Title- An Entity's adoption

Author- OroKabuLover

Rating- T

Author's Note- WooHoo!

The sound of screeching brakes filled the dark sky as rain fell. The faceless mans head jerked up as He heard it, staying still and quiet for a few moments, listening for any sounds to accompany the first, but was greeted with silence.

Rain tapped at the window of the abandoned home and the wind caused the building to creak and groan. Pale hands opened the front door, still listening for any other sounds.

Black shoes were soon brown with mud as the being lurked through the dense forest, the rain quickly soaking into His black jacket then through the white undershirt, The man stopped behind a tree as a road came into view. His head jerked up once again as He heard something, crying. Pausing for a moment He listened to the sound, which was music to Him.

As He looked around a tree, another tree laid in the road, a small white car up against it, the source of the 'music'. He waited for a moment again, looking if a human would come out, but none did.

His dirty shoes clacked against the dark paved road as He slowly approached the vehicle, noticing the back lights were off. The crying got louder as He got closer. The front end of the car was crumpled up, glass lay scattered about in the road from the front windshield and from the passenger window.

He stood beside the vehicle, which creaked as it settled against the tree. Lightning illuminated the sky and the scene for a split second, revealing a man and a woman slumped over in their seats. He peered in the window and found the source of the crying.

A small infant was settled in the woman's lap in the passengers seat, a small pink blanket wrapped around it and a knit pink cap on its head. The crying ceased as the radio kicked on and played a long tone.

"Hello, this is Kathy from OnStar, I see that you were just involved in a head-on collision and that an airbag deployed, we are sending help to your location," a voice said before the radio clicked back off. He looked down at the small infant, which was now sound-asleep, despite the rain that was coming in through the broken windows.

He didn't know why he did it, but the next thing he knew, He was reaching into the vehicle and plucking the baby from its mothers lifeless arms. He then grabbed the large black bag from the backseat, not sure exactly what was in it.

Sirens sounded in the distance as He walked away from the accident and into the forest, trying to shield the infant from the constant rain. Once He got back to the house He looked back down at the baby, wondering why He took her.

"Perhaps I have time to return her before more humans show up," He pondered, hearing the sirens get louder and louder. He went over to the small creaky bed and set the child down on it before He walked back outside and onto the deck, the water from His clothes dripping onto the window, quickly drying Him, The being returned back inside before He sat down on the wooden chair beside the bed.

The child slept still as He watched over it. He grabbed the bag and opened it. Several pairs of clothes for a baby girl as well as some pacifiers, bottles, several canisters of powdered formula, plenty of baby food diapers, shampoo, and blankets.

He knew little about humans, let alone small ones. He was pretty sure a wet human would get sick. He slowly removed the pink blanket and hung it over the back of the chair, noticing the child was dry underneath. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed loudly. He pulled a piece of paper from the bag, half of it soggy. He set it onto the table to dry overnight. His shoes clacked against the concrete floor as he walked over to the fireplace. He quickly put some wood into it and lit a match, lighting up the small cabin in a small orange glow. The man sat on the chair, looking down at the sleeping infant for a moment before falling asleep.

His head snapped up as crying filled the cabin. The being looked down at the baby, wondering what was wrong.

"She's too young to understand what happened, and she's not in pain..." He sighed as He gently picked her up and held her, watching as she quieted down, her stomach growling. "Hungry..." A black tentacle grabbed a container of baby formula, holding it for him as He held her, reading the directions. The Slenderman stood up and went over to the small gas stove, looking at it. He clicked the knob as the gas ignited into a small flame and began to make it for her, letting it cool down before He poured it into the bottle and sitting down, feeding her. He watched as she happily drank it all down before falling asleep in his arms.

He sighed the next morning as He wrapped her up in the pink blanket and put the pink hat back onto her head. The crisp breeze blew the paper from the table. The being picked it up, noticing that the ink had run all over the paper, making most of it a red and black mess. A small portion of it had remained dry.

"Valerie," He read as He looked down at the child, preferring 'human'.