Ally's POV.

I woke up and realized it's a Monday which means none other than dragging my ass to school, struggling through the entire day, then coming home doing homework and going to the Sonic Boom and working the rest of the night. This is my schedule daily and I am getting really sick of it. My alarm went off four times this morning before I could drag myself out of bed and shut if off. I walked to my window and opened it and almost blinded myself since the sun was shining in my eyes. I got changed, put on my make-up and walked down stairs. I realized that my dad left which is strange since I always leave before them. I went to check the time and it was 11:00. p.m. and that was when I TOTALLY freaked out. I got my phone and called Trish my best friend since I was like 4.

"Hello?" .. trish mumbled as if she just woke up.

"Trish oh my gosh,, I slept in tell Mr. Davis I will be there in like 10 minutes." Ally said panicking and running out the door.

"Ally" Trish said in a calm voice.

"yes?" Ally said confused and out of breath

"It's summer ally you have been calling me 3 days in a row. Either go back to bed or meet me at the mall in like 30 minutes." Trish said in an annoyed yet calm voice

"I…I…yeah I will meet you there and I am really sorry" Ally apologized and hung up the phone.

Ally's POV.

I cannot believe I forgot it was summer again. I had nothing to do at home so I decided to go and start my shift early at the Sonic Boom. As soon as I walk in, don't I see Dez and Austin fooling around again with the drum set. Every time I walk into this store I want to turn around and walk right back out. Don't get me wrong, Austin and Dez are my closet guy friends, its just that every time they break something or completely destroy the store I end up cleaning it up.

Austin walked over to Ally and gave her a hug "hey ally, Dez needs a new song for the video were putting up this month".

"Okay Austin come over after and we will write one okay!" I said in an angry tone but I still managed to smile.

"Thank-you ally! You are honestly the best" Austin smiled and winked at her.

"Yeah no problem." I said as I gave a half smile to him.

"Yo Dez let's go get some ice cream" Austin said as he and Dez walked out of the store.

Ally's Pov:

Trish came into the Sonic Boom as I was picking up the sticks to the drums that of course were left there by Austin and Dez

"Guess who got a job at Hailey's Heels" She said happy as ever

"Santa Claus?" I said in a sarcastic voice

"No" she said as she gave me a stare as if I did something terribly wrong

I couldn't help but laugh

"Well guess who I am working really close to" she said and that is what caught my attention

"Who" I asked

"Dallas" she gave me a smirk

Ally's POV:

I couldn't help but smile and look down. I really liked Dallas like REALLY liked him. He was in all of my classes and he was friends with Austin and me and Austin hung out a lot. So me and Dallas hung out a lot and I couldn't help fall for him. He was everything a girl wanted, brown hair, smart, funny, kind, and smelt so good.

"Earth to ally" Trish waved her hand over my face and that was when I snapped back into reality

"Oh urgh… trish im going to visit you like all the time" I smiled while trish laughed.

Ally's POV:

I got a text from Austin asking me where am. I totally forgot that I was supposed to meet him. I groaned and walked home. As I approached my house I saw him sitting on my doorstep and it did not seem like the "usual" Austin.

"hey" I said as I walked up looking at him

"oh hi" he replied and stood up quickly as he looked into my eyes

"you okay?" I asked, I mean I almost felt bad for him.

"uhm" he said as he hugged Ally

"you want to go inside" I asked feeling sorry for him

"yeah" he half-smiled at me

Ally's POV:

As I walked inside I kept thinking about his face. I have never seen Austin this upset, I mean I have seen him angry but NEVER sad. I felt really bad he was so sweet and cute. I wonder what is bothering him.