Chapter 1

3rd March 1958, Chicago-

Henry Walton Jones Junior, now Senior sat in the worn leather chair at his desk. He was in his study thinking about what had happened since the city of gold adventure. He had found out so much about his life during that period. He had re-discovered his love for Marion Ravenwood, found out he had a son with her and he also rekindled his friendship with Harold Oxley, something he had wanted to do for a while. He took his glasses off and rubbed his forehead. Being associate Dean at the college wasn't all that it was cut out to be. Sure, he loved it but it was so much paperwork and work in general.

'Oh you ungrateful fool, you should be glad that you even have a job in the first place' He muttered to himself. Mutt and Marion had recently moved in to his big house after Marion claimed that hers was 'stifling' and 'too small' even though she had four bedrooms and there were only two of them living there. He couldn't complain though because he had kind of wanted them to move in, he loved Marion so much. A love much deeper than with the other women he had been in relationships with. He was glad that he had finally married her and that they were going to be spending the rest of their lives together. He still kept asking himself why he'd called off the wedding. He guessed that he just wasn't ready. Suddenly the telephone on his desk began to ring.

'Who the hell could that be?' He murmured, 'Hello?'.

'Hello, I am calling to speak to Mr Henry Jones' A mans voice proclaimed.

'Speaking' Indy said, unsure of what this phonecall was about.

'Ah hello, you are wanted at the FBI HQ in Chicago this afternoon at 4:00pm sharp' The man said.

'What? Why? I haven't done anything!' Indy cried.

'No, no, I can assure you it is not because of your doing, please just come along, it is urgent' The man said, then he hung up.

'Well that's great' Indy murmured. Marion poked her head around the door.

'Hey honey, I thought I heard the phone ring, who was it?' She asked, walking over to the desk.

'The FBI, they want me down at the HQ, I'd better go now' He said.

'You haven't done something stupid have you?' She asked.

'No, they told me that's not why they want me, they won't tell me' He said.

'Well I hope it's nothing serious' She said.

'Yeah me too, don't wait up for dinner, I could be a while knowing those jerks, bye' He smiled, kissing her cheek and leaving with his bag. He drove to the HQ and was immediately put through to an office on the fifth floor.

'What's all this about?' He asked, as soon as he opened the door.

'If you'll sit down please Dr Jones' An agent said. He sat down.

'Now I know this is going to be sudden and I can assure you that we honestly didn't know about this until earlier today' Another said.

'What are you trying to tell me?' Indy asked.

'Have you ever heard of Mr William Lindenford?' The first agent asked.

'Yes, he's that guy from England, the one who's obsessed with the idea of being able to visit heaven and God and all of that rubbish' Indy scoffed.

'That is correct. Now, we have brought you here because William has found some Obelisk out in the middle of nowhere and he is currently looking for it, America needs to stop him' The agent said.

'Wait a minute, what does this Obelisk do exactly?' Indy asked.

'Well, when you put the tanzanite stone into the correct site of the Obelisk, it opens a portal, essentially a pathway to heaven. If he manages to do so, he could use the gateway to eliminate America, his only goal in life' The agent said.

'So you actually believe this exists?' Indy asked.

'We are not sure but if it does then we have to be careful. You are going to have to find out' The agent said.

'You want me to go and look for this thing? I wouldn't know where to start' Indy said.

'That is why we have hired someone to help you, Gregory Taylor and Mutt Williams as he calls himself, find the clues. She has some idea of where they are and has previously researched this for a project she did back in 1954' The agent said.

'She?' Indy asked.

'I believe you have met her before, her name is Miss Irina Spalko' The agent said.

'What!? She's dead! I saw her dying! And even if she was alive, what the hell is she doing working for America when there were arrest warrants out there for her. She's been wanted for years by the FBI!' Indy cried.

'She was found near the temple wreckage. She was a little.. bewildered but she is okay now. Let's just say, Russia doesn't want her anymore so she's working for us to pay off her debts and turn over a new leaf' The agent said.

'Pah! Good luck with that one! That bitch is a horrible and manipulative piece of dirt and you will NEVER I repeat NEVER catch me working with her!' Indy scoffed.

'You may not want to work with her but the truth is, you have to. You would be traitor if you didn't. You should want to do anything to protect the United States of America and if you are not prepared to work with one enemy of yours then you are not fit to call yourself an American citizen' The agent said. Indy was at a loss.

'Okay, whatever. Anyway, why haven't you brought Gregory and Mutt here?' Indy asked.

'You live with Mr Williams so you can tell him yourself. We have already interviewed Mr Taylor and he has also agreed' The agent said.

'So whats the plan?' Indy asked.

'Irina is currently staying in a hotel here, she will be meeting you tomorrow at the airport' The agent said.

'Tomorrow!? That soon?' Indy asked.

'Yes, that soon, we need to stop William as soon as possible. We needn't waste anytime' The agent said.

'Can't I take Marion?' Indy asked.

'We only have arrangements for four people Dr Jones' The agent said. When Indy went home and told Mutt, he wasn't a happy bunny.

'I do not want to go on a freaking mission with that horrible emotionless cow that kidnapped my mother and forced us to help her find that ridiculous heap of crystal' Mutt yelled.

'Sorry son, it has to be done' Indy said. This was not a very good day, at all.