This popped into my head while reading another story on Batman: Under the Red Hood so I decided to try it out. Rated T for Jason's mouth, and for violence. Enjoy! =)


Nightwing stared in horror at the sight before him, his mouth agape, eyes wide beneath his mask. He and Batman had been engaged in a nasty fight with some of Black Mask and Riddler's combined forces. With the combination of guns and projectile darts and arrows, it was a tricky and dangerous situation for Nightwing and his father and former mentor, Batman. All that was missing to make it completely deadly was some of Joker's laughing gas. Up to then, they'd been holding their own, working together and watching each others backs. Nightwing had been using a staff to fight and and reflect the bullets and darts/arrows. He'd been, quite frankly, whooping their butts. But then, when Batman was preoccupied with a particularly tough goon, one of Riddler's henchmen shot a projectile at Nightwing that would have killed him while he was busy with a different guy. That was when everything went wrong. Nightwing didn't notice the arrow headed straight towards him. Suddenly just as he was turning and started to see it, a figure jumped between him and the arrow and was hit straight on in the side. The arrow buried itself deep in his side. He collapsed to the ground. But it wasn't just anyone. The person was dressed like a typical biker. But on his head he wore a cherry red helmet that completely covered his face and head. Nightwing and Batman stopped and stared in disbelief at him. Riddler and Black Mask took the oppurtunity to run off. Nightwing was the first to snap out of it and break rank. "Jason!" he cried. He ran over and kneeled beside the broken, bleeding figure of the infamous Red Hood. He reached his hands down and around the back of his head and found awe trigger button the allowed him to pull the helmet off, revealing the masked face of Jason Todd. "Jason! Oh my god, oh my-Bruce!" he cried, starting to freak out. Jason groaned and looked up at his foster brother. A ghost of a pained smile flickered across his face.

"Hey Dickie-bird." He croaked. The use of his childish nickname almost made Dick cry. The shock of the situation was making him lose control of his emotions a bit. "Life been giving ya hell?"

"Jason! How are you doing? Where does it hurt the most? How bad does it hurt?"

Jason laughed drily and winced. "Slow the fuck down Wing Boy. Uh...I' pain, it hurts the most where the fucking arrow is sticking out of my fucking side, and its pretty damn bad. Use your head Boy Blunder!" He winced. "Still, not like I haven't been through worse shit." Normally, Dick would have chastised him for his foul language, and given a heated lecture, but the fact that Jason still had the energy to swear like a trooper despite the injury, he decided, was a good sign, and so, he opted to ignore it and let it slide this time. Bruce appeared beside him and kneeled next to him. He looked at Jason sternly.

"Jason, watch your language. You need to set a good example." Batman chastised. Jason laughed drily again.

"Chill out Bats! I'm not your sidekick, or even your affiliate anymore, remember? And no one is left around here to listen anyways. Besides, I think I kinda deserve to swear right now, don'tcha think? What with the arrow that is fucking buried in my fucking abdomen?" he said, laughing bitterly. Bruce ignored him and started examining the wound with Dick. As they gently prodded, Jason let out a hiss of pain. Bruce and Dick tried to be gentle. Bruce had a frown the entire time but Dick was gnawing on his lip nervously.

"He needs a hospital." he said to Bruce. Jason laughed drily again.

"No fucking way." Jason said.


"No!" Jason insisted.

"Jason, this is critical. Without proper you'll-"

"I'll what? Die? I'm pretty fucking sure that I've fuckin been there and done that. You really think I care if I survive or not after all the shit I've been through? All the damn stupid mistakes I've made?"

"Get his mask." Bruce ordered. "We'll take him to St. Gregor's."

"Hey!" Jason protested.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Dick asked, unsure.

"My private doctor is there. If nothing else, he'll keep quiet if paid."

"Don't fucking spoil me with your fucking expensive hospital. I don't want your fucking care." Jason said.

"Right." Dick grinned. He grabbed the helmet and helped Bruce lift him and start carrying him away.

"Don't I have any say in this?" Jason asked.

"No, shut up." Bruce and Dick replied at the same time. He scowled at them.

"I don't fucking want your fucking help." He said after a minute through gritted teeth. Dick turned on him, glaring.

"Yeah? Well when you realize that there are still people in your life who actually do care about whether or not you live, and who want to help you, do tell us." He yelled. Jason stared at him, his face emotionless, like he wasn't sure what to make of Dick's angry, hurt tone, or what he said. He fell silent, staring into space. He stopped resisting, and just allowed them to carry him. Alfred pulled up nearby and they loaded in. As they sped toward the hospital, one thought ran through Dick's head. Jason saved me! he thought, in shock. Jason Todd just saved my life!