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Chapter Eighteen:

When morning came, Sebastian and Claude rose from the bed after sharing a prelude of lazy kisses, getting washed and dressed; the Spider had to leave while the young prince packed his few belongings in favour of assisting his master with getting ready for the coming day. Claude also offered to get Ciel ready in lieu of the fact that Sebastian had much to do before they finally left the Hell Plains.

Sebastian sighed softly to himself as he was left alone in his childhood bedroom, taking a moment to sit on the freshly made bed, thinking about everything which had occurred over the past few months. It felt so forgien and uncertain, to consider that mere months ago he had been an average human struggling to maintain a living by being commissioned to do portraits. It had truly been something of a miracle that Claude had come upon him that day, to commission his artistry skills. Everything had just... Happened after that moment in time.

The prince looked around as he heard the door open and he made to stand up as he saw his father in the doorway; Leviathan raised a hand to still him and moved over to the bed to sit beside his son. The Demon King smiled wistfully and reached over, putting his arm around the shoulders of his child in a protective parental manner.

"I shall miss you, when you have returned to the Human World." the older demon murmured, rubbing his son's back thoughtfully.

"I shall miss you as well, Father, it will be strange to return... It feels like it has been ages since I came here. And I have never felt so much like I belonged before." he smiled slightly adn leaned into his Father's body, resting his head on his shoulder.

Leviathan looked down at him, his expression was a mix of sadness and pride, "All children must fly the nest, and my only hope is that the time you have spent here has been both good and helped you to regain some of your memories and power, and I hope that when you get chance you will not shy away from returning here every once in a while to visit me, and any other friends you have managed to make while here."

Sebastian smiled at him, "Father, you've gone soft. But you are correct, my time here has been an experience both welcome and heartfilled, and as soon as I can I will return again to visit, now that I have my memories; a portion of my power and my wits I will be able to return at will, rather than someone coming to collect me every time you want to see me." he chuckled softly at the thought.

"I am pleased you see it that way." the King concealed his utter relief, but only just, "I have a request of you, should you be willing..."

"Anything. What is it you desire?" he asked instantly.

"I... Deliver this letter to your mother?" he asked, holding up a jet black envelope which was sealed by blood red wax and adorned with a scarlet ribbon around the paper, the wax was marred by the crest of his family - two crows holding a blackthorn branch between them while a crown resided over their heads.

"To my..." he paused and stared for a moment as he contemplated visiting his parents, well his mother, "I will do it." he vowed, taking the envelope from him and tucking it inside the tailcoat of his butler uniform.

"Thank you, I appreciate it." the elder demon ruffled his son's hair gently and kissed the top of his head, "Now, I am certain the others will be waiting for your arrival, you don't want to keep them waiting do you?"

Sebastian got to his feet at the same time as Leviathan did, he looked at the man for a long moment before he put his arms around him and hugged him tightly, closing his eyes as the embrace was returned after only a second of surprise. Then he pulled back, picked up his bag of belongings and headed out of the door.

He would not look back.

He could not look back.

Turning the corner and coming to a stop in the foyer he found Claude, Alois and Ciel already waiting for him; he drew closer and smiled weakly, "Where are the Reapers?" he asked.

"They went on ahead, apparently Grell needed to report a few things to that boss of his and Undertaker required to return to his store to prepare for the day." the Spider demon answered.

He nodded in acknowledgement and hitched his bag slightly higher before he looked at the two teenage boys beside the golden eyed butler, "Are you ready to leave, my Lords?" he inquired.

"More than ready," Alois whined, stretching like he had been cramped in a small confined space for a while, "I want to be back in my own bed tonight."

"Was the accommodation not to your satisfaction, my Master?" Claude asked.

"It was alright, but I prefer to sleep in my own bed." the blond muttered, watching as a female demon with brilliant green hair walked passed them, wheeling a tray of tea towards the study.

"And what of you, my Lord? Was the accommodation satisfactory?" Sebastian asked the Phantomhive Earl.

Ciel's eye swivelled around to look at the demon, "It was certainly fit for a Prince, not that I should be surprised." he smirked faintly.

The Prince chuckled slightly and bowed, "Oh your words warm my heart, my Lord."

"Of course they do. Let us be off, I am certain the servants will be concerned about us. We must also arrange some form of accommodation considering that Faustus is expected to remain near you for the majority of the time." the young Earl commented as they exited the household and made their way down the path.

Sebastian remained quiet at that, still not convinced that he needed coddling by anyway, least of all Claude. But his father's word was law... It wasn't like he could expect the Spider to go against the word of the Demon King, it would be rude and impertinent to do so. Two things Claude wasn't.

They walked to the end of the path, before the two demons shared a look and linked their hands, both resting their free hand on the head of their designated master's heads before they teleported away from the Hell Plains.

Time warped around them, bending space and worlds before everything came to an abrupt stand still and they found themselves on the doorstep of the Phantomhive Mansion. Ciel instantly pushed away Sebastian's hand from the top of his head and petted his locks back into place before he turned around and walked up the few steps to the door, he pushed it open with a sigh only to be thrown back by an incredibly strong gust of supernatural wind.

Sebastian caught the Earl before he hit the ground, looking towards the mansion, wondering what had caused such a powerful blast; he set the teen on his feet again and gestured for him to remain at a safe distance before he slowly walked up the steps himself and pushed the door back open.

In an instant, a pale hand was around his throat, choking the life out of him and sending him to his knees in surprise; his amber eyes widened in shock as he looked up into the pale and angelic face of his adversary, Ash. The Angel had grown so bold as to infiltrate the household of his master? How very dare he.

He heard Claude move behind him; but he was tired of being protected and not looking after himself; he lifted his arm, snapping his closed fist up towards the arm restraining him; his knuckles made contact and shattered the elbow of the offending Angel. His grasp weakened instantly and Sebastian darted out of the way as he swung his other arm around.

"What are you doing here Ash?!" the demon Princeling demanded.

"I am here for you, Sebastian," the Angel growled, holding his broken arm to his chest, "I was so angry when you ran away... It took me a long while to calm down... But now I am calm and I want you to return with me."

"That is not going to happen, Fluffball." he snarled, his fists balled as he felt Claude appear at his side.

Ash's lilac eyes narrowed at the derogatory term, "I see your manners have degraded since we last spoke, a pity to think such impure words might pass your lips."

"You're an insult to my eyesight Ash, get out of here before I force you away." he snapped, taking a step forwards out of anger.

"I would like to see you try! Such dirty beasts as yourselves could not force me anywhere~!" the Angel spat, his face contorting with anger and disgust, "To think I was in anyway attracted to such a... A... Noxious beast!"

Sebastian growled under his breath, his demonic aura spreading out from his skin in rivets of blue-green mist; it was only the gentle touch of Claude's hand on his shoulder on his arm that stopped him from rushing forward and attempting to smash the pathetic Angel's face in.

"He is trying to goad you, Sebastian, do not listen." the Spider warned.

"Faustus." Ash sneered, "My how the mighty have fallen, such a worrisome expression on your face, because you know I could rip your dirty lover apart don't you? Because he isn't strong enough to fight someone as pure and reverent as me!"

"Shut up!" the Spider barked, reaching up and nudging his glasses, "Be silent and do not impinge upon our private conversations."

"Claude I am stronger than I was before, let me go." the Prince requested.

"I cannot... Your father-"

"Is not here." he looked at his lover slowly, "Have faith in me."

"How ironic, a demon asking for faith?!" the Angel interrupted again, receiving the wrath of two angered demon's glaring at him.

Claude and Sebastian looked back at one and other, and despite the presence of their two masters and an Angel of God, the Prince leaned up and claimed his lover's mouth without shame, lifting his hands and cupping his face in his hands as he plundered the warm cavern with his tongue, arching and pressing against him without shame for whatever audience they had. Then he pulled back and slipped out of Claude's grasp, sprinting up the steps towards the Angel with murder in his eyes.