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"He said our boss is coming," said Illya. "Any idea which boss ?"

"I hope it's Frank," said Rose.

"Yeah. Please don't let it be Stark," said Carrie.

The door flew open and in walked Chief Agent Stark. All four of them groaned. The soldiers guarding them smirked.

"Chief Agent Stark. How did you get here ?" asked Carrie as Stark was opening his mouth to speak.

"We flew here, obviously," said Stark, annoyed.

"Where's Frank ?" asked Rose.

"I've sent Agent London to check on the submarine and make sure you kids haven't broken anything," snarled Stark, sarcastically. He looked at Oscar. "What on earth have you been doing ?" he asked.

Rose couldn't believe how Stark managed to make it sound like it was Oscar's fault he'd got beaten up on a mission. Stark stepped towards Oscar and one of the soldiers lifted his gun towards him, like he was protecting Oscar. Stark hesitated.

"For heavens sake. You're supposed to be protecting them from SKUL, not from MI9," he complained. The soldier just looked at him in stony silence. He didn't lower the gun. He couldn't understand what the chief agent was saying, but he could understand the tone of voice.

Rose and the others noticed the soldiers' contempt for Stark. You had to admit, Stark really had a way with people.

"Agent Gordovski would you please explain to these men who I am," demanded Stark.

Illya sighed and spoke in Norwegian to the soldiers. "This is Chief Agent Stark from MI9, and you're right, he is a complete prat," explained Illya. The three soldiers in the room smothered laughs. A few seconds later, so did Oscar.

At this point the door burst open again and Frank charged in, looking upset. "Team, oh thank goodness. I was just inspecting the mini-sub and there's blood everywhere. Are you all alright ?" he asked anxiously. He looked across each of them in turn and they all seemed OK apart from Oscar. "Oscar, are you alright ? What happened ?" The soldiers made no attempt to stop Frank from approaching Oscar.

"Jade was there. She kicked Oscar in the face when we were fighting," explained Carrie. "She didn't look so pretty when I finished with her either," she said grimly.

Frank looked a little shocked at Carrie's tone, but seemed relieved to see them all in one piece. He turned to Stark. "The Chief of Operations from the Norwegian Special Forces is coming in a minute. He speaks fluent English, so I thought it would be simplest to debrief the agents when he gets here." Stark didn't look pleased, but then he never looked pleased.

The door opened and all the Norwegian soldiers stood to attention. This had to be the big man. He gave an instruction to the soldiers and they relaxed slightly, but not too much. "Hello, I am General Gustavson," said the man briskly. "So, you are the secret agents who have helped to destroy this underground rat's nest," said the General. He looked a little doubtfully at the four teenagers. His eyes flicked across to Oscar and said, "I hope our doctor has made you feel better ?"

Oscar said thanks he was feeling a lot better.

"Before we start the debrief, I would like to know your names please ?" requested the General. The four teenagers introduced themselves, and when the General looked questioningly at Frank, so did he, explaining that he was the group's handler.

The team then went over their activities from the day they arrived: the search of the village, the tests on the gas canisters and the discovery down at the harbour. All three of the men looked horrified when Rose, Illya and Carrie told them about the sabotaged gas test with them as the test subjects. The General asked how they knew Jade Dixon-Halliday and Frank explained so that Oscar wouldn't have to. Oscar was looking hard at the floor by this time.

Then it was Oscar's turn to describe how he got into the underground base using the submarine. It was difficult and painful to speak still, so it took him a while and he cut out as much detail as he could. The General wanted to know more about the underground docks, so Oscar tried to describe it as well as he could. Rose took over the explanation once they had reached the part where they were freed from the cell. She described how they set out to destroy the chemical weapons. The General wanted a lot of detail on this so Rose did her best to describe how they had set out the charges and used some of the chemicals to create more damage. The General looked impressed.

Rose told of how they heard the large explosions from above them and how they were caught by Jade and her henchman. When she explained how Oscar steered the submarine through the falling rocks in the underground submarine base, the General raised his eyebrows. "He did this with a broken nose ?" he asked. Rose just shrugged her shoulders. The General also wanted to know more about the escape tunnel they used. Oscar perked up a little. He had looked as if he was about to fall asleep.

"I think the whole tunnel collapsed," he said. "Pieces were falling from the roof all the way through. There was a massive rock fall just as we pulled out of the entrance and I think it was blocked. I wasn't really on top of the situation though, so it might be worth making sure," he added. Then he laid back his head on the sofa again and closed his eyes.

Oscar didn't see the look the General gave him. It was half amusement and half respect. The General turned to the two senior agents. He noticed that Frank was looking at his team in a very proud way. Chief Agent Stark was looking grumpy as if he had just been upstaged and didn't like it. He spoke to Frank. "You can be very proud of your team Agent London. They have carried out their mission with great courage and dedication. My soldiers are presently searching for survivors and when that work is completed, we shall make sure that the rest of the underground complex is destroyed beyond use." He turned to the teen agents. "Thankyou all, and well done." He nodded to them and left, followed closely by Chief Agent Stark.

"Yes, well done team," said Frank. He paused because he could hear a strange rumbling noise. "What's that noise ?" he asked.

Carrie looked over at Oscar. He was asleep. "Oscar's snoring," she whispered, smiling. "I think his nose is a bit, you know, bunged."

"Oh, of course," whispered Frank. "You must all be starving. Why don't we get you some food ?" The others all realised how hungry they were and got up to make something. Frank's attention was diverted by one of the labelled packing cases. "Little boxes and stuff ?" he said, puzzled.

"Oh yeah. That was one of mine," giggled Carrie. "Come on Frank, let's have some dinner," she said quietly. They were just sitting down to the table to eat when Chief Agent Stark burst back in.

"Shh !" said Carrie, pointing at the now loudly snoring Oscar.

"Don't .." spluttered Stark.

"Shh !" hissed Frank, Carrie, Rose and Illya. Stark looked furious, hopping up and down on his toes. Then he abruptly turned and went out of the door, banging it behind him. The Norwegian guards were laughing out loud. Oscar woke up looking startled. The soldiers started to apologise, but Illya told them it was fine. He was laughing too.

"Do you think you can eat anything Oscar ?" asked Frank.

Oscar scratched his head. "Mmm not sure," he said.

"How about soup ?" suggested Rose. Oscar agreed and she warmed some soup through for him. They sat down together and everyone demolished their food. Oscar did his best getting some soup into his mouth. Quite a bit dribbled out. His lip wasn't so numb now, but was still very swollen and awkward. He looked down at his shirt. There were soup stains between the blood stains. He tried flicking some off, but it was no use and he gave up.

"How are we going to get the mini-sub back," he asked. He looked tired and worried.

Frank realised that Oscar thought he was going to have to drive the mini-sub home again. "It's alright Oscar," he assured him. "I'm going to take the sub back. You and the others are going to fly home, just as soon as the Norwegians are happy that everything is in order. All you need to do is pack up your own personal stuff and get ready to go." Oscar looked relieved.

They all cleared up after their meal and tried to tidy the cabin a little. Oscar changed his shirt and Illya helped him find all his stuff and pack his bag. He would have carried Oscar's bag for him, if he would have let him. Oscar insisted on carrying his own bag, even though he had to struggle with it all the way to the helicopter which was waiting. The helicopter flew them to a small airport where a plane was waiting. Oscar had fallen asleep again when they arrived. Illya had to help him up from his seat because he was unsteady on his feet.

Carrie and Rose in front saw Stark standing waiting for them at the plane and their hearts sank. "Right, in here all of you !" ordered Stark.

Carried leaned over and shouted over the noise of the engines into Rose's ear, "This guy really doesn't have enough to do, does he ?" Rose laughed, and turned to see how the boys were getting on. Illya was struggling to hold up Oscar and carry both of their bags. Rose nudged Carrie and the two went back to help. They took the bags and let Illya concentrate on keeping Oscar going in the right direction.

Once on board they found themselves standing in the business section at the front of the plane. They were shocked to hear lots of voices behind the curtains. "Is this plane full of tourists ?" asked Rose. "We can't go back there, especially with Oscar looking like that !"

"You're not going into the Economy section," said Stark, looking annoyed. "You lot are staying in the front. The Norwegian government have booked out the whole Business section for you. It's their little thankyou."

"Ooh. That's quite a nice thankyou," said Carrie, looking round at the luxurious seats. "And Oscar can have a lie down."

"Exactly," said Stark. "The General insisted that Agent Cole should at least have a comfortable trip home, given his current, erm, condition."

A tall, beautiful, blonde air stewardess came out and asked them to take a seat ready for takeoff. She helped Oscar into his seat, and he looked embarrassed when she did up his seatbelt for him. Rose and Carrie noticed how Illya and Chief Agent Stark were following every move the stewardess made. They looked at each other and giggled. Rose leaned across to Carrie and whispered in her ear, "Are you jealous ?"

"Definitely !" said Carrie, laughing. "Apart from Stark of course," she hurriedly added. The two of them were still laughing as the plane took off.

Once they were in the air, the cabin crew made a huge fuss of them. Rose wondered what they had been told. She was quite jealous of the attention the two boys were getting. It was hard to feel mad at Oscar when his face looked like it had been run over by a herd of elephants. He looked so tired, he obviously just wanted to go to sleep. The stewardesses put his seat down flat for him so he could lie down. Then they arrived with extra pillows to prop his head up and blankets. He pulled his shoes off and lay down on his least bruised side gratefully. He looked a bit startled when the stewardess then tucked a couple of blankets round him like he was a little child. Finally comfortable, he went out like a light.

One of the stewards started supplying Rose and Carrie with drinks and food and it was Illya's turn to get jealous. Rose was seriously cute, he had decided. He wondered how long his probation was going to last. He wondered if he would get to stay with the team if he dragged it out for a while. He liked living in Oscar's house. Oscar would speak Russian with him, which made him feel at home. He liked spending time with Rose and Carrie. Rose was cute and smart, and Carrie was great fun and much smarter than she gave herself credit for. Frank was cool. Stark was an idiot, but nothing was perfect.

Much too soon, they landed and were separated. Rose and Carrie were taken home. Oscar was taken to hospital for an X-ray of his face, and Illya opted to go with him. Their stay was extended when the staff discovered the huge bruise on Oscar's stomach from where his mother first kicked him. Finally he was allowed to go home, with more pain killers.

The front door was opened by Aggie and Oscar's guardian, Simon. "Blimey Oscar. You been kick-boxing with your mother again ?" joked Simon. They went in and life once again settled down to what counted as normal for spies.

The End.