Chapter Fifteen:

Duke stood opposite his master and folded his arms, now returned to his humane form as he observed the Demon King as the man in question stared out of the window unseeingly, "My Master, please answer my question. How does Sebastian-sama have the blackened wings of an Angel?" he repeated, his impatience growing the longer the other stared.

Leviathan sighed heavily and rested his chin on his palm as he contemplated his answer, unsure whether he should lie or not, "His mother." He murmured after a moment.


"You know I had another child by the female head of one of the old Demonic bloodlines... I found no one particularly attractive after her death and later the death of my child. However, when I gazed upon Sebastian's mother for the first time I was captivated by her beauty and her personality. She was... She is an Angel cast down to Earth for the crime of loving a mortal. Her blood runs through Sebastian's veins and gives him abilities beyond those of an ordinary demon."

His eyes widened and his jaw slackened, "You... You bedded a Fallen Angel and impregnated her?!"

Rolling his eyes, the Demon King turned his back on Duke, "I did, and I fell in love with her, as she did with me. She remains only with her husband; Sebastian's step-father because she had no other choice. She has two other children by that man and he uses them as weapons against her. Tch, the venom I feel for that man cannot be contemplated by meagre words. And I believe Sebastian shares my views concerning him, for he was shunned for being a bastard child, and the product of his wife's affair."

"That... That is hardly a good reason!" he exclaimed suddenly, "Do you even know what effects this mixing of blood will have on Sebastian?!"

Leviathan growled under his breath and waited a moment so he could calm down before he spoke next, "I have studied it since he moment I discovered of his existence; why do you think I insisted that he come here to study when he reached ten? I needed to see with my own two eyes what sort of effect his blood would have upon his life. And thus far there has been no effect so to speak. He had been able to blend among the Humans and remained undetected until now. He will grow stronger, his latent powers will emerge, and eventually he will be ready to rule in my stead when such a time comes to pass. But first and foremost I need you to continue trusting me as you have always done."

Looking down in the wake of his words, words which were clearly meant as a scorn, "I... I will always trust you Master, however I am concerned for Sebastian-sama's safety more than anything. What if something happens to him?"

"Then I will mourn the loss of my only son, and feel overwhelming guilt that I brought such a fate upon him." He looked around at him slowly, "I will do everything in my power to ensure that Sebastian remains safe and unharmed, even if it means fighting myself. He is MY son and I will not let anyone harm him."

Duke sighed softly and sat down slowly, "Does he know?"

"Of course not. I don't want to ruin his image of his mother just for the sake of replacing it with another, it would do nothing other than confuse him." He looked down for a moment, "I try not to doubt my decisions, and I do not for a moment regret Sebastian's conceiving however perhaps there might have been a better time to get intimate with a Fallen Angel than when things were getting discourteous between our kind and her kind."

The amber eyed demon lord sighed heavily and stood up, he paced for a moment before he smiled weakly, "At the very least, Ash has no hold over Sebastian, even less so when his powers fully emerge. So he is safer from that cretin than he was before."

"But Ash is not the sort to simply give up. He will resort to all kinds of crimes in order to get what he desires. I fear that Sebastian-sama will never truly be free from him unless he is dead." Duke murmured softly, folding his arms with a huff.

"I know, and I agree, which is why I intend to deal with that maniac as soon as a chance presents itself. I have several of our best trackers in the Human Worlds tracing his movements." Leviathan rubbed his forehead, "As soon as they locate him they are to request assistance from our hunters and they will dispatch him before he can flee."

"A fair plan."

Duke remained silent for several minutes before he cleared his throat, "There was one other problem I noticed while we were sparring."

"Oh? What was it this time?"

"He has a mark on the base of his neck." He began tersely, "It's shaped like a wing and there is a slight residual Demonic energy covering it. I... Believe it is a Bonding mark."

"A..." he paused and looked at him, "Please tell me you are joking!"

"No. I believe Sebastian-sama has Bonded with another demon, most plausibly during his time in the Human World considering he has barely seen another soul since his arrival here." The subordinate hung his head, "What do you plan to do about it, Master?"

"That boy-" he broke off and let out a long and calming breath, hardly able to believe that his cute son; his son and heir had somehow Bonded to another demon... Without his permission! Who was it? Who was this demon who had dared to defile his son? If they had hurt him in the process he would bring them a swift but painful death... And it was likely that he would kill the lecher regardless of Sebastian's opinion of the matter. No one was permitted to touch a member of the Royal Family lest they go through the proper courting measures and...

"Sebastian is a gentle soul isn't he?" he asked his subordinate and good friend suddenly.

"Yes, he detests violence and only resorts to it when he has no other option. Why?"

"... So gentle that he might value the meaning of love?"

"L-Love?" Duke repeated before it dawned on him, "You think that he would submit himself to the Third Method of Demonic Attraction without fully understanding the consequences of his actions?"

"He is a brash child; kind and caring but brazen and foolhardy both." He sighed and rubbed his forehead, "Just like his Father."

"You are brash?"

"I was once, when I was about his age." He murmured.

"But you didn't go off and get Bonded together with some practical stranger, did you?"

"Indeed I did not." Leviathan paced slowly and paused as he looked out of the window, "However, I have some ideas now as to whom he might have given himself to, and I am not happy with it."

"Who do you believe it is, Master?"

"The Faustus family's youngest."


"Indeed. If I recall correctly, Sebastian called that... Spider a friend when he first woke up. Claude has a very aggressive and arrogant personality, inherited from his family; for Sebastian to have found any intrigue in that man I would be amazed, but then Sebastian is a rare case as well I suppose."

"But if there is a joining between your house and theirs..."

"There will not be." He interrupted, "I will ask Sebastian about this directly, and if he is adamant about this Bonding then I will tell him why I am against it; it will be for him to decide what he does with his information."

"A very wise choice, Master."

With a curt nod, Leviathan left his office - trusting Duke to return to his usual duties and to ensure the other servants stayed away from Sebastian's room for a while - as he headed towards his son's demonic aura.

He paused outside of the room and knocked gently before pushing open the door and stepping inside silently as he observed his son lounging in the purple velvet lounge seat by the window.

"Is he getting closer?" he asked as he walked over and sat by his son's feet on the seat and glanced out of the window.

"W-Who do you mean?" Sebastian murmured, looking at his Father uncertainly.

"Claude Faustus of course, your friend." He answered, "He is coming to find you, isn't he?"
"I... I think so, yes." He sighed and looked back out of the window, "I can sense his approach, I think he is about forty minutes away."

"And you can sense this... Because you Bonded with him?"

Sebastian's paler amber eyes widened slightly and he paled, "F-Father..."

"So it is him." He sighed, "Duke saw the mark on the base of your neck while you were sparring."

Gulping, the younger man hung his head, "I... It is true, I did Bond with him. When I discovered that he was a demon some of my memories came back; he kept helping me and... He showed me a side to him that was hidden beneath an arrogant exterior." He licked his lips, "In the end... We... Became... Um... Physical and... Well... We Bonded."

"I see." He sighed and ignored his son's obvious embarrassment at having to discuss it, "Do you know anything of Claude's background?"

"Uh..." he faltered slightly as he realised that while his lover knew almost everything about him, he knew next to nothing about his lover.

"I take that as a no. I do not blame him for keeping it a secret; more so after he discovered your heritage."

"What do you mean?" Sebastian asked with a frown.

"The Faustus Family... Tch, they are not very well liked even among the demons." He leaned back on his hand and observed his son as he spoke, "When the War broke out, they allowed the Angels into the very depths of our world without restraint, and they sided with them. It was because of that family that so many of our kind were slaughtered without mercy or control. Claude himself is the youngest child of that family with two elder siblings. However, he is no less dangerous than the rest of them. While he did not directly assist his family in permitting the Angel's presence he did nothing active to stop it from happening, despite knowing tha devastating and death it would cause."

Sebastian stared slightly and he swallowed, suddenly feeling a little sick, "He... He could have stopped all those people dying and he didn't?"


"Why wouldn't he stop them?"

"Because the Faustus Family are very close knit, had he stopped them they would have cast him out of the clan and he would have been prey for anyone strong enough to take him on." He shrugged, "Regardless, most demons would still chose to save the lives of many than of one."

"I... I don't know what to think. He never said."

Leviathan rested a hand on his head gently, "Why would he, son? Why would he tell you that when it would show him in a darker light?"

"Because he loves me, Father, he would tell me. Maybe he was waiting for the right moment."

He sighed at his son's naivety and closed his eyes for a moment, "What do you intend to do when he arrives?"

"Talk to him. And stop him killing whoever gets between me and him; after all he still thinks I have been kidnapped by an enemy, not my father." Sebastian swallowed and licked his lips, "You will make sure no one hurts him won't you?"

"I can promise nothing, but I will order the servants to stand down in case he arrives."

"Thank you."

Sebastian stood up and leaned against the windowpane, looking out and the stormy looking world beyond, "Father... Should his reasons be just would you give us your blessing?" he asked, "I do... Love him dearly, and I don't really want to have to choose between him and you."

Leviathan faltered and gritted his teeth, "It is not that simple. His father, when the War came, attempted to slay me and take my place as the ruler of this world. Again Claude did nothing to stop his father trying to strike me down. I cannot simply forgive that family for their treacherous ways. It would take a lot..."

"I see... I understand, thank you."

The younger of the two turned around and smiled slightly, "Well, if there is nothing else you desire to discuss I think I will go to the library and do some reading. After all, I must train my brain as well as my body, no?"

"Of course, you go ahead, my boy." He stood as well and walked with him to the door, leaving ahead of him before watching his son head off in the direction of the library.

He sighed heavily and returned to his office, wondering if he should have point blank refused Sebastian's requests. He reasoned that he would never be able to say no to his only son and slammed his head on the desk in frustration.

Sebastian, meanwhile, was in inner turmoil at the new information surrounding his lover's supposedly darkened past and he wondered why Claude had never addressed the issue himself. Was it as his Father said? Or was there something else to it? Some real reason that Claude was hiding this terrible truth from him.

Sitting down in the sleek leather chairs of the library with a large deerskin bound volume, entitled 'The History of the Hell Plains Volume: 1' and he sighed slightly, wondering what secrets he could uncover about Claude's family in this book... Well, it was worth a peek anyway.

Chewing his bottom lip as he pealed back the delicately bound pages, he began to read, sinking into the history of his heritage curiosity urging him on though the years of demonic existence.

Mean while, Claude had decided that they needed a break, Ciel's asthma was holding him back and without a rest he feared the teen might have an attack. They were huddled under a large tree; Grell and Undertaker were talking quietly about something relating only to them; Alois was fussing over Ciel like a star struck maid and Claude was seated up in one of the branches, making a cat's cradle out of his spider's webs as he contemplated finally being able to get his Sebastian back.

He stared off into space as he considered holding the younger demon in his arms and whispering sweet nothings in his ear as he made love to him, caressing every inch of his milky white skin and staring into his jewel coloured eyes.

He held back a low moan as he felt the telltale stirring in his loins as he thought about his lover... His life mate. He wanted nothing more than to have him beside him right now and smother him with passionate kisses, despite the audience below.

A sigh escaped him and he pushed his glasses up his nose before returning his attention of the cradle between his fingers. It would not be long; he would sink his fangs and fingers into whoever tried to keep Sebastian from him, and then he would reclaim his mate and leave with him. And then, when they returned home, hell hath no fury but he would never let the man out of his sight again, no matter what Ciel or Alois thought about it.

Watching the dark sun heading towards the horizon, he slipped down off the branch and landed in front of his companions, "We should move on now, it is dangerous to linger in the streets once darkness has fallen."

"How far off are we, Claude?" Alois demanded as he helped Ciel to his feet.

"About forty minutes, your Highness."

The dark haired Earl looked up, "Is there no faster way of getting there? Anything could be happening to Sebastian."

"I am afraid not." Claude sighed, "We do not wish to draw too much attention after all, or our rescue mission may be cut off before we have reached him and then where would he be?"

"Tch... I understand." Ciel huffed and brushed himself down, "Let us be off then."