Chapter 8 – Just when you think it's over….


She glared. I gulped. A Halliwell woman glaring is scarier than James in the ballet studio and I was scared shitless back then. She advanced slowly before jumping on me


Wait, she's hugging me?

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

"She's gone mad"

Penny Halliwell exclaimed.

"Can't... breathe..."

I complained. She's light as a feather but the trick always works with Emmett. Luckily it worked too and she scampered off me

"Why are you thanking me?"

"You found him for me"

He told me as if I had grown two heads. Guess in this reality, it wouldn't be too crazy if I did.

"More like, he found me"

"You gave me my man back!"

She giggled like a high school girl...

"You're not gonna turn evil again and become the Queen of the Underworld again, are you?'Cause from what I hear, that's my job"

Penny and Mom blanched but Phoebe only erupted in giggles.

Graduation Day cam sooner than I was prepared for. Clad in the red and black robe over my pretty blue dress I stood on the stage along with the rest of my class and accepted my diploma from the headmaster. Holding it high I turned to the sea of parents and gave a wink to the line including mine.

Charlie whistled making me blush and wanna hide, mom laughed not putting down the damned camcorder she had turned on me the entire day. Next to them sat the Charmed ones with their mother, father, grandmother, children and Cole.


Mom jumped in my arms holding me tightly.

"Mom, relax"

I hugged Charlie close after that. He held me equally tightly. I can't believe how much I missed him.

"Hi daddy"

"Oh princess"

Charlie had arrived last night and when he saw me levitating while meditating he was briefed in the whole situation. He grabbed his gun saying 'he'd kill that Source fella if he comes near me'. A trip to the sisters' memories of the Source later had him agreeing 'to support me and bend me across his knee if I said 'yes''. Mom rolled her eyes and called him 'drama queen'. When he let me go I realized I wasn't tickled

"What happened to your 'stash?"

"I tried cooking. It clashed with it and the 'stash lost"

He tried to sound nonchalant. I snickered. Mom did laugh, loudly. I tried not to blanch when I saw Victor's arm go around her waist but I know Paige felt my shock as her expression was the image of what I was feeling.

"We got you a present"

Patty distracted me

"Your powers weren't enough?"

I tried to joke but no one laughed. Patty then procured a small jeweler's box and opened it. Inside sat a beautiful pendant slightly bigger than a 2 dollar coin. It featured a silver triquerta, a golden protective circle through it (identical to the one embedded on the Book of Shadows) and had four stones on it. The whole design sat on a rainbow stone in a circular motif.

"It's beautiful"

"We all wear the symbol in one way or another"

Phoebe said

"And you're too young for a tattoo"

Prue added

"Way too young"

Dad and Victor said together. Penny lifted the pendant and fastened it around my neck.

"Don't lose it. Ever! It contains a small part of the Nexus as well. It will influence you to the good side"

I smiled at her. With tears in my eyes I hugged everyone in a big hug. Piper still didn't like me but it was okay. I was good with me liking her.

After partying at P3 that night, Dad had to go back to work. I packed a bag and decided to go with him. Mom handed me a large wooden chest, with a magical lock that would open to me and only me, filled with various seeds, potion ingredients, crystals and the Book.

"Is it safe to take it with me?"

"The book will always be with you Bella. There is a clone of it at the manor but it's empty. If someone wants to go through it, they'll be disappointed"

There was a warning in her eyes that made me nod, take the chest and hide inside a large bag.

Charlie's house was just as I remember it and homey as ever. It's strange but with mom and me moving all the time, the only constant home I've ever had is this small two bedroom house. I sent dad off to work as I blessed four of the pyrite crystals in a white pouch and buried them at the ground at the four corners of the house. They resonate a harmonic tone when exposed to evil. Kind of like a demonic alarm system. Penny had done it in the sixties when she had a LOT of fellow witches over but lost her True Love and father of her daughter, Allen Halliwell.

Then I pulled a 'Sport Billy' move and shrank the Book making fit easily in my cross body bag. I wasn't a big fan of creating my own spells but sometimes words just flew out of my mouth.

Taking the truck keys from their resting place by the door I drove up to the Cullen house. The grass by the driveway was tall, full of angry weeds. The bushes by the door were completely dry. I tried the opening the door, it was locked.

I snapped my fingers creating a small energy ball (at least that's how Cole called them) and lightly tossed it at the lock. It melted immediately. I pushed the door open. The place was deserted. No furniture, no deco, no huge cross on the wall by Carlisle's office.

"Let me guess... They left when I showed up"

Just to make sure, everything and everyone was gone I walked through all the rooms. All were empty except an envelope placed in the middle of the room that used to be Carlisle's office. It was a quickly written note

"We dealt with Victoria for you. You should be grateful. You are the first human we gave our hearts to and you stomped on them. Stay away from us"

To Be Continued

A/N There is a sequel coming up called 'Mystic Twilight'