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The streets where lined with people, all trying to get home to be with their families so close to the holidays. The shops were littered with people trying to get the very best gift for their loved ones, giving little care to the people around them. the shopping leaked into the streets, people carrying heavy bags full of ugly sweaters, twelve-year-old fruitcakes, and expensive toys that the children that were to play with them would more than likely play with the box instead.

The initial feeling of Christmas was gone. The joy and wonderment of the holidays shifted after about thirteen, having learned that want most people cared about were cheap presents.

That's why Kitty and Angie weren't doing the whole 'gift' thing this year, opting to make gifts this year to prove how much the other person really meant to them. Of course, this had nothing to do with the fact that they were both completely broke and couldn't afford gifts this year. They both decided that they'd want electricity and heat instead of another throw blanket. Kitty didn't like this idea, she loved giving gifts and the fact that she couldn't afford anything special killed her.

Kitty walked through the crowds of New York, her tennis shoes keeping her on her toes as she dodged the people, the bags of groceries in her arms swinging back and forth. She gave passing apologies as she weaved her way through the toxic crowd, all preoccupied with their own lives to move out of the way.

It had been five years since they'd moved to New York, so Kitty was getting good at telling where she was in the city. However, what boggled her mind at the moment was how she got from her nice, cozy apartment in Washington Heights all the way to the other side of Manhattan on First Avenue?

A content sigh escaped her lips as she paused on the side walk, causing the already angry New Yorkers to scoff as they walked around her. She lowered the grocery bags in her arms, disappointed that she'd gone all over the city, spent the last of her money on groceries only to have to pay a cab to drive her home with no money. Walking was out of the question, and the subway was too expensive right now.

She was stuck.

Kitty moved to the side, getting out of the way after getting some rather rude comments from the other people using that side walk. Her head was pounding, either from her mistake or from the stupid construction guy behind her using a jackhammer at ten o'clock. She was almost sure it was the jackhammer, as it would cut in and out, like the person using it wasn't used to something like it before.

Kitty whipped her head around, ready to unleash a barrage of insults that the past five years of living in New York had taught her, when she was stopped by her own conscience. She knew him.

The man wielding the jackhammer stood, straddling a rather large hole in the middle of First Avenue as he used the machine, timidly drilling into the asphalt street. Under a Con Edison hat, Kitty could make the tired features of the scientist who had helped her once before, his 'disguise' a terrible one as she saw right through it.

"Egon?" Kitty asked, her brows creasing as she approached the 'Con Ed' man. He cut he eyes towards her, a look of fear flashed on his protruding features as he swallowed. What was she doing here?

Kitty asked again, this time getting a little bit more brazen. She dropped the brown paper bag groceries as she walked past the orange traffic cones that they had set up as a safety measure. "Egon? What are you doing here?"

"Kitty?" Egon asked, hoping for his sake that he was wrong. Though, that doubt quickly faded when Kitty smiled at her name, her delicate features folding into a beautiful smile as Egon sighed deeply. 'Great.'

"Egon," Kitty asked once more, the tone coming from her voice sounding like a doting mother to a young child. "Why are you cutting a hole in the middle of the street?"

"Kitty, you shouldn't be here." Egon warned, the seriousness rising in his throat as he was on high alert. Kitty's brows creased again as she watched his eyes darting around the scene around them.

Her continued inquiry about why he was drilling was short lived as a blue NYPD cop car pulled up beside of him. Egon looked out of the corner of his eye timidly, silently buying his time as he continued to drill in the middle of the street. The aging cop rolled down the window and barked at Egon "Hey! How ya doing?"
"Me?" Egon asked, pointing to himself with his thumb.
"Fine, fine! It's cutting now!" Egon shouted as he 'revved' the jackhammer, drilling carelessly to show the machines power.
"Great. Why are you cutting?"
"Why am I cutting?" A look of panic flashed on Egon's face.

Egon needed a distraction. He could only improve for so long, and with Kitty here wasn't helping at all. He needed help; he didn't know what else to do. Egon shut off the jackhammer and with a wave of his arm he grunted

Peter Venkman smirked at his new faux-title, thinking that he might implement that into his normal everyday life. He snapped his head at Egon's distress call, pulling himself with the conversation with Ray over a hot cup of coffee to the frantic scientist calling him over from behind a police car. Peter swore under his breath as he began to jog to Egon's rescue; the jog leaving him slightly winded from the extra weight of the equipment and possibly those pesky five pounds.

Out of the corner of Ray's eye he thought he'd seen something, someone he had known a long time ago. Doing a cartoonish double take, Ray looked back and noticed Kitty standing beside Egon. Her hands behind her back as she scuffed her leather flats on the asphalt, almost hiding behind Egon as the police officer talked with Venkman.

Venkman ran beside the police car, sticking his head in the line of sight between the cop and Egon as he took a sigh of relief.

In possibly the worst Consolidated Edison costume - all Peter's idea - Ray walked up beside Kitty. She smiled, she shared the same beaming, contagious smile with her sister; it must have been genetic. "Kitty? Is that you?" Ray asked, timid as he wasn't sure if he was really seeing the young woman before him. Maybe Egon had hit a gas pipe and was leaking nauseous gases onto the street?

Kitty smiled an even bigger smile, a trait learned from her sister as she replied "It's good to see you, Ray."

"Who told you to stop cutting?" Peter shouted, pointing at Egon in his best Bronx accent, disguising his voice as he spoke to the two cops in the car. "Did you tell him to stop cutting?"
"Yeah, I told him to stop." The cop explained. "What are you doing?"
"What does it look like we're doin'?" Peter asked, shouting over the sounds of car horns. "Why don't you let us work? We let you work!"
"Take it easy. He's been working over time." Ray said, trying his hand at a Bronx accent. "I'll tell you why we're here – we're here because some diaper bag downtown is making us work on a Friday night. Am I right, Peter?"
"Of course you're right, Raymond. Is he right, Ziggy?" Peter asked, turning to Egon as his eyes widened. With the reaction time of road kill, Egon lifted his fist at shoulder level and uttered with complete uncertainty.

Kitty hid a smile beneath her hand.

The police man gave up with Peter, running his hands through his thinning hair before raising his hands in defeat. "All right, take it easy, all right?" He said before nodding to his partner, driving off down the street, wondering what the hell had just happened.

With the policemen gone, so went the need for a shtick. Peter and Ray both turned back to normal as they spun on their toes, facing the young woman as she stood in the background. Ray was the first to break character, smiling wide before hopping across the concrete carnage in the street to give Kitty a big hug.

Ray always squeezed a little bit too hard in his hugs, earning a slight yelp from Kitty as she braced herself. Ray loosened his grip, holding the young woman at arm's length as she took a deep, exaggerated breath. "It's good to see you, Kitty." Ray said beside the smile as it turned sour. His face couldn't hide the pain he felt inside. Although it was great to see Kitty, it was also a reminder of her sister. "How is Angie?"

"She's doing well." Kitty lied.

"What, do we not get a hug?" Peter interjected, prying into the conversation as it turned from sincere to awkward. If anyone was good at awkward, it was Peter.

With a grin, Kitty made her way over to the other Ghostbuster, hopping over the blocks of concrete Egon had been busting up all night, wrapping her arms around Peter's shoulders. He had gotten a little wider since five years ago, Kitty thought as Peter snaked his arms around her, squeezing her once before letting go. She pulled away before Peter, as he pointed to Egon lackadaisical. "And you know Egon."

Kitty smiled at Egon before wrapping her arm around his waist, pulling him into a side hug. Egon smiled slightly, trying to hide it from the boys as Ray asked the million dollar question: "What have you been doing?"

Egon's cheery expression dropped as he eyed Ray, his left eye twitching slightly as he exclaimed "What have I been doing? While you've been getting coffee for an hour? I've been digging a hole in the middle of the street!"
"Wow!" Ray exclaimed, ignoring Egon's frustrations as he peered down the hole that Egon had been working on. "Looks like you've uncovered an old airshaft. It just goes on and on!"

"It's very intense. We should get a deeper reading."
"Yeah, we gonna need a deeper reading." Ray said, putting his hands on his hips as he parroted Egon.
"Yeah, someone has to go down there."
"Yeah, someone's gotta go down there."

To Ray's horror, the three of them all looked to Ray, singling him out this mission into the old airshaft. Even Kitty, who'd he'd at least hope was neutral to all this, looked at him, casting his hat in the ring. He's shoulders dropped as he exhaled, watching their expressions as Peter slapped him on the back, jarring him for a moment "You better get ready." Peter warned a sick grin along his jagged features.

Kitty watched as Ray started to put on a harness, strapping it along his waist and between his legs before being jarred from her own thoughts by Peter's yelling. "Hey you!" Peter shouted, his faux-Bronx accent returning as he pointed at her. "Yeah, you. You wanna help?"

Kitty nodded, hoping that if anything they could get tonight over with before those cop came back, or anyone else questioned what they were going. Peter smirked for a moment before pointing behind Egon. "Good. Get a hardhat, we're gonna help Ray into the airshaft of death." Peter said, earning a look of severe concern from Ray.

After equipping herself with a yellow hard hat and a bright yellow reflective jacket, Kitty could almost pass as a Con Ed woman. The three of them gathered around the massive hole Egon had created as they lowered Ray into the airshaft. Ray gave a look of fake-confidence as he was slowly lowered into the shaft, before disappearing from view all together, engulfed by the darkness.

The only means of communication was through the radio that both Ray and Peter had on their bodies at all times. The mechanical contraption whizzed loudly as they lowered him down further into the shaft, Egon controlled the mechanism as he slowed the speed of the wire running through the hole.

"You all right?" Peter shouted down the crevasse, his voice echoing off the jagged walls of the shaft. The radio buzzed as Ray came in on the radio.
"Yeah, I'm good. Speeds good, boys." Ray said, as they lowered him deeper into the old shaft, not sure where it was gonna come out.

Peter and Egon sat on the surface in silence waiting for the next word from Ray. Kitty sat Indian style on the ground as she fumbled with her shoe laces. It was antagonizing, having to wait for Ray to say something on the radio.
"Keep it coming." Ray buzzed on the radio, earning not even a head nod from the bored trio.

Peter played with his gloves, picking at a loose stitch to keep himself occupied. Egon took to messing with the machine that was lowering Ray into the air shaft, making sure that it kept working correctly. It was the waiting game - waiting for Ray to say something other than synonyms for 'Everything's fine.

"We're breaking through, I see some light." Ray buzzed on the radio. The three of them perked up when they heard this, Peter even stopped playing with the stitch in his glove before it began to unravel. "I'm in some kind of chamber. There's tile work – SLIME!"

"What?" Peter shouted down the crevasse.

"There's a river of slime!" Ray buzzed back, the excitement leaking through his voice. "There's gotta be twenty-five thousand gallons of it! It's flowing through here like a river!" Egon's eyes widened, his imagination taking hold as there couldn't possibly be that much slime under Manhattan - and in a river? How would they even have a river under the street?

"Van Horne. Pneumatic transit. I can't believe it – it's the old Pneumatic transit system! It's still here!" Ray exclaimed, the radio buzzing back with feedback as his words started to get a little muddled.

"Whoa, whoa! That's good. Hold me up!" Ray shouted, causing Egon to spring into action as he slowed the mechanism to a stop. Peter crawled over to the hole, sticking his head between the rig that was currently holding Ray up as he shouted "What do you see?"

In the middle of all this - Ray down in the air shaft, people walking around them like nothing was going on, even the cars blown their horns whenever the hell they felt like it – in the middle of all of this, Kitty spotted out of the corner of her eye the blue monstrosity of a vehicle, the words "New York Police Department" sprawled atop the emblem of the city. Kitty spun around to see another car pull up behind them, this one the same shade of Smurf-vomit blue but instead of having the typical police lights on top, it had one single yellow flasher.

The same police officer that harassed Egon earlier exited the car as he confronted Egon and Peter. "What's going on here?" the presence of the police officer caused everyone to jump to their feet, trying to look as professional as possible while doing something highly illegal. The police officers were joined by another short man, branching a blue "Con Edision" hard hat.

Peter was irate to say the least. "Hey, what, you boneheads are roust me out again? I've got three thousand phones out in Greenwich Village! I got about eight million miles of cable I gotta check – you gonna come and shake my monkey tree again?"

"What are you talking about buddy?" The Con Edison man said, as he spun around, facing the opposite side of the street as he pointed. "The phone lines are over there!"

Peter stood there, paused for a moment as he thought his next plan out carefully. He needed to think quick, he needed a distraction, he needed a guinea pig. His eyes widened with a new train of thought as he turned to Egon, as he stood there, his signature monochromatic look plastered on his face as he became the target of Peter's assault.

"What'd I say to you, huh?!" Peter shouted before hitting Egon's hard hat in frustration. Egon flinched, cowering down as he held on tight to the hard hat, his only shield from Peter. "The phone lines are over there! What'd I say? How many times?!"

The cop raised his gloved hands at the two to them, trying to calm the increasingly frustrated Peter. "Hey, hey, hey, hey!" The Cop shouted as Peter stopped abusing Egon for five seconds, staring intently at the man with the gun. "You're not with Con Ed or the phone company. We checked. So tell me another one." The cop dared him.

Another quick pause and Peter already had it.

"I got a major gas leak here!" Peter shouted, turning towards the exposed air shaft. "Where do you think is coming from? The sky?!" Egon through his hands in the air in defeat, knowing this night wasn't going to end well.

"Boys? Hey, help!" Ray buzzed over the radio, interrupting Peter's new story. The sound of panic apparent as Egon and Kitty ran to the rig. "Pick me up!"

"Hey! Start! Start!" Peter commanded, ignoring the cop, the Con Ed man and the shtick he was supposed to keep up.

Through the gaping hole in First Avenue, they could all hear Ray angrily calling out for them. "What's going on up there?" Ray shouted, as the machine whizzed, pulling Ray up as fast as it could. "Get me out of this hole!"

Somehow, through the sound of the city; the whizzing of the rig, and Ray's grunting as he tried frantically to get out of the air shaft, a single sound made the biggest impact. A large boom exited from beneath the street, coming from the airshaft.

Soon after the lights started to go out all over First Avenue, and soon made it to other streets. The cars blared their horns even more now than when the lights were on as they all stayed still. The rude people in the streets started to panic, screaming in the darkness.

Kitty looked around in the darkness, the lights from the cars giving the only light in the city as she watched Egon and Peter's expressions. Peter licked his lips before turning to the police officer and Con Ed man. They both stood over the three of them, arms crossed over their chests as they looked on smirking at them. Peter stood up straight, moving his shoulders back as he addressed the police officer.

"What seems to be the problem officer?"

Angie snored. She'd always had a cute little snore when she slept, but after the week from hell that she experienced, she had earned a night of loud snoring. Stirring in her sleep, Angie rolled over on her back, intensifying the sound tenfold as it now echoed through the empty apartment. She was off in la-la land somewhere far away, where bills paid themselves, job grew on tress, and people never, ever got sick.

Her peaceful, all be it, noisy sleep was interrupted by a frantic knock on the door, jolting her awake. As always when she slept heavily - her already wild hair stood up on end, looking more like an afro then a perm, a line of drool went down the side of her face as she looked around wide eyed, looking for the blood of whom ever knocked on that goddamn door.

She shuffled out of bed, tripping over different sheets and blankets as she did, and made her way down the hallway. Her warm toes froze against the cold hardwood floor, causing her to step lightly and even aiding her in waking up.

Finally reaching the living room/entry way, she gave a reluctant sigh as she eyed to room. Nothing had changed since this morning. Angie's clothes were still draped over the lazy-boy chair, after asking Kitty's opinion on the different outfits this morning; dishes were still piled up in the sink from the past three days. Even the answering machine hadn't been checked, but for some reason that wasn't working.

Angie stumbled along in the darkness, fumbling with the double dead bolt lock on her door. She gave a deep, gut-busting grunt as she opened the door, immediately blinded by a bright light.

"The fuck?" Angie cursed, moved her arm over her eyes to shield herself from the white light. If this was someone's idea of a prank, it wasn't a very good one. A slight laugh came from the person wielding the flashlight as they apologized.

"Shit. Sorry Ang." The flash light turned off, her eyes immediately jumping back into the darkness. She blinked her eyes rapidly, helping adjust her eyes to the light as her brows furrowed. She recognized that voice. "Winston?"

Winston Zeddemore smiled, though the blinded Angie couldn't see it. After five years she still remembered him, and was even able to recognize him by voice. He shook his head, shaking the nice thought out of his mind as he got back on track.

"Sorry Angie, but you need to get dressed because we've got to go—"
"Go?" Angie asked, still tired and a bit blinded. "Go where?"
"The guys are in jail." Winston put blankly. "They got in some trouble and they need us to bail them out."
Angie's brow creased once more, questioning Winston's claim. "If they're in trouble why do they need me to come?"

Winston mashed his lips together, looking down at his feet as to not make eye contact with Angie. He'd been hanging around Ray for too long. "Winston." Angie started, finally regaining some sight in the darkness. "Why do they need me to come down?"
"It's Kitty." Winston said, silently kicking himself after Peter and Ray and Kitty told him not to tell Angie until she got down to the courthouse.

As to be expected with big sister, Angie's eyes widened, her mouth cut in a straight line as she turned to the coat rack beside the door, grabbing her coat and throwing it around her shoulders. In a panic, Winston asked "What are you gonna do?"
"First, I'm gonna get Kitty out of jail." Angie said as she wrapped a plaid scarf around her exposed neck. Leaning down, she pulled on a pair of boots from earlier this morning before finishing her thought.

"Then I'm gonna kill the Ghostbusters."

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