Chapter 9

The next morning it was time to go. The bags were packed and loaded onto a jeep and they all set off. Irina, Mutt, Indy and Greg were in the back while William was in the front. They were all tied up so there was no chance of escape. The map was pretty clear and they were only four hours away from the obelisk anyway. Irina and Greg explained everything to Indy and Mutt.

'So what has made you suffer so much then?' Mutt scoffed, obviously annoyed by her liking of Greg.

'I'd rather not talk about it' She said.

'Leave her alone Mutt' Greg said, gently kissing Irina's cheek. She smiled gently and snuggled into him. Even with her hands tied behind her back she could find a way to show affection towards him. She was a changed woman and even Indy noticed this. Mutt on the other hand was beyond reconciliation. They arrived in what seemed like no time and they all got out of the jeep. Greg, Mutt and Indy were seated on the sidelines while Irina was brought forward and untied. The obelisk itself was enormous and towered above everyone. It was much like the one from akator but it didn't have the rock faces on it or the sand. It had a dish on the front of it, obviously for the blood.

'I don't get it, why is is so easy to get to?' Indy asked.

'Because it's even harder to get in' William said.

'But you would have thought the people who built this would have tried to protect it somehow, to make sure no one had the chance of even trying to get in' Indy said.

'Well they didn't so there's no point in dwelling on it' William said. He went over to Irina and brought out a knife.

'That's a big knife for one drop of blood' Irina said.

'Did I mention that I actually need all of your blood?' William asked. Irina's mouth dropped open.

'W-w-what? You need to kill me?' She uttered.

'No! No!' Greg yelled.

'But, you didn't tell me anything about this' Irina said.

'Did I not? Oh well' William said.

'No! Let me go! If you loved me you would let me go!' She cried.

'I'll kill Mutt and Indy if you don't do it, and then you and Greg can live with the fact that you have lost two very important people in the United States of America, do you like the sound of that?' He asked.

'N-no' Irina stuttered.

'Don't kill her! Please! I love her more than anything else in the world! Please don't take her away from me!' He cried, tears running down his face.

'Irina! Are you prepared to give your life to protect Indy and Mutt?' William asked.

'Yes, but I don't want Greg to have to be on his own, please let me go!' She cried. William advanced over to Irina, the knife in his hand. He pulled his arm back, ready to stab her but then twisted his arm around and stabbed himself. He fell to the ground, making sure his blood fell in the dish. Irina got up and got down beside him.

'What are you doing!?' She cried.

'Irina, I never planned to kill you. I wanted to help you prove to Mutt and Indy that you have changed and that you want to protect them as much as you say you do and that you feel and care for them. I've done that by putting you in a situation that left their lives in your hands and you did it, you've proved it' William choked.

'But what about all of this stuff with the obelisk? Don't you want to take over the world?' Irina asked.

'No, I've never wanted to take over the world. I just want to go to heaven and get away from this ghastly world while I have the chance' He choked.

'But how are you going to open it with your blood?' Irina asked.

'Because I have suffered the pain of unrequited love. I brought you to my house because I knew you would never love me back but I needed you to tell me to make me suffer enough, that I could open the obelisk and go to heaven with God' He choked.

'I'm sorry William' Irina said.

'My work here is done, enjoy your life Irina, it will be a very beautiful one' He smiled. Then he lay still. Greg ran over, holding Irina in his arms.

'I have never been so scared in my entire life' He whispered, kissing her all over.

'Join the club' She whispered. Then Indy and Mutt came over. She looked at them, unable to gage what they were thinking.

'We forgive you for everything you have done and we wil forget about it. You have proved yourself to us in many different ways over the past week and we are grateful so have taken the time to get to know the person you really are' Indy said. Even Mutt smiled at her.

'Thank you Irina' He said.

'Thank you, both of you. You've opened my heart and let me live my life the way I should. With Greg and my two friends Mutt and Indy' She smiled.

2 years later...

Irina and Greg were married with two children, Henry and Grace and they got on with Indy and Mutt brilliantly. They were spending birthdays and christmases together. Even with Marion. She had seen the light after Indy had told her that Irina had been prepared to give her life for him and Mutt. She accepted Irina with open arms. This was the way Irina's story was meant to end, not the way it was before the akator mission.