A Lost Angel Found

Getting Things Sorted Out

Amy sulked as she sat outside at the table that was under the Goshinboku tree. Kagome seemed to think that studying was way more important than playing with her for a little while. Souta was too busy playing video games and auntie was busy making the evening meal. With a huff, she finished coloring the picture she had been working on and flipped the page to start on another one. As she continued coloring she she suddenly noticed what the picture was of. It was a picture of a woman and a small child in a kitchen.

"Why mother, why didn't you love me? What did I do to make you hate me! I tried to be good, like you wanted me to, but you just kept hurting me!" Amy snarled, clenching her fists tightly.

Suddenly she felt something warm and stick ooze through the fingers of both her hands. Looking down, she was shocked to see that the crayons she had been holding were melting. Curiously, she put the two melted crayons together and concentrated on making them in to a two colored crayon. Pleased with the results, Amy looked around to see if there was something else she could try her new power on.

She picked up a hard plastic bowl, held it by the rim and allowed her hands heat up again. In a moment, her fingers started to go through the plastic, creating a handle on either side. Looking towards the tool shed, she noticed a pile of leaves that grampa had raked up earlier. Going over to the pile of leaves, Amy placed one hand over them and concentrated on bringing up a little more heat. Before she knew it, the leaves started to smoke and quickly caught fire. She suddenly realized that she shouldn't have done that when she heard three sets of footsteps running towards her.

"Amy, what do you think you're doing! You shouldn't..." Kagome started before her mother cut her off.

"Amy dear, what were you trying to do?" mama asked gently. Kagome couldn't believe that her mother wasn't scolding Amy. The little girl had just set fire to the pile of leaves. Then she noticed the absence of a package of matches.

"I-I'm sorry auntie, I was just trying to see what the heat coming from my hands could do. I didn't mean to do anything bad." Amy replied quietly, looking down.

"I understand Amy. Although I want you to wait for one of us to be with you, so we can help you if things get out of hand. Okay?" mama instructed gently.

"Okay." Amy smiled up at her, but shot a glare at Kagome.

"Now, I think it's time you came inside and get washed up for supper." mama replied, taking her niece inside and guiding her upstairs to the bathroom. When she entered the kitchen, Kagome was waiting for her.

"Mom, why didn't you scold Amy for setting fire to the leaves? That could have really gotten out of hand? Kagome asked. If she had done something like that as a child, she would have been punished.

"I didn't scold or punish Amy like I would for you or Souta because she would think I was going to abuse her. The social worker I talked to said that Amy needs time to re-adjust to a loving home. All she knows is hatred, anger and pain. She needs time and our patience so she can try and adjust as much as possible to a normal home life dear." mama explained. She could see that Kagome didn't quite understand just yet; but didn't say anything.

"I'm not sure I quite understand mama, but I'll try to. I'll be going back to the feudal era in the morning. InuYasha will be waiting for me." Kagome replied as she started to help set the table.

"I just don't understand what's going on with Amy. She's away from her mother, so why isn't she acting like the girl I thought she was." Kagome muttered to herself as she sat up in bed and grabbed a book. These kinds of thoughts had been keeping her awake. "Maybe I should have played with her for a while, earlier."

Just as Kagome was turning her light out, an hour later, she thought she heard a quiet gasp and shriek. It was quickly followed by a thumping sound; sounding like someone falling down the stairs. Realizing that it sounded a bit like Amy, the young woman leapt out of bed and ran out in to the hallway.

"Amy, is that you? What are you doing out here?" Kagome asked patiently, as she came down the stairs to sit in front of her young cousin at the bottom of the steps. She was surprised when she noticed Amy cringe away from her slightly.

"I-I was going to the bathroom and I guess I turned the wrong way. I can't get my weight on my right foot." Amy answered quietly.

"Let me take a look at it. You might have broken your ankle." Kagome replied, turning on the light and reaching for Amy's ankle.

"No, don't touch!" Amy yelped and jumped backwards, unknowingly using her right leg. She looked down at her leg in surprise, then looked at Kagome, who was just as surprised. The little girl stayed quiet and let her cousin gently lift the pant leg of her pajamas.

"Well, it seems to have healed. Although you do have a bad cut." Kagome reported, seeing blood ooze out slowly from the cut.

"Kagome, Amy? What's going on?" mama replied from her bedroom doorway.

"Amy fell down the stairs, on her way to the bathroom. Her right ankle was broken, but it seems to have healed itself. There's only a bad cut left." Kagome reported.

"Alright Kagome. You go back to bed and I'll take care of Amy." mama replied as she stepped forward and gently picked the little girl up and took her to the bathroom.

"Okay mama. See you in the morning." Kagome replied and returned to her bedroom, shutting the door. She suddenly wanted to throttle her aunt, if she had still been alive. 'What did you do to Amy Aunt Sae!"

In the feudal era

"Hey, InuYasha can you help me out please." Kagome called out, knowing her hanyou was waiting by the well for her. InuYasha smiled and jumped down, put his arm around her waist and jumped back out.

"What's the matter Kagome? Hasn't Amy been found yet?" InuYasha asked, suddenly remembering the main reason why the girl had gone home.

"Yes, Amy's been found. The only thing is, aunt Sae is dead and Amy seems to be angry with me now for some reason. I wish I knew what's happened to her." Kagome looked up as they entered the village and stopped in front of Kaede's hut where everyone was sitting and doing various chores.

"What ails ye child." Kaede asked, noticing the troubled expression on Kagome's face.

"Has Amy been found Kagome?" Sango asked cautiously; not wanting to upset her friend if the news was bad.

"Yes, she's been found." Kagome answered.

"Then why are you troubled lady Kagome?" Miroku asked, concerned for his friend and her cousin.

"Mom told me that the police found Amy in a small town north of where I live and she was in bad shape. Other than being wary of the food that's been put on her, I don't see what else could be wrong with her. And Amy seems to have some powers that she didn't have before. Like the ability to heal herself, to a certain point. She broke her right ankle last night when she fell down the stairs, but when I went to touch it she used it when she jumped away from me. All that was left, was a bad cut. I don't know why, but my sweet little cousin seems to be angry at me a lot now." Kagome related.

"Kagome child, did your mother not tell you that it might be a while before Amy is healed from what her mother did to her?" Kaede asked.

"Yes she did. Mom said that the lady that came to talk to her about Amy said that it might take her some time to get over what she has been throught. Why Kaede." Kagome answered, wondering what the elderly priestess was getting at.

"There are some people that never really work through the trauma they have been through. From what you have told us, I believe wee Amy is a strong child and will make it through her troubles; even if she ends up to be somewhat guarded." Kaede answered.

"And if she's able to come through the well, we can all help her out Kagome." Shippo stated hopefully.

"That would great Shippo; if she can get through." Kagome answered with a sigh.

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