Murder blazed in his glimmering magenta eyes, an erthreal blue-green mist ebellished the air around his body, spreading like smoke around a fire as he sprinted up the steps with an explosively demonic speed he had not before felt. His right hand snapped out, his skin peeling away in the wake of his demon flesh as his true form burst free in the wake of his sinful assault on a child of God. His hair grew longer, twisting blackened horns slowly growing from his forehead as his power increased tenfold; brilliant black feather wings burst from his shoulderblades and stretched out like a canopy off darkness and flapped threateningly like a bird of prey swooping down on its next meal. The clacking of stiletto heels echoed on the pale stone steps, which fractured under the force of the demonic aura; the sound of a whip cracking through the air was synonomous with the appearance of a long tail which snapped from side to side behind him. His top lip was pushed out slightly as fangs grew in place of his canines, and as he let out a snarl of malice the pearly white fangs were revealed.

His outstretched hand coiled around the Angel's face, his long sharp nails digging into his pale flesh and he yanked the white haired man closer before he tossed him back like a ragdoll. He followed him, gliding across the stone weightlessly, kicking and punching, clawing and gouging at him as his magenta eyes narrowed viciously, a snarl escaping his reddened lips.

The most ungodly scream escaped Ash as he was assaulted without mercy by the hybrid demon, his attempts to escape thrawted constantly by Sebastian's stronger and more forceful nature, truly the simple artist was no more, rather no he was a demon of the utmost power, just as he was always meant to be.

Twitsting, turning, writhing, squirming, gyrating, wriggling. Ash could not find escape from this beast of all beasts, this demon among demons, an ungodly; sinful; corrupt beauty. How his heart ached in the knowledge that the sweet innocent boy he had met in the woods had fallen so far. But nevertheless, he could purify him, he would purify him... And once he had been cleansed there was hope, there was a chance that Sebastian Michaelis would be accepted into the hands of God and delivered from evil!

"Are you still so delusional that you try to save me from unnecessary evils?" Sebastian hissed, his eyes narrowing, "It is about time that someone told you... Not... To... Interfere!"

Ash arched as he hit the wall, smashing the stone and flying through it into the mansion, he panted heavily, blood dripping down his face as he slowly sat up, shaking slightly from the pains erupting throughout his body. He gritted his teeth as his eyes widened slightly in madness, "Preposterous." he growled.

"Preposterous is it?" the demon asked as he touched down by the hole in the wall, lifting his hand and licking droplets of blood from his nails before he spat it back out, "Disgusting. I'm putting an end to you."

"You wouldn't dare! If you do, you will be damned forever!" the Angel howled.

"You don't get it do you?! I would rather be damned in hell than saved by the likes of you!" Sebastian barked, "You disgust me!"

"N-No!" Ash staggered to his feet, "Wouldn't you prefer to be damned with me... I can offer that... Look upon me with those sinful eyes, I can offer you twice as much as that Spider. I can please you in this form... Or if you would prefer..."

Sebastian's eyes narrowed as he watched the Angel's body shift and change until the being stood before him was a woman, "An Angel... A child of God offering themselves to a Demon? Sure you can be counted among the Fallen by now."

"Concerned about the Fallen are you? Were you that concerned perhaps you should first start with your own mother..." the feminised Angel smirked.

He blinked once and stared, "My mother?" he repeated.

"What do you think all Demons have wings?" she laughed, "Don't be a fool! Only divine beings have wings! Angels have wings! Birds have wings! Demons do not... Not unless their blood is mixed with that of an Angel!"

His eyes widened slightly before his teeth clenched, "Are you telling me..."

"Yes... Your mother... Is a Fallen Angel!"

Sebastian looked down for several moments, his expression unreadable as he mulled over this news. He wasn't sure how it made him feel but there was one thing which could not be ignored. The Angel had to die.

He lunged in one swift moment tearing the Angel's head from its shoulders, barely flinching as he was splattered with blood. He let the corpse drop to the ground where it proceeded to erupt into thousands of white feathers. Sebastian leaned down slowly as he picked one up, smirking slightly as he saw that they were all tained with grey, slowly blackening.

"Huh... Well I hope God is feeling merciful Ash." he smirked, "He so rarely forgives the Fallen after all."

He shook his hair out of his face and closed his eyes, sending his powers back to the back of his mind; his back popping as his wings disappeared back beneath his flesh. He stretched and adjusted his butler uniform, straightening his tie before he strode out through the front door, smiling widely at the two human boys and his lover, "I think, you shall find, it is safe to enter now."

"S... Sebastian?" Ciel breathed as he looked at his butler. "Are you alright?" the Spider Demon asked as he walked up the cracked steps towards his lover; he reached out when he reached him and brushed some stray feathers from his shoulders. "I'm fine. Stupid feather-ball couldn't lay a hand on me." he smirked slightly. Claude smirked a little as well, "Slightly off putting term of description there, my dear, looking at these I mean." he said as he held up one black feather. "Ah you know what I meant." he chuckled lightly before he dusted his hands off and pulled on his gloves, "Right then, could you please take our Young Masters to the lounge at the back of the mansion while I see to the repairs?" "Certainly, but would you not prefer so assistance?" "Not at all... I feel better than I ever have." he winked at him before he bowed to his master and disappeared in a flourish of pale green-blue mist.

Claude couldn't deny his lovers words, he could sense a change in him, in his mannerism, in his personality, in his aura. His demonic powers had never been stronger, and Claude was almost certain that Sebastian had the edge on him, if they ever came to blows (which admittedly was unlikely) he wasn't sure who would win.

Shaking aside such thoughts he turned to the two teenage boys, "Would you please follow me to safety while Sebastian repairs the building?" he offered with a curt bow to them both. "Very well, damned Demon needs to learn to reign in his power." Ciel muttered as he followed Claude, barely irritated by Alois hanging off his arm. "Aww don't be such a misery guts!" the blond beamed, "He's just killed a Holy Angel for you, you should be happy!" "He's destroyed the front of my house in the process. I have nothing to be happy about and if this brings some Godly problem down on my shoulders then I will not be at all happy." he grumbled, sighing as they stepped over the pile of dirtied feathers, "Not to mention... He made a right mess of himself, all bloody and disgusting. Honestly, it is not right for a servant of my house hold to make such a mess. I will be having words with him." "Alright, alright." Alois laughed, "Your house, your rules right?" "Absolutely." he muttered, sniffing and lifting his head slightly.

From the shadows of one of the pillars in the foyer, Sebastian chuckled under his breath at his masters severity, "My, my what a master I have chosen for myself." he giggled and covered his mouth with his hand, his face and clothes now clean of the vile Angel blood, "Well then, I had best begin with the clean up."

Later that day, but not too much later mind you, Sebastian arrived outside of the room he sensed his master and lover in; he knocked on the door once and then slowly pushed the door open, "The necessary repairs and cleaning have been completed." he informed them as he walked in, wheeling a trolley with tea and a selection tray of cake on it. "Good, make sure you don't make such a mess again Sebastian, it was most unbefitting a butler of this household." Ciel said simply as he looked through some paperwork. "I understand, My Young Lord." he bowed slightly and wheeled the trolley further in, serving two cups of tea, he handed them to his master, and then to Alois with a smile.

He straightened then and served the cake, setting the saucers down on the closest flat surfaces to them and then he finally took a seat beside his fellow Demon, he could sense that there were things that needed to be discussed.