The sound of screams from the baby monitor woke me up from my light slumber.

"Your turn," Zach and I mumbled at the same time.

The triplets used to be in the same room but when one of them cried the other two would wake up and join. We put them in separate rooms and soundproofed them. We have baby monitors in each of their rooms and all three in ours. You can't judge us because you aren't a parent of triplets.

We made an agreement that I get Kaitlin, he gets Joseph, and we take turns getting Matthew. Matthew was a real screamer and rarely slept six hours through the night, even though he's six months old.

"I got him last time." I rolled away from Zach and snuggled deeper into the blanket.

"No, I did it's your turn."

"Screw off Zach."

"If you get him I'll feed Kait."

"Feed her twice and it's a deal."


I got out of bed and dragged myself to Matthews's room. Kait didn't like eating. She was our little princess but she was a royal pain in the butt at mealtimes. She would spit it out or 'fall asleep' or just scream. No one wants to feed her, not even my parents (they find it a traumatic experience, and they are the best spies I know).

I took a bottle and formula out the cupboard in the hallway. I mixed the baby formula then put the bottle in the bottle warmer and went to Matthew's room.

"Hey little guy," I picked Matthew up and rocked him back and forth. "Mommy's got you."

I kissed his forehead and paced the room while rocking him. The warmer beeped so I took the bottle out and quietly walked downstairs to the family room. I couldn't help myself but I started playing the piano. I ended up singing Black Star by Avril Lavigne. While I was singing Matthew finally fell asleep but I was too tired to go back up stairs so I slept with him on the couch.

Sometime during the night Zach must have picked us up because I woke up in our bed. I made a couple bottles and put them in the warmer then walked into Kaitlin's room to find Zach sitting in the rocking chair feeding her.

"Looks like Kaitlin's finished. You can go back to bed if you want babe." He gave Kait to me and gave me a quick kiss to say 'thanks'.

"How's mommy's little girl?" I gave her Eskimo kisses and she screamed in laughter. "Let's go see how the boys are doing."

I walked into Joe's room to see him sucking on Zach's old blanket. The blanket was one of his only childhood memories. I picked him up and took them into Matt's room, who was intently sucking his foot.

The warmer beeped so I put Joe and Kait into Matt's crib and grabbed their bottles. I came back to see Matthew biting Kaitlin's head and hitting Joe.

"Matthew Grant Jonas Goode! You do NOT attack your brother and sister unless you are given permission."

I picked up my two crying children, gave Joe his bottle and put them in the nursery.

I went back to Matt's room and picked him up, feeding him while I spoke. "Now Matthew. I know you are going to be an amazing spy some day but you cannot, I repeat cannot, attack your brother and sister unless you are sparring. I've told you 7 times already, that we don't start sparring until you're 3. Understood?"

He just looked up at me with a smile on his face. "You're just like your daddy. I can never stay mad at you. And I love you so much."

I turned around to see Zach dressed, standing in the doorway with Kaitlin and Joseph in each arm.

"What are you doing out of bed?"

"We're going out today."

"Really? Where?"

"It's a family trip so get dressed."

Zach handed me Kait, took Matt from my arms and pushed me into the bedroom so I could dress myself and Kaitlin. When we were done I carried Kaitlin downstairs to find Zach showing the boys his weapon collection.

"Daddy's crazy. Don't listen to him." I put Kait the playpen with the boys and turned to Zach shaking my head. I strode up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He secured his arms around my waist and lightly kissed me. I smiled playfully at him and said, "you always manage to get yourself out of trouble but you cause most of it. Sometimes I wonder why I married you."

A familiar voice came from the kitchen saying, "I always wonder that."