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It was December 21st, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the first day of winter - though the last few days of fall certainly played the part. The sun had been put to bed early today, resting behind the New York skyline at four o'clock this afternoon. The city was dark at only six o'clock, the neon lights shining brightly from the city around them.

Angie knew she had to get home soon and get ready for her next shift, but she couldn't wait to tell Kitty about her day, despite the abnormally boring day it was. She was waitress, picking up peoples plates and giving them silverware when they drop it, that was the highlight of her night. But she needed to tell someone about it, giddy from the excitement.

She made her way through the large black double doors; the strong scent of motor oil hit her nose as she walked through to the main garage. The Ecto-one had been put away from the day, not having quiet as many calls today as they normally would. The body of the Ecto-one was dirty, cracking in some areas and even rusting around the wheels. One side of the windshield had been cracked, and it seemed like it would fall apart at any minute. Out of all of the things that could have been in disarray, the Ecto-one shouldn't have been the first thing to wither. Ray knows how to fix cars, maintain them – what the hell did he do to the poor ole' Ecto?

Angie was pulled from her survey of the body of the Ecto-one by a small frame wedged between the hood and the engine, the sound of the wrench in their hand clicking loudly. Remy climbed out of the car, rubbing a spot on her face, only to replace the itch with coagulated oil. She smiled at Angie, flashing her pearly white as her as she wiped her dirty fingers on a spare rag. Angie tried to smile at her, she truly did, but her heart sank ever so slightly as she looked to Remy's jumpsuit, the words "STANTZ" written in red over the left breast.

"Hey!" Remy said, tossing the rag over in the corner before slamming the hood of the Ecto-one, closing it. "I'm sorry, I don't quiet remember your name."
"Oh, it's Angie."
"Oh yeah! Sorry, I'm terrible with names." She admitted before leaning against the Ecto-one. Diving deep into the breast pocket, Remy pulled out a pack of Ray's cigarettes, taking one out of the pack before lighting it between her teeth. Angie bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from saying something rude.
"Umm… Who all is here? I've got to talk to the guys – or Kitty, if she's available."
"Winston took her home, and Peter and Egon are out on a pizza run."
"So it's just you and Ray here, then?" Angie asked, her voice straining as jealousy rose in her throat. Remy smiled wickedly, a smirk creeping along her face. "Yeah, it's just us."

Angie shook her head, trying to drive away the initial pain of Remy's words. "I'm gonna… Uh… Head up and talk to him for a bit, 'kay?"
"Okay then!" Remy exclaimed as she her attention back to Ecto-one. Angie started her assent to the second floor before stopping. Spinning around on the platform, Angie looked back to Remy.

"I just wanted to let you know if you hurt my boys, I will break you face." Remy laughed, believing Angie's threat to be a joke.
"I mean it. It might not seem like a lot to you, but they genuinely like you and they have a tenancy to do anything for their friends. With Egon's comment the other day, and you and Ray spending so much time -… I just don't want to see them get hurt. These boys may be just your bosses, but they're my boys."
Remy smirked as she raised an eyebrow, her emotions turning less than joyous.

"I don't know what you are talking about. It seems like they've been fine without you. I mean, they're helping Dana Barrett; they'd got their business back all on their own. You've done nothing. You gotten fired, congrats; but other than that you are a damsel, waiting for someone to save you and your sister."

Angie paused, Remy's words bouncing around her head as the young woman walked off victorious. Damsel? Is that what she was? A damsel in distress? Sure, she hadn't helped the guys out, nothing physically picking up a proton pack during the fight with Stay-Puft; but wasn't a damsel. Kitty was the one that needed help, if anything she was the damsel.
If Kitty was the damsel, what did that make Angie?

She tried to shake the words free from her head, but failing to do so as several key words stuck with her: "You've done nothing"
"You are a damsel"
"They've been fine without you".

Angie turned up the stairs, the wooden planks beneath her feet squeaking as she reached the dorm room upstairs. The common room was starting to fill in, books back on the bookshelf, Egon and Ray's experiments in the small lab they had set up in the corner; they even had enough money for a pinball machine, the current high scorers initial's "ASS" flashing in bright yellow.

Ray sat at the dining room table, huddled over a clip board as he took notes on the nonreactive goo. He jotted down the basic stats of the goo, nothing notable changing over the past couple days even with all their experimentation. At one point, Ray had got so fed up, he actually let Egon try electro-shock. The short bursts of alternating current burned the goo, filling the common room with smoke and the thick stench of burnt plastic.

Angie walked across the floor over to the table, peering over Ray's shoulder as she read what he was writing down. His messy handwriting had always been a pain to read, but now it seemed physically impossible as none of the letters looked like anything more than abstract squiggles.

"Hi, Ray." Angie said, scaring the scientist as he jumped at the sound of her voice. She tried to hide a smile behind her hand as she sat down next to him, staring back at the goo. "Whatcha doing?"
"I'm trying to see if anything has changed over the past twenty four hours, so far nothing." Ray sighed, running his hands through his hair. Angie narrowed her eyes at the pink goop, watching it as it lay stagnant.

"Maybe it just needs some encouragement." Angie said as she leaned in close to the jar. "You can do it! I believe in you, goopy!" Angie joked, over-dramatizing the 'encouragement' as sarcasm dripped from every word. The pink slime stayed still, not even a ripple as Angie leaned back in her creaking chair. "That's all I've got." Angie said, throwing her hands up in defeat. Ray shook his head, laughing as he sighed. "It was worth a shot."

"Maybe there is a certain button you need to press." Angie joked again, looking around the table for an imaginary button. Ray shook his head. "We've done everything; we can't get it to move." Ray said, crossing his arms over the table and he rested his head down. "Why won't it move?"

Angie bit her bottom lip, short of drawing blood as she reached out to Ray, placing hand on his shoulder. She felt him shutter, a chill running up his spine at the simple touch of her skin. He lifted his head, looking over at the woman before him. She smiled at him, that bright, contagious smile she had always had as it made his heart skip a beat.

The silence was deafening, the two of them just sitting in silence, something they hadn't done since way before the break up. Angie pulled her hand away, causing Ray's heart to return to his chest cavity. Clearing his throat, Ray sat up straight, leaning against the back of his chair as his eyes locked on to the goo. "So, umm…" Ray started, clearing the air of the silence. "Not to sound rude, but, why are you here?"

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I had my first day at the new job today." Angie said, smiling.
"That's great!"
"I thought so. Everyone was really nice, and even helped me with my stupid questions – which is always a good thing."
"Of course." Ray said, smiling back. She was so happy about this job, smiling and giggling; it was like a brand new Angie.

Angie leaned back, nodding as she took tally of all of her injuries from that night. Tired feet, achy back, splitting headache; and that was just the first hour.

"Oh, and I got to meet you're new girl down stairs." Angie said, rubbing the base of her neck to ease her headache. Ray's eye brow rose, curious at her thoughts on Remy.
"Oh? What did you think?"
"I think she's devious." Angie said, earning a pop from her neck. Ray eyed her. "Why do you say that?"

"I just don't like her." Angie said, leaving it at that. She figured that's all that she needed to say, why dwell on the situation if you didn't need to? Ray shook his head. "Are you sure this isn't just some evolutionary female competition for owner ship over the males—"

"No. No." Angie said standing up from her chair as she shook her head, wide eyed at his response.
The slime bubbled.
"Stop using that psychology crap on me. You always do this whenever I have an issue."
"What do you want me to do? Listen to your rant about how you get 'bad vibes' from her?"
"You of ALL people should know about vibes and intuition."
"There is always an explanation—"
"Yeah, she's evil!" Angie exclaimed, ignoring the fact that Remy could possibly hear their entire conversation. "She can't be trusted."
"Could it be that you're jealous?"
The slime bubbled again, climbing the glass sides of the jar.
"Jealous?" Angie scoffed, annoyed by the sound of the word. "I am not jealous of that man-eater down there."
"Oh come on." Ray groaned.
"She's got all of you eating out of the palm of her hand."
"She's nice."
"She's playing you all like a violin!"
"Why are you even here? Huh?" Ray finally shouted, his voice abnormally loud for his quiet and soft demeanor. "I was perfectly fine before you came back into my life." He lied.
"Same here, pal!"
"Then why don't you just leave us all alone?"

Angie stood there, stunned at the words leaving his mouth. Remy was right, they didn't need her. She was just a distraction, everyone was better off without her there. Angie nodded her head, holding back tears as she choked out. "Is that what you want?"
Ray was silent, biting his bottom lip as he replayed the words in his head. Another fight, another argument, another chance for her to leave again.

Angie took his silence as an agreement; hot tears began to free fall from her eyes as she sniffed back. "Fine, I'll go." She choked, two tracks of tears running down her soft cheeks as she let loose one last jab.

"Have fun with your Jell-o mold, Dr. Stantz."

With hot tears streaming down her frigid face, she did the one thing she said she wouldn't: She let him get too close. She knew she'd get hurt if she did, but she didn't listen. Never did she think that Ray would hurt her, but he had, killing her slowly with his dagger-like words. She got to the top of the stairs, about to walk out of his life forever as she grabbed the guard rail.

"Angie!" Ray called out, causing her to turn around. She rubbed her eyes, wiping away the tears before they left her eyes as she paused at the top of the staircase. She turned back around to Ray as he started at the table in front him, his jaw hanging loose in shock of the sight before him.

Curiosity got the better of her as she walked back to the table, letting her anger towards Ray slip away in the night as she gazed at the jar of slime before them. The pink ooze had grown in size, bubbling up and over the masons jar, leaking onto the table in a seven inch radius. Ray was lost for words. "How… What..?"

"Full sentences, Ray." Angie stated, in shock herself as the goo was now stagnant as earlier. She shook her head slowly as she tried to understand what had happened.
"What happened?" Ray asked, running his hands through his dark hair. He was thrilled, but confused. How did this happen?
If only they hadn't been fighting, he would have been able to monitor the slime reaction and maybe see what had caused it. Egon would never let him live this down.

But what caused it? He racked his brain trying to figure out the answer. What did the courtroom, and the firehouse have that changed the slime? At the time, the Judge was throwing the book at them, calling them every name in the book as she yelled at the top of his lungs at them. Then the Scoleri Brothers showed up, putting an end to the screaming. At the firehouse, no one was on trial, but they were both yelling, shouting harmful things at each other.

"That's it!" Ray shouted, causing Angie to jump at his sudden outburst. With a bit of a cackle, he smiled wide; shocked in himself that he figured it out. Angie looked at him like he was crazy, judging him from a far.

"That's it! Ang, it's the emotion. Emotion was what made the slime twitch at the courthouse, it's what made it bubble up here; intense, passionate emotions. It all makes sense now. Why none of our experiments worked, why it didn't do anything except at 'random' times. Do you know what this means? We've cracked the code!" Ray laughed. Angie smiled brightly as Ray had, in fact, cracked the code. She turned to him to see him smile, ecstatic that it worked.

She couldn't help herself, her body moving on its own as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug.

Ray stood stunned at Angie's one-eighty in emotions. Still, he didn't argue when she threw herself against him, feeling her warmth around his neck, her strawberry scented hair teasing his nose as he tried to hold back a moan. Slowly, tentatively, he wrapped his arms around her waist, his hand grazing the soft exposed skin as her shirt lifted a little bit. He heard her moan lightly against his shoulder when it hit him: She wasn't over him.

She was still receptive to his caresses, she still moaned at the lightness of his fingertips. He tried his theory once more as he gazed his thumb over the small of her back. Again he earned a moan from deep within.

Her heart beat out of her chest, now taking over the silence as she moaned with each caress. She knew he could hear her, embarrassed he still had this effect on her after all these years. She sighed deeply, taking in the sweet aroma of cologne and motor oil on his flannel shirt. The strangely comforting smell made her relax, her tense muscles releasing as she sort of melted in his arms.

Agonizingly slow, Angie pulled herself away, pushing on Ray's shoulders until she could move in front of him. She hovered in front him, inches away from his lips. His dark brown eyes looked at her with the same passion that he had years ago. She ached for him, needing him, wanting him for the past three years. She pulled on the back of his neck, pulling them closer and closer. His breath hitched, as she leaned in closer before their lips crashed into each other.

Her heart leapt up into her throat as Ray kissed her back, leaning her back. Her arms circled back around his neck as she pulled him even closer, feeling his chest flush against her breasts. His hands explored her body with a boyish fervor, running up and down her back as he tried to take in her, making up for lost time.

She pulled away, panting heavily as she leaned her forehead against his, gazing up at his feverish brown eyes. "So much for being 'just friends'." She remarked, panting heavily as her chest rose and fell with each deep breath. He smiled before crashing his lips into her once more, shutting her up from any more remarks as they worked backwards.

The slime bubbled in delight.

Angie walked backwards before finding a hard surface against her back. The pool table behind snuck up out of nowhere to catch her off guard as she jumped. Ray smiled against her lips at her jumpiness, as his hand came up to cup the side of her face, pulling her deeper into the kiss. He wanted her, and he wanted her to know how much he wanted her. The past three years had been hell without her, and he wasn't going to let her get away that easily.

With a bout of courage he summoned from within, Ray's other hand snaked its way down her backside as she bucked her hips in response, riding up against him with a deep moan. He smiled as his hand continued down her leg, wrapping his rough fingers around her thigh as he pulled it around his waist. She moaned enthusiastically as he began to lower her on onto the back of the pool table. Ray leant over the angel as she squirmed under him, getting comfortable as he lowered himself over top of her.

Her hand began to race down from his shoulders, stroking his chest lightly before reaching for his pants hem. He moaned against her lips, a shiver running up his spine as her fingertips ran softly to the front of his pants, hovering only inches above him as he felt himself harden. She could feel it too as she grinded against him, earning a new sound from his lips sounding something of a yelp. She smiled as she began to pull at the hem of the annoying flannel shirt, releasing it from the confines of his jeans.

His fingertips traced along her thigh, slowly pushing up the hem of her skirt before moving to the inside of her thigh, gliding across the sensitive skin. She gasped, just long enough for his tongue to slip through and claim her mouth for his own. She bucked against, earning another deviant groan from Ray as she teased him. With the flat of his palm, his hand rode up her thigh, caressing her hipbone as she gently rocked against him.

"Honey! We're home!" The sound of Venkman's voice echoed up the staircase, the sound of rustling paper filtering the air as the two of them jumped apart. Ray pulled back, taking a deep breath to reflect as the boys were home now.

Angie looked up from the pool table, her legs spread open slightly as the hem of skirt was crunched up to her waist, resembling more of a belt. Her light pink lipstick was smudged as she panted heavily. With a look of sheer annoyance, she groaned "I hate Venkman."

"Hey Ray, where are you?" Venkman called from the bottom of the staircase. "I'm up here." He replied without thinking. In a panic, Angie waved her arms back and forth, shaking her head as she mouthed the words 'I'm not here.'
"And I'm alone!" Ray shouted as Angie fell backwards, hitting her head on the felt table behind her. She covered her eyes, knowing that they would see right through Ray's lie and come right up.

Something inside snapped. At this point she didn't care about Venkman or Egon or Winston, or even Kitty. She ached for Ray, needing him after being so close. She sat up from the pool table, looking over at Ray as he tried to tuck his shirt back into his jeans.

Angie slid off the edge of the pool table before grabbing his hand. With an enticing finger roll, she began to walk back towards the dorm room that all the boys shared. Ray followed in a stupor, silently questioning Angie's sanity level as the boys were right down stairs. Whispering ever so lightly, Angie pointed down to the second level.

"Tell them you're going to take a shower." She whispered, adding a seductive wink at the end. Ray's mouth dropped before he did what he was told.
"I'm gonna take a shower now!" Ray exclaimed happily as he followed Angie into the dorm room, closing the door behind them.
"That's great, Ray." Venkman shouted back from the garage. "Why don't to tell us next time you use the bathroom? We'll throw you a big party."

Well that excited quickly, didn't it?
This was my first shot at writing a romance anything, so I hope it doesn't completely suck.
I hope you enjoyed it.