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Warning: Continuation of the sexual encounter from Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten:

"Yes, My Prince." Claude murmured against his ear, kissing down his neck slowly and leaving small darkened patches in the wake of his lips.

Sebastian's amber eyes, clouded with lust, slipped closed and he arched up against his lover, whining loudly and biting his bottom lip to quieten himself as he felt Claude's larger hands roamed over his exposed chest and waist, fingertips dragging and caressing the skin.

The golden eyed demon pulled back slightly and slowly shifted Sebastian's legs to either side of his waist and as he lay back down, he pressed against him and ground their hips together.

Light moans drifted around the room as they touched and mingled and explored each other; they kissed deeply and heatedly. Claude knelt up and leaned over the bed, reaching in his tail coat and fishing around; when he finally leaned back over Sebastian he had a small bottle of massage oil in his hand.

A dark blush spread across Sebastian's cheeks as he saw it and a jolt of apprehension shot through him; Claude glanced at him as he felt him jolt under him.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes... Just nervous." The amber eyed male replied softly.

Claude silenced his fear with a tender kiss, "I won't hurt you."

Knowing he spoke truly, Sebastian relaxed once again, a gasp leaving his already parted lips as he felt moistened fingers brushing in his most intimate of places. His eyes flicked up to look at Claude and he received a gently smile in return before he dropped his head back on the pillows as he felt one of those fingers slowly penetrate him fully.

He panted lightly, wriggling very slightly as he tried to subconsciously decide whether or not he liked the sensation filling him; by the time the third finger had joined the first he was most certain that he did.

Claude was gentle, as he had promised and intended to be; this was his mate's first time and he would be sure to cause him as little discomfort as was demonically possible. He rocked his hand against him, slowly at first but growing firmer as he felt his muscles relaxing.

A sudden and abrupt cry left him as Claude's fingers found something within him he hadn't even realised was there, pleasure sparked up and down his body and made him squirm against the mattress as his hands weakly kneaded at Claude's well muscled back.

Deciding not long after the initial cry of pleasure, which had been followed by several others, Claude pulled his hand away and chuckled at the whine of complaint that Sebastian relinquished.

He leaned over him and placed a chaste kiss on his lips before slowly easing himself inside of his lover's more than willing body. He watched as Sebastian's eyes widened in realisation before his eyebrows furrowed in discomfort and he aimed to stamp that feeling out, distracting him with a passionate kiss and a few strokes of his hardened manhood.

Before long, Sebastian was a writhing mess of moans and mewls beneath him and Claude was certain that he had never encountered anyone so beautiful and captivating than this man.

As soon as he was accustomed to the feeling of his lover nested deeply within his body he experimentally moved his hips; the new angle sending zings of bliss throughout his body and tearing a deep moan from his throat.

They moved together, deeply and rhythmically sharing kisses and moans as their bodies melded together.

Sebastian threw his head back and moaned loudly, scratching at Claude's back and shoulders leaving faint red welts in his wake. He arched against him as a knot of pleasure built in the very pit of his stomach and he whimpered against the next kiss he was submitted to. As if sensing his near completion, Claude's movements grew more ragged and firmer as he snapped his hips against his lover; wrapping his hand back around his hardness and moving his hand in time with his thrusts.

When the pleasure reached its' peak, Sebastian found his release, and as his muscles went into spasm he felt a burning at the base of his neck, followed by the sensation of power flooding through his veins.

The power was foreign to him; he knew it wasn't his own demonic power which told him that it was Claude's power.

As he collapsed against the bed, feeling Claude's release inside of him, he trembled and felt strangely complete. As his lover, his mate pulled away and lay beside him he smiled and rolled onto his side, wincing only a little as his lower back ached from their activities.

He curled up against him and yawned, feeling Claude's knuckles brushing his cheek and he blushed softly; looking up at him shyly.

"Was... It alright?" Claude whispered, tendering kisses across his cheek and neck.

Smiling back at him, Sebastian nodded, "It was... Well worth waiting for... And amazing."

"Heh, I am glad." He planted a kiss on the corner of his mouth, "It was... Amazing this end too."

Sebastian shuffled around until he was more comfortable and let out a contented sigh as the covers were pulled up over their bodies.

He reached around and gingerly felt the nape of his neck, "What was that that I felt I mean?"

"As I said, being intimate like that results in a semi-bonding between the two participating demons. You are now marked, as am I."

"You are?"

Claude rolled onto his front and tipped his head forwards to show him the top of his spine; the base of his neck. And quite clearly a dark red mark was visible; it looked like a side view of the head of a dragon, along with one wing stretched out. It was a handsome mark and Sebastian brushed his fingertips over the marking curiously.

The patch was unusually warm compared to the rest of Claude's skin but at the same time there was that same feeling of it being right.

"Do all markings look the same?" he asked curiously and let his lover turn back onto his side to embrace him in warm arms once again.

"Not at all," the golden eyed demon replied, "The markings for a set of mates are the same, yours will be the same as mine but a different colour; but the shape would be different for another pair of demons. These marks define me as bein yours and they define you as being mine."

"Mm... That sounds nice." Sebastian decided after a moment of thought, "What colour is mine?"

Peering over his lover's shoulder, Claude strove to find the answer to his question; he laid back after a moment and smiled, "Black."

"Figures." He scoffed.

"What is mine?"


"Ooh nice..."

Sebastian gave him a disbelieving look before he yawned widely and stretched, "I feel so... Complete."

"I know what you mean, I feel the same." He murmured and pecked his cheek, "We should sleep for a little while and see what tomorrow brings in terms of this storm."

"Mm... Personally I want it to flood the road even more... That way you'll have to stay another night." He smirked.

Claude chuckled lightly, "You are a devious minx, Sebastian Michaelis."

"Yes." He agreed with a light laugh.

"But..." he kissed him softly again, "It is just one of the very many reasons why I love you."

"I love you as well." He mumbled, embarrassed.

Sebastian closed his eyes as Claude blew out the candle light beside them; he smiled as he felt his arms wrap back around him and he sighed softly. He was disturbed from his happy place by a sudden uncertainty.

Claude frowned into the dark as he felt Sebastian's discomfort through their newly formed Bond, although their Bond was still immature and would need to be sealed and completed at a later date by an Elder or a Lord, he could feel Sebastian's emotions; his mate had probably forgotten that, considering that he had explained briefly while they had both been somewhat aroused and distracted.

"What's wrong Sebastian? You are troubled?" he murmured through the gloom.

He started slightly and swore inwardly as he abruptly recalled the short chat they had had before beginning their intimacy, "I... I just... You know so much about all of this and it never occurred to me to wonder how." He bit his lip, "Have you... Loved someone before me?"

Claude could have laughed; he would have laughed had it not been for the deadly serious panic he sensed within Sebastian's words and feelings, he leaned down and brushed his lover's hair out of his face and cupped his cheek gently.

"I have never loved another being, demon, Angel or human, other than you." He replied certainly and truthfully, "I know about this because I spent a lot more time in the Hell Plains than you did, we are taught of these things."

"O-oh..." he looked down, feeling stupid for being so ridiculous.

Claude smiled through the dark, "It was a reasonable question. I have been intimate with one other demon," he paused, wondering whether or not to divulge the full extent of this part of his history, "But it was not consented on both sides."

"What do you mean?"

"A demon forced himself upon me." He stated calmly, "It as several years ago now, and it no longer bothers me as it once did."

"C-Claude... I... I'm sorry..."

"Don't be." He smiled, "It was a long time ago and save for just now I rarely even think of it anymore. However such an event did make me more certain that if I even found a mate I would ensure to treat them as they desired, never rushing them or forcing them to do anything they were uncomfortable with."

Sebastian swallowed but he leaned over and kissed him softly, "Thank you for telling me this."

"It was nothing." He replied but returned the kiss, "I want to show you that Demonic mating doesn't have to be like that, there are a lot of demons who will happily just take what they want; you know this already though I hope?"

"Yes... I know that." He paused, "My father wasn't like that though... He cared about my Mother and about me; and the servants in his house."

Claude nodded, "Indeed, Leviathan is different, more like you and he is a pioneer among our kin. He has brought many noble houses around to his way of thinking and as such our world has become more peaceful as a result."

"What about the... The battle I ran from? I still don't remember much about it. Other than my guardian and mentor were killed and I was found by Ash in the woods."

Claude sighed, they truly had gone off subject again, "An Angel invasion upon our land. Tensions had been rising for several years before it but when they learned that King Leviathan had an heir they attacked. Aiming to kill both of you."

"What!?" Sebastian's eyes were wide with surprise, "They wanted to kill... Me?"

"Yes." He sighed, "I am only privy to this information because I happened across a group of Angels in the outskirts of the city and they didn't notice me. So I was able to overhear their conversation."

"I... I don't understand, why would they want to kill me? I can understand them wanting to get rid of the leader of the lands but me? I was just a child, a child with barely a scrap of talent or knowledge."

The golden eyed demon licked his lips, "It was your potential that they feared. I told you... You are strong Sebastian. When you first saw my contract mark the power you displayed in an effort to try and escape my grasp very nearly overpowered me. With the proper training and your full demonic powers at hand you would be a force to be reckoned with. Strong enough, to have taken revenge for the murder of your father, perhaps."

"So... Did they succeed?" he asked, "Did they manage to kill my father?"

"No." He shook his head, "Leviathan is still very much alive, and believe me he wreaked havoc after it was discovered that you were missing."

He felt a flicker of relief through him, "Okay... How come no one ever came after me to take me back again?"

"I honestly couldn't say... I don't know."

Sebastian laid back against the bed and yawned softly, "Mm... Well, I've sidetracked us now." He chuckled lightly, "You were right before, we should get some sleep. I have to be up at five so that I can be ready to wake the Young Master at day break."

"Day break?"

"Mm... He is an earlier riser." He rolled his eyes.

Claude laughed gently and kissed Sebastian's cheek, "Then we should indeed sleep, lest we both be too tired to rise when our Master's need us tomorrow."

Snuggling down under the covers, Sebastian let sleep take him; the last thing he knew before he drifted off was that Claude's arms wrapped tighter around him and he was pulled against the other demon's body for warmth. And nothing had ever felt so god-damned divine.

The next morning, Sebastian prised himself from Claude's arms and prepared himself a quick bath in the tin tub that was in the small closet hidden beside his wardrobe. As he slipped down into the steaming hot water, his knotted muscles released and he went lax in the tub.

Letting a soft sigh escaped his lips and he closed his eyes for a moment, simply letting the water relax him and comfort his aching body; the ache from the previous night's excitements had been worthwhile, never had he before experienced such utter completion at the hands of another and he knew with certainty and without question that Ash's pathetic attempt at arousing him while he had been his prisoner was nothing compared to how Claude had made him feel.

Such a thought brought a smile to his lips and as he finished washing he clambered out of the bath, wrapping a towel around his waist and hastened to empty away the bath water.

After drying his skin and hair, Sebastian headed back into his bedroom and smiled as he saw that Claude was still sleeping soundly. He dressed swiftly and brushed himself down, attaching his Albert chain to his waist coat before running a brush through his hair.

He walked over to the bed and placed a soft kiss on his mate's forehead before heading out to begin his duties and wake the Young Master up.

His day began when he made the food preparations for the day; he planned to make a breakfast of warm scones and Assam tea. Having put the scones in the oven to bake for half an hour, he went to rouse his fellow Phantomhive servant, the gardener.

He knocked once on the door before pushing it open and going inside, he lit the candles in the room and clapped his hands sharply, "Finnian, it is time to wake up." He announced as the strawberry blonde sluggishly sat up.

"Yes, Mister Sebastian." He yawned and stretched, "I'll be right there, sir."

"Good, when you are ready I want you to quickly scout the grounds and see how badly the flooding has damaged the lands, and after that you are to check the road out of the Estate and see whether or not it is accessible for Earl Trancy to leave by."

"Yes, Mister Sebastian." He nodded and slowly plodded out of bed to get dressed.

Certain that Finny would fulfil his requests without too much trouble, Sebastian checked the time on his favoured pocket watch and hastened to wake his master up, picking up a tray of tea on his way, for scolded he would surely be to forget his master's morning tea.

Upon entering the Earl's bedroom, he watched for a moment as the child continued sleeping and he sighed softly, being reminded of himself, for they had surely been the same when he had been at that age.

Opening the curtains and allowing the sight of the still raging storm into the room; when he heard a soft groan from behind him he knew that his master was now awake. He turned and offered a small smile as he walked over and set the tray of tea on the bedside table.

"Good morning, Young Master." He greeted, handing him a cup and saucer, "This morning I have prepared Lapsang Souchong tea for you."

"Lapsang Souchong?" he repeated, rubbing his eyes sleepily before sipping his drink.

"Indeed, it is of Chinese origin and is generally noted for the slightly smoky taste." He paused, "How do you find it?"

Ciel took another sip of the hot liquid while trying to decide whether or not he liked it, "Mm... It is acquired, however I believe you can order some more for future uses."

"Very well, Young Master." He nodded and stood back up.

Ciel finished his drink and set it on the tray, stretching and yawning again, "What is my schedule for today, Sebastian?"

"You have a meeting to establish connections to one of the main Chinese Import and Export traders, a Mister Lau and eleven O'clock; followed by a tutorage session at one O'clock till three."

A groan escaped the younger of the two, "Well there is no way neither Lau nor my tutor will be able to get here unless the road is cleared so you might as well clear my schedule as well."

"As you wish."

"What about Alois and his servants? Do you think we can get them out today?"

"If the road is blocked I surely doubt it. I have ordered Finnian to check the road's condition so I shall receive his report shortly."


The next few minutes were alive with the rustle of clothes as Sebastian dressed his master and slid the Phantomhive ring onto his proffered thumb. When he was respectably dressed, Sebastian stood back and checked his watch.

"Unless there is anything more I can do for you, Young Master, I shall attend to the breakfast."

"Go." Was the short response.

Taking the incentive, he left the room, trusting that his master would attend the breakfast table when he was good and ready. His only concern was whether or not he should wake Alois, or whether he should wake Claude and Hannah and let them do it instead.

Biting the bullet, he went to the kitchen, pulled the scones from the oven and placed them on a cooling tray so that they would be ready and he then went to the blonde Earl's guest room.

He hoped Alois didn't have one of his funny turns and lash out at him.

He knocked twice on the door and pushed it open, he paused in the doorway as he saw Claude already awake, dressed and seeing to his master.

"Ah, good morning." Sebastian greeted, "I came to inform you that breakfast will be ready in ten minutes."

Claude looked over his shoulder at the amber eyed male and smiled faintly before standing and nodding once, "I shall bring my Master down promptly."

"Much appreciated." He inclined his head and left the room again.

As he walked back down the corridor, Sebastian cursed himself inwardly for the fluttering of his heart that the mere sight of Claude caused him. It was an unusual sensation, but welcome never the less.

Forcing himself to focus, he considered the order that his Young Master had given him last night, just before he had settled down to sleep. He would have to deal with that as soon as the weather permitted, or even sooner perhaps.

To be continued...