea-town. Bridgette made a lot of money about five years back surfing and leading multiple animal-rights campaigns, so she and her husband live comfortably with their two blond-haired green-eyed twin girls, Arabella and Denise. She still keeps in contact with Gwen now and again.

Geoff was always there for Bridgette, whether she was surfing or leading protests. He did TV hosting for a couple years after Total Drama, but quietly retired once Bridgette became pregnant. They're rich enough to not have to work, so both spend their time devoted to their hobbies and children. Geoff has taken up surfing and, while not nearly as good as Bridgette, wins the local surfing competitions…when Bridgette lets him.

Lightning is a millionaire. After being noticed on Total Drama internationally, the National Football League approached him to see if he could get his American citizenship before he turned eighteen years old. Lightning was all to eager to accept, and is now in the form of his life after winning the Superbowl for the New England Patriots for the third year running, with the best running-back record in NFL history.

Beth lives a quiet life. After Total Drama Chaos, Beth paid to go to her local university, and got a degree in Agriculture. She now resides on her small dairy and meat farm with her husband and very young son. She spends her days out in the fields and her nights writing her autobiography of Total Drama.

Shawn is homeless. And happy about it, if you can believe. Shawn wonders around Detroit, the head of one of the most feared gangs in history. Labeled "the brain-eaters", Shawn and a bunch of other loons go around killing criminals. The police turn a blind eye to it because Shawn is such a master strategist, that only two of his men have ever died in the six years of running this gang.

Brick was a General. After he failed fashion school, Brick did four tour duties in Pakistan, quickly rising up through the ranks. He became the rank of General, but after getting captured in a freak raid on one of his missions, decided to retire and was showered with honors as he did so. He now lives off the military penchant he has, and has two beautiful children with a women he loves. Needless to say, Jo was happy when Brick retired form the military, but she would never admit it.

Jo is the perfect young girls' role model. She took care of her two kids while her husband was away in the military, is the owner of a massively successful workout program, and won bronze in weightlifting in the Woman's Olypmics. She now spends her days with her family.

Sierra is a menace. Currently #3 on the FBI's most wanted, Sierra is one of the most competent, dangerous hackers in the world. She never uses her skill for evil, and only leaks documents she feels the public deserve to know. She's kind of an anti-hero, and is currently somewhere in Estonia chatting away merrily to a Russian mob boss, who is paying her an exorbitant amount of money to find out where is daughter is. Sierra is happy to help, for a price.

Cameron won a Nobel prize. Yes, he did. Known as "the little Einstein", Cameron has been responsible for many advancements in science. He graduated from Harvard with high honors and a doctorate in medical science. He's the funny guy of the office, always freaking out at the slightest bit of dirt and grime, but by God is he brilliant. If you don't enter his lab without going through his sanitation process, though, he might just put a hole or two in you.

Anne Maria is a TV celebrity. After Total Drama, Anne Maria took full advantage of her TV celeb status. She dated Justin for a few more years, but both agreed it wasn't working out. They remain friends to this day, and Anne Maria enjoys TV appearances now and then, but her main focus is on her own reality show "Why Everything Sux".

Justin is a movie star. Despite the fact that he's gorgeous, Justin also found he had a knack for acting after being approached to do a humorous commercial. Now the star of several Hollywood Block busters, Justin is filthy rich but lives a humble life, living with his girlfriend of six years, a plain, unassuming girl named Ginny, and his two cats, Jamie and Tyrion, named after his two favorite Game of Thrones characters. He still makes time to have weekly Skype sessions with his buddy Trent.

Alejandro is a soccer star. After leaving the world of reality TV behind him, he moved back to Spain, his home country, and took up soccer with his local league. He worked his way up to La Liga in near-record time, taking longer than only his older brother, Jose. He was the star of the news after he was signed for FC Barcelona, and there was a record attendance for Alejandro's first game vs rival club Real Madrid, which Jose played for. Alejandro scored the equalizer in a 1-1 draw, twenty-four minutes after his brother and six minutes from final time. He lives in Barcelona with his girlfriend of eleven years.

Heather is happy. She gets to leave in beautiful Barcelona and be rich because her boyfriend can kick a ball around. Whoopdiedoo. She works for Alejandro's team and is currently the assistant coach, and the most vicious assistant coach of all time, having a record of eleven red cards, which aren't even technically possible for coaches. Its expected when the current manager leaves that she'll take his place and be the first ever female manager in Spain's top flight. Its a good stress reliever, being able to scream at people and not get funny looks for it.

Chris is still a dick. Living it up in Beverly Hills, he is somewhat of an international joke, but somehow still gets asked to host the Oscars. He's so hateable you have to love him, and he's somewhat respected since he hasn't turned to plastic surgery. He uses a hell of a lot of hair gel, though.

Harold is still a nerd. He used his money from Courtney to open his own comic book store in downtown Vancouver. Its fairly successful, but Harold still has to work part time at the local Gamestop to make ends meat. He's got a girlfriend though, and holds the record for fastest level up in League of Lore. He regularly keeps contact with Courtney and Noah.

Cody is poor. After struggling through college with a degree he didn't want, Cody struggled to hold a job for lack of motivation. He currently works at a staffing company and makes bad money, and isn't too stoked about his job. His smooth moves landed him a pretty wife, though, so he doesn't complain too much. They live a modest life and wouldn't have it any other way.

Eva has vanished. After Total Drama, Eva disappeared. No one knows what happened to her, until she was spotted in her home country of Serbia four months ago. Little is known about her.

Gwen is a starving artist. After moving to New York City several years after Total Drama, Gwen tried to make it as an art dealer. She's had some success, but still struggles. Good thing her boyfriend owns a kick-ass auto repair shop. They live in a cute apartment on 33rd and 6th and enjoy laughing at crappy horror movies.

Duncan owns a car repair shop. After agreeing with his girlfriend to move to NYC so she could pursue art, Duncan used his 25,000 to buy a small shack just outside the City. He fixed up well and is now one of the most popular auto-repair shops around. He ditched the piercings and the dyed hair but still has the mohawk. He loves his girlfriend more than anything and is planning to propose to her soon.

Staci is a comedian. Growing out of her lying after puberty, Staci was constantly told how hilarious she was. All it took was one night after she had a bit too much to drink, and she had the comedy club rolling in their seats within minutes. She now enjoys traveling the world and bringing enjoyment to people, and couldn't be happier.

Rodney is in jail. It turns out that girl that was his soulmate wasn't eighteen. He pleaded guilty and got off with an easy sentence, as he honestly didn't know the girl wasn't eighteen or that her father would press charges. He sits eagerly in jail, looking forwards to the weekly letters that come from this lover, counting the days until he's free again.

Izzy is also in jail. Three years after Total Drama, Izzy suffered a psychotic breakdown and slaughtered two people on the streets, a teenage transexual and an old woman. After pleading guilty, Izzy was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in twenty years. Oddly enough, her usual tricks didn't seem to work in a maximum security mental ward. Why'd they have to search her anyways?

Trent is in Ireland. After having an unsuccessful music career, Trent met an Irish girl and fell in love. They moved to Ireland, and even offers of movie roles from his friends wouldn't bring him back. He's happy in the gloomy plains of Ireland, and is the co-CEO of a fairly successful marketing company. He has three kids, a 6 year old boy and 4 year old twin girls. Justin was the best man at his wedding.

LeShawna is LeShakin it. After Total Drama LeShawna became a diva and a rapper. She enjoyed mild success for five years until she was involved in a cheating scandal with Vanilla Ice. Her reputation trashed, LeShawna now nannies, living somewhat comfortably off the money she made in her past.

Sky is an Olympic gymnast. She's won gold three times in a row now for Canada, and is arguably one of the most remarkable gymnasts the world has ever seen. Her determination is second to none, and she is universally loved by every single being in Canada. She's practically a superhero.

Blainley is old. She gave up the TV industry three years ago and now lives on a vineyard in Brazil with a gorgeous 'husband'. No one has heard from her since, and it is presumed she is living in the lap of luxury.

Owen is a…girl? Two years after Total Drama, Owen suffered a near fatal diabetic heart attack. After making a miraculous recovery, the doctors told him they weren't sure how he was still alive. This did it for Owen. He lost a hundred and twenty pounds and told himself he was going to live his life the way he wanted to. He started going by "her" two weeks after that and got the operation six months later. Sure, he gets some weird looks on the Subway as he trains to work in Ontario, but he's got a loving boyfriend at home, so he doesn't care.

Noah is moody. After losing more than three quarters of his wealth on the stock market after one bad move, Noah took his remaining five million and called it a day. He's plagued by bouts of anxiety and depression due to the seven years he spent trading stocks, but is always able to be calmed by his girlfriend. They live in Vermont, USA in a little log cabin way up north and enjoy spending winter nights by the fire, watching TV and reading. Gwen and Duncan make the commute up every once in a while, and thats always fun.

Dawn is still mysterious. After persuading Noah to move up to Vermont, Dawn created the most successful nature reserve the word has ever seen. Sure, it was a money suck, but that wasn't a problem until Noah quit the stock market. Dawn talked with some government people and got funding, though, and now spends her days with her boyfriend and the wild animals, working on her reserve and always think of ways to help others. She hasn't been proposed to by Noah and doesn't expect it. They don't need to be branded as soulmates when they know it themselves.

DJ is buddies with Noah and Dawn. After the media attention Dawn received for starting the reserve, DJ kissed his Momma goodbye and booked the first flight for Vermont. He now lives eight miles away from Noah and Dawn, and is Dawn's right hand man for everything in the reserve. He couldn't be happier, and has a loving boyfriend that he's been married to for six years.

Courtney is powerful. She did not waste a sliver of opportunity that Total Drama gave her. She gave praise to Total Drama when she ran for Prime Minster, and thanked each and every contestant the day she won the election. Canada has now become a more successful, flourishing country, although a bit stricter. In fact, she's just offered Harold a job in military defense, though he's hesitant to accept. She'll get her way though…

She always has.

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