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Chapter Sixteen:

Sebastian was woken by the gentle touch of one of the household servants; his eyes slowly flickered open as he stretched like a cat and yawned hugely. He looked up at the young woman who had stirred him from his sleep and smiled weakly.

"S-Sebastian-sama... Leviathan-sama has requested your presence. Apparently your guest is close to arriving." She squeaked, her large yellow eyes staring into his tired face.

"Oh, thank you, Misaki." He replied, slowly peeling himself out of the chair and heading to put his book back.

"Allow me to do that for you, Sebastian-sama." The young lady took the book from him with a bow and placed it back on the shelf it had come from.

The dark haired young demon nodded to her once before he left the room hurriedly, eager to see Claude again as soon as possible and return home. He paused as he considered that his contract mark to Ciel had been severed and he wondered if he could reconnect it, or become contracted a second time. If that wasn't the case and their bond was broken for good, then he didn't really have a home to return to.

He frowned faintly, about to knock at his Father's office door when a spark of awareness made his skin prickle; he glanced behind him and thought for a moment he saw the figure of his mother before it was gone.

Breath hitched in his throat, Sebastian opened the office door, forgetting to knock before he headed inside and shut the door behind him, taking a breath before he turned to face his father.

"Are you alright, son? You look very pale." Leviathan frowned.

"I... Yes, just eager to see Claude." He replied quietly.

The man sighed and stood up, walking over to the window, "They will be here in ten minutes. Why don't you go and meet them? It would save them wrecking the joint."

"Thank you, Father." He inclined his head before fleeing the room.

He sprinted from the house and down the drive, passed the tall hedges which blocked the house from view and down pathway towards where he sensed Claude's aura. He skidded to a stop as he saw the dark haired demon walking in the general direction of the mansion; followed by Alois, Ciel, Grell, and Undertaker in tow.

A smile found his lips as he saw his golden eyed mate leading the way with confidence and certainty in his steps. He began walking faster before he saw Claude's eyes flick up to meet his.

Suddenly they were in front of each other, arms enclosing around each other; lips pressed snugly together as the distance they had been apart was unwound and their dormant passions rekindled.

They both forgot about their audience as they allowed their essence to entangle and comfort; pulling back for air, amber met gold as they spoke wordlessly through their eyes.

"Sebastian... Are you alright?" he asked finally.

"I'm fine." The amber eyed male replied with a nod, "Are you?"

"I will survive. Please... Explain what happened though, we have all been very worried about you." Claude murmured with a frown.

"I was... Recalled to my Father's side after he discovered Ash was on the scene again. He was stupid in his actions, but his heart was in the right place."

"Your father?" the golden eyed man tensed slightly, "Leviathan?"

"Yes." He replied with a sigh, "His overreacted but... Only so that he could protect me."

"Sorry... I hate to interrupt-" Alois's voice cut through the air, "But why the Hell were the two of you just playing kissing?!"

Claude and Sebastian froze and looked around at the blonde haired Earl; beside him was an unsurprised looking Ciel and behind them were two shocked Shinigami.

"Master Alois," Claude began before he looked at Sebastian and watched the red eyed male nod once, "We apologise for not being honest with you, but Sebastian is my lover, and I am his lover."

"Oh..." the blonde pouted for a moment, "How long have you been together?"

"Since just after he arrived at the Trancy Household." He replied, "When I first brought him to you I believed that he was a mere human, however we soon discovered that Sebastian was in fact a half-demon. And a Prince to boot."

"A... A Prince?!" Ceil exclaimed, walking towards them slowly, "I admit I suspected that Sebastian's feelings towards you were more than those of just friendship, but for him to be a prince?! Why would he lower himself to the position of my butler?!"

"He had no choice." Claude rebuked, "When you contracted him he was still a fledgling to his powers, he could not refuse your demands as I could have, or another demon could have. Now that he is more familiar with his powers, he could choose whether or not to accept the contract."

Ciel frowned slightly and looked at Sebastian for a long moment before he looked at Claude again, "We should go and meet with this Leviathan... See if he will be willing to hand Sebastian's care over to us."

Sebastian tensed slightly at the idea of Claude coming into contact with his father after their earlier discussion and he grabbed Claude's hand, "Claude... I don't think it is a very good idea for you to come in..."

"Hmm? Why ever not?" the golden eyed demon frowned faintly.

"Because..." he swallowed and looked up at him, "I... I know about your family." He said quietly, "And my Father knows about us, he... Wasn't very happy."

Claude's eyes narrowed for a moment before he let out a slight huff, "I see. Well, it has been a long time since I last laid eyes of the Demon King, and perhaps his mind can be changed once he sees that I have changed somewhat from what I once was." He cupped Sebastian's cheek, "I am not like my family. I am not a traitor."

"I..." he paused and stared back at him, "I believe you."

"I am glad."

Sighing weakly, Sebastian led them to his Father's abode, at the doors they were greeted by a couple of the household maids who took their hats and coats before Sebastian waved them off and led the way to the office where his Father was no doubt still waiting.

Knocking once before he eased the door open once again, he stepped inside, "Father, the guests have arrived." He told him and stepped aside so that the troop of mixed species could enter the elegantly decorated office.

The Demon King turned around in his seat and inspected those who had so willing come to Sebastian's rescue; he was surprised to see two Shinigami though, that had not been something he had been expecting.

"Welcome to my house," he greeted, standing up and gesturing to the seats in front of his desk before he sat back down, "And you." He looked at Claude a little coolly before sighing as his son glared at him.

As they all sat down and watched the slightly strained atmosphere between the three demons in the room, Leviathan sighed again and crossed his legs, "I assume that you wish to discuss Sebastian's presence here?"

"Yes, sir." Claude said calmly, "He has explained why he was brought here to us, however, we would like him to return with us."

"And what protect will he have in your presence? Ash could snatch him at any point and I am unwilling to risk that."

"We can keep him safe." Ciel interrupted boldly, "No harm will befall him while in our care."

"And how will you protect him? You are a human, easily killed by so many things. And as far as Sebastian has told me, Claude lives over the other side of London." The dark amber eyed lord rebuked.

Ceil faltered at this but Alois perked up with, "Well why not merge households until things are safer for Sebastian? Claude and I can go stay with Ciel, that way Claude will be on hand if Sebastian needs protecting, ne?"

Ciel looked at Alois in surprise at such a kind offer, not having expected it from the other Earl at all, "That would be fine with me also, and we have plenty of room."

Sebastian stared at the two youths and raised his eyebrows before looking at his lover with a small, shy smile; hoping his father would be swayed by this.

"I've been suspended from duty for a month by William for an accident that was so not my fault." Grell sniffed, "So I can keep popping in too! Anything to see more of my darling Sebastian-chan!" Sebastian gritted his teeth and growled under his breath, causing Claude to chuckle.

Leviathan was surprised by the help being offered in order to protect his son, truth be told he was quite happy to agree and release Sebastian into their care, but he wasn't overly happy about letting his son leave without first resolving the issue of his Bonding with Claude Faustus.

"Very well, you have convinced me. However, before he leaves I wish to speak with Claude and Sebastian alone."

The two demons glanced at each other and gulped at the same time.

To be continued...