Paris, the city of lovers. Ruled by a cruel judge named Claude Frollo who hates gypsies with a passion. The Gypsy king is Clopin and he knows how to keep his

people safe and hidden well. However, he has forgotten that he needs a queen in order to keep the line of the Gypsy King going strong. Everything will change

when she comes into his town, looking for adventure and excitement. The two will complete each other in an epic romance that will tug at the hearts and minds of

you, my readers. So, now let us go and begin this story with a young 23 old woman named Ann-Marie traveling to Paris for a change of pace. But be warned, my

readers. This story does end on a happy note but the twists and turns we take to get there shall be most interesting indeed. Now, are you ready to enter the

world of the story? *fade to black*

Author's note: Whoo finally prologue done chapter 1 getting posted right after this. Yes, a short intro but I really wanted it to be dramatic and gripping. What did

you guys think? First Clopin/OC story so don't hate. I'm making him a bit younger than I think he is in the movie just so he and Ann-Marie won't have that huge an

age gap. I'm thinking around 25 or 26. Anyways, here we go! I own nothing except Ann-Marie and my imagination for this story. Please don't sue me Disney!