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Ginny had always known that having been possessed by Voldemort had changed something inside her. What, she couldn't really say, but there were times when she just lost all hope. For everything. Usually, those times were when she was alone, at night.

At the Burrow, she would just walk in the fields surrounding her house until the sun came up, thinking of nothing. At Hogwarts, this was difficult without being caught by Filch. But she had found an abandoned classroom with a beautiful view of the lake and the forbidden forest on the hills behind it.

She would stand in front of the window all night, just trying to cope.

This past summer, the feeling had come more often. Harry said he had dreams of Voldemort more often too, that he thought Voldemort was getting stronger. Maybe this had something to do with it. Maybe not.

Tonight, the first night of her third year, she stood in front of the window once more. She had opened it, because the night still held some summer warmth. A breeze was playing with her hair, painting red on the night sky. The giant squid in the lake splashed softly at the surface.

Her mind wandered. She smelled cherry blossom in the wind, and began searching for the tree. When she finally spotted it, freshly planted this summer next to Hagrids house, she heard the door creak. She looked over her shoulder, thinking it would be Filch or his wretched cat, but saw only Malfoy closing the door behind him. When he turned, a look of utter surprise crossed his face.

Ginny was only wearing underwear and one of Georges old shirts, leaving her legs bare, but she didn't even care. She just looked at the view again, trying to figure out if Hagrid had planted more than one cherry tree. After a while, she heard Malfoys soft footsteps coming up behind her.

Why didn't he leave when he saw me?

This was supposed to be her spot, and she just started to think of something to say, when she remembered that she simply didn't care. She'd only say something if he disturbed her peace.

He came to stand beside her, a careful distance away, so not to accidently touch her.

'Hey,' he said in a voice just above a whisper.

She turned her head towards him. He was wearing dark pyjama pants and a bathrobe. They were probably green, but everything was black and white under the moonlight. It made his skin paler than ever. He was barefoot. He didn't look hostile. Indeed, his face showed no emotion. More so than usual.

When she didn't respond, he looked at her. A heartbeat, and he gave her a little smile. Not his trademark smirk, but an actual smile.

She saw the effort behind it. It was like he had forgotten how to smile, like something inside him had broken. She knew that smile.

How many times had she given that smile herself after her first year? How long did it take for her to be repaired enough inside that she was able to laugh again?

Something had happened over the summer. Something, or maybe rather someone had broken Malfoy.

And so, she smiled back.

They just stood there all night. Next to each other, never touching, never speaking, lost in their own thoughts. Broken, and trying to put the pieces back together.

When the sun ended the night by painting the sky a light pink, Ginny sighed.

Malfoy turned and walked for the door. She followed. He opened it for her. They both went their own way, never saying a word.