Charming Twilight

A/N: A tiny bit of timeline information: It's right after Twilight at the summer only Bella knows about werewolves and Victoria is hot on her trail. Also it's set right after season 7 finale on Charmed based on the original ending.

A/N2: I own nothing *sniffles* except my plot.


Chapter 1 - Attic

You know how many people say they get their life in order during college? For me it took just a bit more than that.

"Erm mom, how can we afford this exactly?"

I stood with mom right outside a large red Victorian manor.

"It's part of the deal I got with the school"

Mom smiled. I nodded. I didn't know much about her new job except it took me away from Forks. I had just finished the school year in Forks with Charlie when mom called. I agreed to spend the summer with her and Charlie reluctantly agreed.

It was also a good time to get out of Forks. Victoria, James' mate and coven member, had been making advances more and more lately. She was attacking people left and right almost daily. I had asked Edward to come visit mom in Florida with me but he and the rest of the Cullens chose to stay in Forks and deal with Victoria. Edward would call me to tell me it's safe to come back.

Funny how a whole year later the fight still hasn't ended... But I digress.

Mom and I spent the summer together in Florida, swimming, relaxing and having fun until Phil was killed in early August. I don't know 'how' it happened but I know mom was god pissed afterwards and after burying him she took this strange job. For once she refused to say anything about it except that it included moving to San Francisco clamming up about the whole deal. She insisted it was a teaching gig and that was it.

I decided not to push her. That got us here, in San Francisco.

Mom is the sentimental kind of hoarder so it took us three trips to the large SUV she had rented to get all the stuff to the large front porch of the house.

"Wanna do the honors?"

She handed me a set of keys smiling. I couldn't help but smile back accepting the set and unlocking the heavy double doors I was greeted by a foyer in warm earthy tones that had a welcoming feeling. A grandfather's clock was ticking and a loveseat invited me to drop in. It took us fifteen minutes to get everything inside and mom and I dropped on the love seat.

"It's furnished"

I observed seeing all the furniture and decorations around.

"Part of the deal"

Mom repeated. Okay...

"Can we at least take the photos down? It's kind of strange being observed by people I don't know"

I muttered. Above the large arch that led to a hall was a picture of three beautiful women playing on the same loveseat. Mom nodded absently and her cheerfulness returned.

"Wanna explore?"

I nodded my head and hand in hand we walked around every single room. The foyer led to a larger foyer that had stairs on one side, a large dining room and a very spacious kitchen after another arch, a sitting room leading to a large sunroom on the other side.

"It's beautiful"

I breathed. Mom laughed we headed upstairs still holding hands. The first floor had mostly bedrooms, a small nursery still equipped with a crib, a small sewing room and two large bathrooms.

"You'll have your own bathroom now"

Mom laughed claiming one of the rooms for herself. Shaking my head I laughed along feeling a bit strange as I decided that the room with view out the front porch would be mine. I understood why I felt like that as I opened the large closet and saw it was full with clothes and accessories. Some were skimpy and some were really good but it made me feel like I'm in someone else's house. I decided that I'd either move them into the third bedroom or ask mom if we should donate them.

Sighing I began unpacking and placed the small cactus plant I had dragged all the way to Forks on my nightstand. I put all my clothes in the matching dresser and unpacked my books to put them in a shelf above the beauty table in the room. Having finished my task I plucked my new laptop in a socket and opened it. Logging to my mail provider I began yet another mail for Edward. He hadn't replied to any of my previous ones but I felt compelled to keep sending them. Obeying to a small voice to the back of my head I didn't mention I was in San Francisco and went to cook dinner. i was unsurprised to find that the kitchen was equally stocked so I made a Mexican variation of lasagna and after a watching a movie mom and I bid each other goodbye.

My first night at San Francisco passed by quickly and soon I was woken up by the sun hitting my face. I didn't bother changing out of my sleep shorts and spaghetti top in order to go find food.

In the kitchen, against the coffeemaker was a note from mom

"Went to work. There is a car in the garage for you to use baby. Love you"

I shook my head

"of course there is a car"

I muttered and made myself a bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ. I took my breakfast to the sunroom to eat it and saw a wooden board was left on a coffee table. I knelt on the marble floor next to it. I was apprehensive to touch it. After meeting vampires and werewolves who's to say ghosts aren't real too?

"Grow a pair Bella"

I reprimanded myself and reached to touch the pointer. It didn't jump to bite me and I allowed myself to snicker. However to my surprise and slight horror the pointer began to move visiting the letters 'A'T'T'I'C'


I asked aloud. This time when the pointer moved I pulled my hand back watching fascinated as it pointed to 'YES'.

"I didn't know this place has an attic"

I spoke to myself before finding myself climbing up the stairs. Is it just me or are the eyes in the photographs following me? Reaching the first floor I saw a smaller staircase leading to a floor above.

"Why didn't I see this before?"

I asked myself. Luckily my self didn't answer so I know I'm not completely crazy. yet. the second floor only had a door and pushing it open I found myself in a very large attic. It had some old furniture, a few large antique wooden crates and a tall bookstand. The room looked magical as sun filtered in through a large window covered in colored glass.

I walked to the bookstand but it was empty.

One of the crates was directly underneath the large window and had seemingly no dust on it. Gingerly I opened it. amongst the various silky fabrics laid a large, old, dusty, dark green leather book. My fingers itched to touch it. It was warm to the touch and I lifted it, sitting on an old couch to go through it. On the front it had a sort of knotted triangle embedded in the design and the words 'Book of Shadows' written/glued above the triangle thing.

Gingerly I opened it...