A Lost Angel Found

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In the small town of Saitama, a police car slowly drove around a seemingly peaceful neighborhood street. They were following the lead of several reports of yelling and screaming that had come from a small, unkempt house some where down this particular street.

"According to the reports from the neighbors, the noise was coming from number 636...that one there." the female officer, Akira stated. Just as the cruiser stopped in from of the house, a young girl, of around six years old came running out the front door. By the looks of it, the bottom half of her body was bare, and there was blood splattered over her face and chest.

"Oh my Kami! Shiori, call for an ambulance, quick, I think we found the girl that went missing in Tokyo." Akira commanded as she flung open the car door and ran over to the little girl, who collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily.

"It's okay sweety, I'm here to help. Is your name Amy?" Akira asked gently. The girl nodded, then promptly threw up and passed out. What came out of her mouth smelled absolutely horrid, causing Akira to back up.

"The ambulance and another cruiser are on their way. Kami, what is that awful smell!" Shiori complained, grimacing, putting down the first aid kit and blanket.

"The little one just vomited that. It looks like whatever that was, was bad to start with. Why would she do something like that!? Akira stated, pulling a plastic bag out of her pocket. Flipping the bag around her hand, Akira managed to pick up some. It would be analyzed later.

It wasn't long before a police car and an ambulance arrived. As the paramedic rushed to the young girl and the officers, two policemen ran in to the house. After checking Amy out, the paramedics quickly and carefuflly loaded the little girl in to the ambulance and sped off to the hospital.

"The woman inside is dead. She was stabbed in the heart with a kitchen knife. There's no signs of struggle though. I wonder who could have killed her." an officer stated as he came out of the house.

"You don't think the kid did it, do you?"

"It's hard to tell at the moment. Even children can lash out, if they're desperate enough. Look, Shiori and I will go to the hospital and see how the little girl is doing. Then I'll contact a social worker here, and get her on the case." Akira replied somberly.


Meanwhile, InuYasha picked up Kagome and jumped out of the well; having just returned from the future. As they entered the village, Shippo had come barrelling towards Kagome; glad to see her again. As soon as he sensed something wrong with her, he skidded to a stop.

"What's the matter Kagome? Did InuYasha do something to you?" Shippo asked.

"On the contrary Shippo, I do believe they had some interesting...intimate time together while they were away." Miroku stated with a perverted smile on his face.

"Shut it both of you! We're not in the mood for your crap!" InuYasha growled.

"What happened Kagome? Is everything alright?" Sango asked, worried about her friend.

"No." Kagome answered, hesitating for a moment. "I think the only way to tell you this, is to tell the whole story. Is Kaede in her hut?"

"Yes she is." Sango answered. "She's been making her medicines this morning." Sango asked.

"It is good to have ye back Kagome, InuYasha. Might I ask what is troubling ye?" Kaede greeted the pair, and noticed their troubled expressions. She waited patiently as everyone sat around in a circle.

"As you all know, I went back to my time to catch up on some school work and get more supplies. You also know that InuYasha came to get me three days later. I would have been back sooner, but my little cousin Amy had been coming over everyday. He didn't know it, but she was playing in my room, while I was down in the kitchen. She wasn't frightened by InuYasha and they ended up playing together. Then my aunt Sae came by, unexpectedly..." Kagome started to say, but started to choke up.

InuYasha took over the story and by the end of it, everyone was in tears and angry at the thought that someone could treat their own child that way. It was Shippo who broke the thick silence that hung in the air.

"I hope Amy will be okay, Kagome. I would like to meet her, if that's possible." Shippo replied softly. Everybody nodded their head in agreement.

"I don't know Shippo. We'll just have to see how Amy makes it through all this." Kagome replied quietly, smiling at the little kitsune's concern.


Three days later in the future, in the late afternoon, the phone rang in the Higurashi residence Sota was doing his homework in the kitchen when the phone rang. He watched as his mother quickly answered it.

"Hello...yes, this is Mrs. Higurashi. May I ask who is speaking?" mama inquired.

"My name is Yamaro, Akiko Mrs. Higurashi. I am a social worker for the child welfare department here in Tokyo. I understand that Amy Higurashi is your neice and you wish to adopt her. Is this correct." Akiko asked.

"Yes it is. I would like to know how she is doing. My family is very worried about her." mama replied hopefully.

"The police found Amy and your sister in Saitama. A worker there tells me that your sister is dead and little Amy is seriously hurt. The doctors say that Amy's most serious injury is a very large second and third degree burn on her bottom. They are having to applied skin grafts and have her on a large does of pain killers to deaden the pain. I was wondering if I could come and see you sometime tomorrow and discuss Kaida in more detail. What would be a good time?" Akiko asked.

"Would 10 o'clock be alright Yamaru-san?" mama asked hopefully.

"Yes that would be fine Higurashi-san. I will see you then." Akiko answered and hung up her end of the phone.

"Was that the child welfare office dear?" grampa asked, coming in from the livingroom. Mama only nodded, not really trusting her voice.

"Yes, they found Amy and Sae in Saitama. Amy was outside of their house, seriously hurt. Sae was found dead, in the kitchen with a knife in her heart and a stove element on high. The paramedics said that Amy's little bottom was very red." mama reported, her voice quivering between grief and frustration.

Everyone just sat there in shocked silence; not wanting to believe what was piecing together in their minds. How could Sae be so cruel to her own daughter.


The next morning Mrs. Higurashi was just coming out her front door as a young woman, of around 23 came trotting up the shrine steps and made her way over her. Mama was a bit surprised that she wasn't tired from her long climb up the stairs.

"Hello, you must be Yamura, Akiko-san." mama replied, looking from the steps to the woman in front of her. She also notice Akiko's athletic physique and sharp emerald green eyes.

"Yes I am, and you must be the mother of Sota and Kagome Higurashi. I'm required to do a thorough investigation of adoptive families. Part of which is an inspection of the home for the safety and well being of the child." Akiko stated firmly.

"I understand perfectly. I want Amy to grow up in the same environment as my two children. Would you like a tour of the house before the shrine ground?" mama asked.

"That would be nice." Akiko responded quickly.

As Akiko carefully examined every part of the house that Mrs. Higurashi showed her, the older woman noticed Akiko was definitely interested in giving Amy a good, new home. She couldn't help but notice the long scar on Akiko's neck as the woman's shirt shifted to the side a little.

Once they stepped outside to start the tour of the temple area, Akiko couldn't help but feel a magic in the air; a special kind of pull to it. She listened to the woman as she stated what each building was for and a bit of the history, Akiko couldn't help but feel attracted to the Goshinboku and the well house.

"What is the matter dear?" mama replied curiously.

"I am sensing that some one was pinned to that tree a long time ago. That is why there is no outward bark in that one spot. And that small shrine is giving off some sort of magnetic pull." Akiko stated firmly and mysteriously. She could see that her companion was about to make up some excuses to distract her. "Please Higurashi-san, tell me the truth. I will keep it a secret; I promise.

"Yes, what you say is true. A half demon by the name of InuYasha was pinned there 500 years ago, and the well inside the shrine is a time portal. My daughter and InuYasha have become friends and they can travel back and forth through it. I know Kagome is safe with him and their friends." mama reported, amazed that Akiko could feel the magic of the well and the Goshinboku.

"Thank you for telling me the truth. I had a feeling that there was something special about this place when I climbed the stairs. My telepathy has never been wrong. My feelings were right when I decided to take Amy's case. Can you tell me a bit about her? What she is like when she is with your family?" Akiko asked.

"Of course. We can discuss her over a cup of tea. I don't mean to be rude in asking this, but how did you get that scar on your neck?" mama asked as she set down the tray of tea and snacks.

"My mother gave it to me when I was around Amy's age. You see Higurashi-san, I was an abused child myself much like little Amy has been. I had died for a few minutes, in the hospital, but it wasn't my time. Thus the reason for my mental abilities." Akiko stated. She watched as mama's hand flew to her mouth in shock. Akiko was pleased to see that this woman was obviously a very caring woman.

"And that is why you work for the child welfare department? To help stop the abuse?" mama asked quietly.

"Yes. Once my adoptive family helped me get over..." Akiko started, just as a soft melody came from her pocket, she pulled it out of her pocket and flipped it open. "Yes, Yuri. Just a moment, and I'll hook this up to Mrs. Higurashi's phone." Akiko answered and raised a questioning eyebrow at the older woman, who quickly nodded. After connecting the two phones, Akiko pressed a button and sat back. "Go ahead Yuri."

"I am at the hospital, and as you can hear, Amy Higurashi is awake and complaining quite loudly. The hospital here will be sending her to the Tokyo General Hospital in a few days. They are better equipped there to do the skin grafts if they should tear. Kaida is lucky in a way. She has mostly second degree burns that will heal quicker than the third degree ones." Yuri reported.

"Thank you for calling Yuri. I will see you in a few days." Akiko answered, and then disconnected the phones. She looked back at Mrs. Higurashi and saw a mixture of frustration and concern. Akiko knew then that Amy would have a good home.

"Mrs. Higurashi I need to get back to the office. But I want you to realize one thing." Akiko replied.

"And what is that?" mama asked.

"Just because you've taken Amy out of her abusive home, that doesn't mean she's going to be a happy normal child. Apart from the few times she spent with you and your family, all she's ever known was pain and hatred. She will be an angry child for a while and will be suffering from the emotional scars for a long time. You will need to be a lot more patient and understanding with her. She doesn't know what it's like to grow up in a loving and caring home." Akiko instructed.

"I understand. And thank you for all your help." mama replied, and walked to the front door with Akiko.

In Saitama three days later, after a quick examination from the doctor, the nurses were getting Kaide ready for her flight to Tokyo General Hospital. As the gurney was rolled out to the helicopter pad, the little girl became quite nervous and agitated.

"I don't want to go on that thing. It's too noisey!" Amy yelled as she started to squirm. The attendents stopped the gurney as Yuri stepped up to it.

"Amy, it's okay. I'm coming with you. If you want, I'll hold you in my lap so you can feel safer. Will that be alright?" Yuri asked, trying to calm the child while holding up a small over night bag.

"Okay." Kaida replied quietly. Even though she was nervous, she was feeling a bit excited about her first ride in the flying machine. Yuri quickly jumped in to the back of the helicopter and strapped herself in. The attendent carefully picked up Amy, making sure the thick pad was underneath her.

During the short ride to the hospital, Yuri managed to keep Kaida's attention on her by asking her a few questions and telling her a story. When they arrived, Yuri insisted on carrying her in to the hospital and reassured the little girl that everything would be okay. Once the child was taken to the operating room, Yuri headed down to the reception desk, where she knew her friend, Akiko and Mrs. Higurashi would be.

"Yuri, it's good to see you again. Is Amy in the operating room?" Akiko asked as her good friend approached the pair.

"Yes, they should be starting the surgery as we speak. Poor little thing seems so confused and frustrated. Were the doctors able to get some good skin samples?" Yuri asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Higurashi and I donated some ourselves. The doctors seemed to think we would be good donors. Why don't we go up to the second floor and wait for them to bring Kaida down." Akiko replied.

"That's a good idea, and we can discuss things further." mama replied.

They arrived to the second floor waiting room and talked to the nurse at the desk before they sat down. It didn't take long before a gurney came out of the elevator and enter a room close by, carrying a sleeping Kaida. The doctor approached the three and looked right at Mrs. Higurashi. He knew the other two were social workers.

"Mrs. Higurashi, I will be giving you some pills to give her for the infection that has started in a few of the cuts on her body. She will also be sore for a little while." the doctor instructed.

"Thank you doctor. I just wish I could have gotten her away from her mother sooner. What I don't understand is why she lied to me when I asked her about the bruises." mama replied, concernedly.

"Many children lie out of fear of further abuse from their parent or parents. It's a way they try to protect themselves. I've seen to many child deaths because of this reason. I've given her enough sedatives to keep Kaida still for a while, so she doesn't tear the skin grafts.." the doctor replied.

"I understand now doctor. May we go in and see Kaida?" mama replied.

"Yes you may, but please don't stay long. She needs her sleep." the doctor.

Mama and the two women walked in to Kaida's darkened room quietly and observed the little girl quietly. Mrs. Higurashi gasped as she saw fresh bruises and a bandage on Amy's face. For the first time in her life, she felt so angry at someone, that she wanted to strike out at her sister. But that wouldn''t do any good since acting out in anger only did further damage.

Back in the feudal era the next day, the inu tachi group were three days away from Kaede's village. They were tired from the day's adventures and were sitting around the evening fire, making sure their weapons were ready for the next day. Kagome couldn't help but think of what was...or what might be happening in the future. InuYasha noticed her far away look and had a pretty good idea about she was on her mind.

"Don't think so hard Kagome. You might give yourself a headache." InuYasha joked good naturedly.

"I don't think that's possible, but I won't." Kagome giggled.

"What's are you thinking about Kagome." Sango asked curiously.

"I was just thinking about Amy...my little cousin. I have a feeling that she's been found. But..." Kagome started before drifting off in to thought again."

"But what Kagome? Isn't that good, that she's been found?" Shippo asked, bringing the school girl back to the present.

"Yes it is Shippo. I just have this dark feeling that there's something wrong." Kagome replied quietly.

"We'll be back to Kaede's village in a few days. We've had good luck in finding a number of shards on this trip. So you and InuYasha can go and check on her then." Miroku stated calmly.

"Let's get to sleep then, and get an early start in the morning." InuYasha stated firmly as he lept in to a tree nearby and settled in. Everyone could see he cared for the little girl, and for once, he wasn't going to deny the fact that he did.

The effects of the sedatives and the exhaustion from the past few day, Amy had slept soundly for two straight days. Slowly she opened her eyes, blinking to clear them. Looking around the best she could, Amy didn't recognize the room she was until she remembered what had happened over the past few days. She then noticed someone walk over from the corner of the room.

"Hello Amy. How are you feeling?" the woman asked gently.

"Sleepy and kinda sore. Who are you?" Amy answered.

"My name is Akiko. I'm here to help you start your life with your new family. Your aunt has adopted you. Is that alright with you?" Akiko asked.

"Yes. But I don't know if I can trust them or not. Family hurt each other." Amy stated softly.

"I can understand how you feel Amy. But I have checked out your aunt and where she lives and I'm sure you will be perfectly safe. I won't let you go where you'll be hurt again." Akiko reassured.

"Okay." Amy replied and winced as she moved her body.

"I have to know one thing sweetheart. Who killed your mother?" Akiko asked gently, although she was pretty sure of who it was.

"I did. She was hurting me real bad...and she deserved it!" Amy replied, suddenly becoming quite defiant.

"I'm sure she did. You do know that it's wrong to kill someone though, right Amy?" Akiko asked gently, but firmly.

"Yes. Am I in trouble?" Amy asked.

"No. Everyone who is sure that it was you who killed your mother, understands why you did it. I just hope you won't do it again.

"I won't." Kaida promised.