Two Weeks Later...

Jason and Alli had moved in with Bruce, and Dick had even decided to (at least temporarily) go back to live with his former mentor. It was strange at first for all of them. Jason was still cautious to accept that his rages were gone for good, but he accepted that he was no longer a danger to his family. He was grateful to be given a chance to make up for what he'd done.

Alli was most definitely not a people person. At the end of the day, when it was who she trusted watch her back in the fight, she only truly trusted herself, and Jason. But she was trying to become a part of things and not just shut herself in her room, and they appreciated her effort. She wasn't accustomed to luxury. She'd spent her life on the streets, with not a luxury in sight! Not that it wasn't nice to always have food on the table, a warm bed at night. It was just strange. Alli was probably the least used to everything overall, but she appreciated all the changes the most.

Dick wasn't used to having so many people around Wayne Manor. Generally it had always been him, Bruce, and Alfred. He wasn't used to working on a team. True he'd worked with the Titans, but he'd long since given up his leadership of the team, and the original Titans had long since gone their separate ways. Tim had taken his place, and now Damian had succeeded Tim as leader of the Titans. He'd left Batman to go solo a while ago, and suddenly being brought back into a team environment was strange. But he'd gladly try it if it meant he could spend time with Jason.

Bruce had never had so many charges staying at Wayne Manor for any extended amount of time at once. But he was glad to have Jason back with him, and was more than happy to take Alli in as well. They were good fighters, and Jason was family. Alli was family by association, and had earned her place there. It would be difficult, and he expected protests at Red Hood working with Batman, but he'd deal with them in due time. He knew Damian and Tim would be strongly against Jason joining them (that was a conversation he wasn't looking forward to), but they'd accept it eventually. And he'd have to make sure Scarlet Rogue had a chance to prove herself a worthy hero of Gotham. But all that would be well worth it.

Everyone got along fairly well. Alfred had welcomed Jason back permanently with open arms. Jason and Bruce had made amends and had gotten along well so far. Dick and Bruce had also started to grow back together, and were acting more like father and son. Jason and Dick got along famously again, occasionally bickering, but overall never fought. Alli obviously got along well with Jason. She and Bruce were somewhat similar in how they acted and had an unspoken agreement of letting each other have their dark moments and being there if they wanted company. There was much respect between them and they had a good working and personal relationship. She formed a friendship with Alfred and enjoyed talking with him in the evenings. Alfred had welcomed her into the family with open arms, and enjoyed having someone to talk with and a new family member. One relationship that no one else really understood was that between Alli and Dick. Their opinions of each other had improved since they rescued Jason, but they still went at it like cats and dogs sometimes, often requiring Bruce or Jason or Alfred to run interference. Other times they were mildly irritated or annoyed with each other. And other times yet, they were like best friends. Frankly it gave Jason a headache wondering how they would interact each day. But no matter what their relationship was like on a particular day, in the field, they became a team, pushing personal feelings and opinions aside, watching each other's backs.

Together, they were a formidable team, much more effective than they would have all been apart. Their group of shadowed figures standing atop buildings was already beginning to strike fear into the hearts of criminals as they swung into battle. And this was just the beginning.

To Be Continued...

Well my friends, this is it. The last chapter of Changing Red. Next up is Scarlet Eyes, which will focus mostly on Alli. I hope you enjoyed this! Also, here's a list of songs that I listened to for inspiration while writing this entire story, and that go with the story. For some of them I love going on YouTube and watching the Jason Todd tributes that use them!

Angel With a Shotgun by The Cab

Open Wounds by Skillet

Smile by Avril Lavinge

Sing by My Chemical Romance

Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin

Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold

Monster by Skillet

Awake and Alive by Skillet

This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars

Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars

Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

Hope you enjoyed! Peace out! -lanamere