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Ray and Egon wasted no time, getting to work as fast as they could on the photos Venkman had took at the library. Feeling a little bad about ignoring everyone on the way to the firehouse, they promised they wouldn't take too long with the photos, being a simple development of film – it shouldn't take too long.

Seeing as they needed a photo lab and fast, they had picked the only place that hadn't been subject to experiments just yet: the bathroom. They brought in trays and chemicals in developing the film into the bathroom. Ray switched out the incandescent bulb for a red one so they could see what they were doing without ruining the integrity of the film. Finally, they locked the door and began to develop the film, like they had promised an hour earlier.

The firehouse was silent. Janine and Louis went home early, walking themselves out. The calls had pretty much stopped at this point; after all it was past business hours near a holiday. If any one had any ghosts they would simply have to deal with them until after the holiday. Surely Winston and Remy would have gone home by now, Peter being adamant about overtime (unless a hundred-foot marshmallow man is trying to kill you, then you overtime and vacation days!)

Kitty would have headed home too, maybe seeing Angie before she headed off to Venkman's to babysit Janine – and Oscar.

"We were right, Ray." Egon said, looking at one of the photos from Venkman's camera. Once developed and hung to dry from the chemical developer, they could finally see what was hiding behind the brush strokes. The Moldavian tyrant was masked by a light show of epic proportions. Vigo's face look bloated and almost fish-like as they hadn't seen with their own eyes. "Multi-planar curliean eminations." Egon finished, trying to wrap his brain around why these anomalies would show up in film.

"Yeah, well, here's your next month's cover of GQ. Check out the aura on this sucker!" Ray said, pulling a sheet of photo paper from the solution and clipping it to their line that hung over the trays. "There's definitely a living presence there."

"We should get a deep look." Egon mused out loud, looking closer below the Carpathian's chin at a small blip in the film.

"Why don't I run this wider shot through the spectronalizer?"

"Good, I'll try turning up the rengence. "Egon said as Ray pulled the photo before sliding it through a scanner-like object. Slowly the machine began to search and scan the object with a marching sound, inch by inch taking in the photo – though the boys seemed to have other things on their minds.

"So what you do you think? Chinese?" Ray suggest, leaning on the window ledge beside the spectronalizer.

"How about Thai?" Egon mused, getting a look of disgust from Ray.

"Nah, too spicy. Greek?"



"Thin or thick? "

"Chicago." Ray said, nodding his head as his stomach growled in agreement. With no more gusto than a microwave, the spectronalizer was done, spitting out the final stripped image down the pure psychokinetic level. Egon grabbed the photo with his bare hand and hung it up besides the others. Now the scanner had definitely found something. Something they were not expecting.

"What the hell is that?" Egon asked as he brought a magnifying glass closer to the image. He squinted his eyes trying to see the image more clearly, but Ray had seen enough.
"I know what that is. I've seen it before." Ray confessed, his face monotonous like earlier today, only without the fear of him trying to commit vehicular manslaughter.


"When you guys had me dangling like a worm on a hook a hundred feet below First Avenue." Ray said, pointing to the new image, just below Vigo's bloated face was a scene Ray still had nightmares about. "That's the river of slime."

Their moment of intrigue quickly turned to a moment of sheer terror when the photos had been engulfed in flames, seemingly out of no where. The two scientist looked stunned, in too much shock to have the right mind to move from the burning paper and the chemical agent it was covered in. "What the hel-?" Ray asked, paused in place as the picture lit up like the Fourth of July. "Uh Ray." Egon said, slowly backing away from the encroaching flame.

"Get me a blanket or a nose or something!—"

"Let's get out of here." Egon merely suggested, before Ray followed him up to the door.

Ray jiggled the doorknob in his hand, shaking it a couple times thinking that the door was just stuck. It didn't budge. Ray tried again, putting some weight behind it this time but still it didn't move. "Wh-why is this closed?" He asked, jumping back and forth between trying to open the door and trying to find any way out of there as the fire began to creep up the walls.

"Winston!" Egon shouted, banging his fist on the door, hoping to God that Winston didn't go home already. "WINSTON!"

"Hey – FIRE!" Ray shouted, as he banged his own fist against the door, hoping anyone would hear them at this point. A neighbor, a passerby on the street – hell a crazed, stalker-ish fan would even be helpful right now.

"That way! That way!" Egon shouted, pulling Ray to the other side of the small bathroom and away from the door. "What are we gonna do, stick our heads in the toilet?"

The fire reached to the ceiling now, effectively scorching the entire back wall. It was hot, the temperature rising quickly as the flames followed closely behind.

From the other side of the room they heard a busting sound. The sound of something metallic on wood as the door jingled in the door hinge. With one last hit, the butt end of a red fire extinguisher busted through one of the panes of wood in the details of the door. It was pulled back and hammered through again, this time knocking the door loose as Winston began to put out the fire. Spraying the white chemical over the increasing fire, Winston slowly began to win the battle of the fire vs. Ghostbusters too little to late. The photos, the evidence that Vigo had some connection to the river of slime was gone, erased from history.

Winston had the fire controlled in no time, giving Kitty more than enough time to sneak through to make sure the boys were okay. If anything happened she could never forgive herself.

"You boys okay?" She asked, running to Ray and Egon and quickly checking for burns on their gray suits. "We're fine." Egon said, running his hand through his hair, lucky to be breathing at this point. She didn't believe them. She lifted arms, spun them around, checked from any black soot marks on their jumpsuits – luckily there weren't any burns. Kitty lifted Ray's arm, checking his underarm for any marks. "Kitty, we're fine." Ray laughed at the young girls antics. You'd think this was the first time their lives were threatened by a supernatural being before!

Kitty calmed down a little bit, putting Ray's arm back down before she looked at her shoes, issuing a short "Sorry" from her lips.

"We have to find that river of slime." Egon said, getting their minds back on track. "Track it, see where it's going under ground."

"We have to find Venkman." Ray said, nodding along with Egon's plan, only plus a person. "He'll want to know what's going on with the slime."

"I'm coming too." Kitty said, putting her foot down in the midst of all the chaos. Egon began to speak up against the idea, but Kitty stopped him before he got started. "This isn't up for debate. I'm coming along."

"You don't know how to use the proton pack."

"Then I won't use one. I'll read the map, shoo away the rats – I'll park the damn car if you want! But I'm coming along." She'd put her foot down. No more miss nice girl as she crossed her arms over her chest and watched both Ray and Egon. Neither of them seemed to like the idea, but who would stop her? Besides, if it's just the river of slime then it couldn't be anything too dangerous – Nothing that Angie could kill them for later.

Ray's eyes widened at the idea before finally voicing his concerns like a paranoid parent. "Don't tell Angie."

"Wouldn't have even dreamed of it." Kitty said, smirking. There seemed to be a lot that they weren't telling Angie. Surely she'd find out, it was only a matter of time.

But what Angie didn't know wouldn't kill them. Immediately.

Venkman's apartment needed to be cleaned, badly. Dana had done her best, but the stench of bachelorhood was thick over the entire studio apartment. Not even the thickest, sweetest, heaviest air fresheners could affect the smell of gym socks and musk. Of course, those were the places Venkman had tried to cover with the smell of Old Spice cologne before Janine, Angie and Louis got there. Louis was a nice surprise, Angie thought, not having seen the man since they moved from the haunted apartment building over of Central Park West. That was fun. It was also all Louis could talk about while the four of them waited from Dana to get dressed.

Peter, on the other hand, looked very spiffy. He'd run out of the bedroom, tucking his white collared shirt into his pants, his tie wrapped around his neck haphazardly. Angie had never seen Pete cleaned up and looking presentable like that. Of course at the courthouse, but she was pretty sure that was court-mandated.

He looked around franticly for a mirror to check himself for food in the teeth, the hair of his head sticking up at a weird angle, and finally to tie his stupid tie. Ties were stupid. Are stupid. No one needs a tie. But for some reason, all his clip-on's had vanished from the face of the earth, leaving only the straight kind hanging in his closet. He began to wrap it around his neck several times, before trying a square knot on the silver tie. He wasn't a boy scout; this was the only knot he knew!

Angie, from across the room, watched in horror as he tried to tie his tie and failing. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. She watched him try again, this time wrapping the long part of the tie over and over and over until it was almost like a rope-braid down the front of his suit.

"Oh my God." She finally said, getting everyone, including the lost-cause in the suit's attention. "How do you not know how to tie a tie?"

"For your information I do this all the time." Peter said, lying out his ass. "It loosens up the fibers in the tie, makes them more pliable-"

"Oh for fucks sake." Angie sighed, standing up from her comfy chair to strut across the room to Peter as he continually struggled with the cheap tie. "It's not that hard." She said, un twisting the tie as she re-adjusted it around Peter's neck.

"How do you know?" He teased, lowering his hands and standing up straight, giving Angie the best possible angle to tie his tie.

"I went to catholic school." She said, as she skillfully wrapped the tie around itself. "My brother didn't know how to tie either, so I would tie his ties, everyday for school."

"Could he not tie it himself, or are you thatbad of a teacher?"

"No." Angie laughed. "None of the men knew how to tie their ties. Something of a Reed curse, I guess."

Angie pulled against one end of the silver tie, pulling the Windsor knot close to Peter's neck without choking him. She stood back and admired her work, seeing she still had it.

"Luckily, the Reed women are fast learners."

Peter smirked before looking at himself in the mirror, admiring the tie as it pulled it together. He looked swanky, if that word ever made sense before. He looked damned good in a suit and knew it. Raising his eyebrow at the reflection, Peter said. "Bond. James Bond."

Rolling her eyes, Angie walked back to the sofa, were Janine and Louis looked uncomfortable sitting so close to each other. They sat on opposite sides of the couch and kept to themselves mostly, besides the occasional stolen glance.

While Peter played with his tie, listing off the most notable 007 lines in the worst Sean Connery accent, Dana emerged from the bedroom, sneaking passed the squeaky door with ease. "Hi." She seemed to 'appear' behind Peter in the mirror, making him jump out of what ever scene in Octopussy he was just in to look at the beautiful woman before him. Dana smiled nervously, lowering her head down as Peter got a good look at her. She wore a beautiful green dress that hung just off her shoulders, her hair polished and curled away from her radiant face. Peter felt like he'd died and gone to heaven; cheesy line, but the way his knees gave out when she walked in the room, it was almost the truth. "Hi." He finally said back, too stunned for words. Dana smiled before turning to the living room where her three babysitters sat waiting.

"I want to thank you all for coming on such short notice." Dana said, circling the couch to face the three of them. Though Louis and Janine were there, she spoke almost directly to Angie. "I know you probably had other things to do tonight, but I really appreciate it."

"Not a problem."
"Don't sweat it."
"It'll be fine."

Dana tried to hide her mother's paranoia under a smile, but it still leaking through as she noticed Janine and Louis, still exchanging glances. Thank God Angie was here.

"Now, you know the number of the restaurant." Dana began listing off numbers, forgetting the fact that she'd written them down on two pieces of paper – in case they lost one. "And you know the number of his pediatrician, but call me before you call him. Don't forget my mother's phone, she lives in queens." Dana continued, while Peter effectually ushered her out the door. Angie nodded, trying to get all that she could of the mad woman's rambles, but it was mostly so Dana wouldn't have to repeat herself.

"And don't' forget that he has to go down for his nap after dinner, otherwise he'll get cranky.—"

"Dana, we're gonna be late." Peter sang as they got closer and closer to the doorframe.

"Okay, okay." Dana breathed, trying her hardest to let go of her worries. "He'll be fine. He'll be fine!"

"Dana." Angie spoke up, leaning in close to the worried woman. "He'll be fine."

Somehow, the words sounded better when someone else said it. It wasn't he telling herself that, trying to talk her into the idea. No, it was someone who actually had control over the situation after she'd left, telling her that everything was going to be okay. That actually helped.

"Okay, bye!" Peter shouted from the hallway, his fingers wrapped around Dana's hand as he lead her out of the room. "Bye-bye, now. Bye!"

"Bye, Oscar!" Dana said, waving to the closed bedroom door as if he would shout back 'bye!'.

Ever so gently, Peter lead Dana down the hallway as Angie closed the door behind them, effectively shutting them out of the apartment. Now the three of them could do there job as well as they could.

Janine and Louis looked nervous, from exchanging glances to now looking anywhere but the other person. This was gonna be fun.

"All right, the parents are gone. Time to party." Angie joked, latching the deadbolt on the door. "Who wants to raid Venkman's liquor cabinet and get crazy?"
The two were silent as the grave.

"… Or we could order some pizza and play cards until they get back?"

Louis perked up a slightly. "I think I found a deck earlier in Peter's room."

"There we go – Oh! Be careful. Oscar is sleeping in there." Angie warned as Louis made his way across the room, tip toeing into Venkman's room. Angie moved swiftly over the creaking floorboards and called up the best place in Little Italy to deliver two large pizzas to Venkman's address. No expense was too high, as Venkman had left his check book out on the kitchen counter.

Tonight, they would dine like kings (of the Westside)

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